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WishingandHoping - November 30

Pst23 - Yes I have been on Ovulex for 31 days now. I ov days 10 and 11 so twice every cycle w/ and w/o Ovulex. The only thing that varies for me is the high days before oving; i have had 1-3 days high. Who knows what is going on. I have a cycle of 24-26 days and am on CD 17 so am keeping my fingers crossed. Hope your day is going well.

MH- hang in there. We all know that your intentions were right and good. It is nice to associate something personal with every person. :)

Have a happy day everyone! :D


Faith76 - November 30

Hello Sisterhood....

Nanci...thanks for the reply...I'll go to Walmart for the items.

MH...FYI: I didn't have a problem choosing another ticker, it's not a big deal with me. But yeah, I see your point and also the point of Anonymous. Anywho....let's just forget about the "ticker bicker" as it's only a minor issue being blown up into something that's not worth our time bickering over. We all have babies to make so let's concentrate on that! Baby dust to everyone!!!

By the way, I changed my ticker and if anyone has an issue with it, please let me know and I'll be glad to change it. Sorry for the hassle, if any.

[/url] r>


Debbie - November 30

Hi again,

Forgot to mention this ...

Sometime back I heard from an OB/GYN & also read that if u have iron deficiency anemia (low levels of iron in ur blood), it can put your cycle at a complete halt until your iron level are back up to normal. Also, if your iron level are high or if u have iron deposits in ur blood, that can stop ur cycles too. So plz make sure ur iron levels are ok, if u have iron deficiency anemia, take iron supplements right away.



Andrea - November 30

hi everyone!!!
wow looks like we had quite the day.
"ticker bicker"...haha Les23 with the comedy again!!
mahogany we love you!!!!!!!!

welcome newbies!!

sorry i've been absent for a few days - not feeling good at all - although that is fine with me!!!
thanks for everyone who asked about me. I'm doing ok and even though i am feeling like i want to puke 24/7 , i am so happy that i know it's all worth it!!!!!!!!

had my dr.s appointment today - he didn't do much but ask a bunch of questions and i asked him some questions. i have a full prenatal exam next thursday.

i showed him the ovulex and he said he had never heard of it
he looked at the ingredients and said although he is not a herbalist he recognizes a lot of the herbs listd and knows that some of them have been used for fertility and that the products appears safe!! good news for ovulex'ers!!!!
my dr. attended harvard medical school, so i trust him completely. he also said that it's good to know about the product and he will keep it in mind!

ok gonna go eat something even though nothing really looks good.

baby dust to everyone! ;D


Mahogany Heart - November 30


I also take Iron as well after my loss last year my Dr. Advise me too.


First I would like to apologize to you because when I woke up and read your post the entire morning I was at work I was thinking about my reply to you then when I got home I had to deal with a rather nasty matter that goes against the Principal of Sisterhood so I must say I'm sorry to you. I'm just getting let me unwind and I will email you via email.


I have not forgot about you. Sometimes you have to get your mind right before confronting certain things and I was ready until the nasty bit earlier so I apologize to you as well.


I have not been over your tickers as yet to and extreme look over but I will. I will be sending you all your personal summary for the new cycle. I need to know how is every CM?


Don't worry about the FM how is your CM? Your FM maybe alittle off.


[b]We Need Quality CM! Quality CM! Quality CM! Quality CM! Quality CM! Quality CM! Quality CM! Quality CM![/b]


CIN - November 30



Mahogany Heart - November 30

Yes I read it CIN. Not able to respond as yet. Will shortly. Like I have said a million of times TTC is a very stressful thing. You have to prepare yourself. I have an article I want all of you all to read. I will send it to you later when I find it again. It will make you aware of how infertililty makes you do some of the most craziest things and it will make you more aware as well of discussion boards. Continue to lift each other up in Prayer because we all need it.


Morgan01 - November 30


I am glad you brought up the iron deficiency. I was anemic after a very bad car wreck 4 yrs ago, and my Dr. informed me I had to get it my iron levels up for a number of reasons. Taking iron supplements is important for overall health not to mention carrying a baby. Good point!


CM was my problem while on clomid. I am hoping that ovulex takes care of that, but have you or anyone else tried pre-seed? I am just wondering if it helps.


I am glad that you are enjoying pregnancy even with all of the nausea. That's great that your Dr. said ovulex seems to be a good choice. I asked my Dr. a while back and he hadn't heard of it either. Good luck with your next appointment!

Baby dust to all!!!


Mahogany Heart - November 30


I have never use pre-seed but I heard somethings about it. My CM has improved on the Ovulex and since I been drinking Green Tea I some clear stretchy cm yesterday. I hoping it does the job if not I will try again next cycle.


Mahogany Heart - November 30


Check your emails Sisters!!!

If you did not receive the article from me its only because I don't have your email address. If you received it and it is too much for you to bare please let me know and I will not send you the next one.

I want my sisters to be aware of things around them. Be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove.

For some reason if I you believe that I have your email address please email me and let me know. We have 20 sisters on the pledge and it is hard for me to keep up with everyone. So many email address look so much alike. Some of you may get two of the same that is because I thought you were some one else.


Les23 - November 30

Well my CM has been good this cycle. It is so funny my ticker says 2 days until ov. Hopefully tomorrow i will have a high on the fm.
Well my neck hurts right at the moment. My mother lost her job of ten years last month and she is getting tired of sitting at home. Well right now most places are just hiring for seasonal. So I was on the net most of the day filling out online apps for her. needless to say it has put a cramp in my neck. Poor thing, she has worked for that company for a long time and my father work there until his death in 2002. SO they are very dedicated to this place. But the BIGGER people in the company thought that they should close one of the stores. SO her store was the one to close. But she is not in financial strain or anything so i was like mom ride the unemployment until sring so you do not have to get out in this crappy weather. she was like I CAN NOT TAKE SITTING IN THIS BIG HOUSE ALL DAY AND NIGHT!
SO I do not know what to tell her.
Dh is feeling better today, he stayed home from work yesterday and got bored and baked cookies!! I was so happy i love cookies but i hate to bake them!!! He is such a jewel.
I read that post about WANTBABY2. That is so awful I feel so bad for her. Just when you think you are down you read something like that and you know you are better off. I mean she does not have many options here.
I do not want to sound harsh or anything but in my family we have a saying that goes, "You are where you are because of the decisions you make." I am sure back in the day she would not have had the 2 abortions but it really makes you think about the decisions you make everyday. Just think how they will impact your life in the future. It is crazy.
Well I am going to go for now.



Mahogany Heart - November 30


Glad to hear your CM is looking good. Continue. Your mother is a beautiful woman. Keep her strong and just continue to help her look for work. She will find something real soon. WWFJ (while waiting for job)Introduce her to your sister hood if you like.

Hi Leslie's Mom. Keep the Faith you will have a job before to long.


You know what I'm going to clean my address book. Look like aol saves every email address you send something too. I need every sister on the pledge to email me their Name, their email address, first date of your last cycle, supplements you are taking, vitamins you are taking and any thing you are doing toward your infertility. I'm going to make a date book.


Mahogany Heart - November 30

Ok I have clean my address book. I no longer have anyone email address. You wouldn't believe how many addresses I deleted. It had to be close to 250 or more. I am starting over please adhere to the above post and send me your email address again. I will save it in another folder I call SisterHood you will never be left out from the good things. I really did know who was who.


Shara - December 1

Hello Sisters

Its been awhile for me and i just caught up with the postings. MH my email is [email protected] I dont have yours to send the information you are asking for. Anyways I have been taking Ovulex for a week now and my cm is excellent already. I also received my ovulite but no ferning to report. I am feeling like my af is coming that is a good thing i am on cd66 so if i can just get regular to start i would be happy. I read the sounding board and that was horrible for the sister that threw in the towel-i couldn't stop crying for her.

Well Im praying for all of you Much Baby Dust!


Mahogany Heart - December 1


Your Ticker says you haven't been on your cycle in 65days. So I take it that you are irregular. Have you taken a Pregnancy Test?


sarah soveran - December 1

well ladies how is everyone doing i just got off work and am so tired but what can you do you know anyway that was crazy i went away for like 7 hours and it turned crazy for a sec but its all ok now hey ladies :D just a little misunderstanding thats all but anyway good to here everyone is doing good



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