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sarah soveran - November 30


i hope last night was the night :D maybe you will be next for the time to shine :D that would be great baby dust to you i gave oyu lots last night ;)


Debbie - November 30

Good Morning Ladies.

We all have different ttc backgrounds & most of us have a lott of faith in Ovulex so I wanted to say lets try to stick with this for one full year atleast before considering other options.

I get impatient sometimes but again I tell myself that natural stuff takes time to work & thats what keeps me optimistic.

Keep the faith!!!

Baby dust to us all!!!



sarah soveran - November 30

nancie and dessie,

i really think you should never give up hun i really believe that each and everyone of us will do it i really think it will happen and in a year i really think that you should just keep pushing god put you here for a reason ands sooner or later he will give that big reason to you

baby dust to you hun ,,,:D


Nanci And Dessie - November 30

Debbie- I agree with the year atleast maybe two..

Sarah- I never plan to give up.. I know there will come a time when there isn't a choice.. But until then I'm Stayin' Positve!!! Ovulex will work.

Andrea- How's the Mom to be?



Mahogany Heart - November 30

First of All ANONYMOUS,

You don't have to be ANONYMOUS here like you said we are all intelligent ladies and the Sister Hood don't need any mess here trying to pull us apart. We have our board the way we like it and no one comments until you came alone. Now here you go telling me there will be no confusion if the same person use the same ticker you must don't know what you are talking about unless you are one of the sisterhood. I use the tickers more than you would think I do. Do you think I'm doing this for fun? I doing this to help everyone including myself get to our ultimate goal. You think the tickers are up just because they are pretty. They are up there for help, guidance and let the sisters know where each other are at. No one want to be like the other be like your self. I take my Infertility serious and that is a fact not LOL.

And another thing you are to negative for me! Coming here trying to start something.


ANONYMOUS - November 30

Mahogany Heart,


I just find it funny how seriously you take something like a ticker.

Lol, yes that is exactly what I am trying to do pull apart your sisterhood. Come on now - I'm just like you. I am just being honest by saying let everyone pick what ever ticker they want, don't take "stuff that small" so serious.

And please don't get so defensive - I was trying to be light hearted about it and your reaction tells more about you than you think.


Mahogany Heart - November 30


And I find it funny how seriously you take it to another level and respond to it in such negative way.

Now let me be honest don't be like anyone else be lilke yourself. Everyone has there on and that is it. Why would you or anybody else want what I or any else have there is a million to choose from so choose it.

I really don't care what or how you think of me. You are not the only reason I'm here.


Morgan01 - November 30

I stand behind my sister Mahogany Heart 100%. That's what sisterhood is for. Mahogany Heart contributes the most and most helpful information out of everyone on here.


She was just stating that it makes us all unique to have a different ticker, and come on, it's not a BIG deal to have to change it. There are so many different ones that I am sure there are a few that suit you. We are all on this board to deal with our infertility issues and not bicker about a ticker. You also say you are just making a statement. Then why do it anonymously? We all want to be friends and help each other out.

Can we just all get along and get rid of these negative vibes?


ANONYMOUS - November 30

I agree with you Morgan we are not here to bicker about tickers. That is why I am not upset or even trying to bicker.

I was just saying we should be able to pick which ever one suits us (even is someone already has it).
Does that not make sence?

I never imagined that MH would get so defensive over my light hearted comment. And for gosh sakes I don't think I am the one who brought this to a different "level".

I did not mean to provoke any negativily sorry if that is how it was taken.


Mahogany Heart - November 30


The post was made on page 12 reply 179 to and ended on a good note on page 13 reply 184. Then you replied reply 204 page 14 a whole full page and one to reply to my post which you could replied to any other. Especially Amanda who is in such a great need of comfort but you want say something about my ticker and you say you don't think you were the one who brought this to a different level. Whoever Please!


ANONYMOUS - November 30

Wow, I can see you are highly upset about this.
And for no reason really.
I am still not upset and just kind of curious why you are getting so stressed out about it.
I agree that that is the page I posted on, yes. But I think you may have taken my post the wrong way.
Just try to relax and not get so worked up about this.
I am trying to talk rationally and you are getting quite defensive.


beans - November 30

WishingandHoping - I used the ovulation sticks for a few months and they always said I was ovu around days 12-14. The first month I used the FM it read that I was ovu on day 13, The next month the FM said I was ovu on day 6 that month....I was taking the Ovulex for about 14 days when the FM said I was ovu...my guess is the Ovulex is doing something. Not sure if I ovu twice??? or was the FM confused since I added the Ovulex?? I'm now on cd 27. I usually have a 32 day cycle. Are you currently taking Ovulex?

Hope everyone is haivng a wonderful day. Lots of baby dust


Tosha - November 30

Wow, I haven't been on for a few days and what a mess!

I agree tickers represent our individuality and they have become "us" for the Sisterhood. I have switched to this Christmas ticker, but everyone knows me as the rainbow with the pot of gold. I will be switching back after the holiday season.

Faith, you are free to use it as well, but realize people may recognize it as me.

We are ALL so grateful for MH and all your kind, supportive words as well as extremely useful advice. Anonymous, MH gives so much helpful advice via email that if she recognizes us through our tickers, please try and understand. It is difficult to keep so many women with so many different schedules and problems straight.

This board is about positivity, not negativity. We have to get through this all together.


Les23 - November 30


This is become quite an interesting board. Okay so we have a ticker bicker huh!!

I say use what you want. But why would you want the same thing someone else has? I was to be original, so I pick what is best for me.

I like different tickers for everyone, it make the pages more fun to see something new under everyones names.

They way I see it, if you want to be part of our board and post then become a member and not just a guest. So if you are not a member and you think something is off, keep you comments to yourself. You obviously do not have any right to have an opinion about something you are not a member of. So get a real ID or stay away.

Also if you want to remain "Anonymous" then this is not the board for you. We share very intimate details about a very touchy subject around here, and if you can not identify yourself with any kind of opinion you are not someone we need to read about.

Also I read that there is some people with a problem about getting their questions answered. Maybe we do not know the answers to your questions right away. I do not think we are ignoring you. So be patient with us.

P.S. Hello eveyone else, hope your day is going well.


Lablane - November 30

Good Afternoon

Tosha, I hope everything is going well for you.

MH - please don't let her get you down. We are here to be positive and by gosh we will be. We are going to be successful. MH- I want to personally thank you for making me feel like I belong. I have felt for a long time that I am alone in this fight and because of you and this wonderful sisterhood I don't feel all alone.

I would like to tell all of you thank you. You have made my realize that I am not alone, I have sisters that is going to help me through this.

ANONYMOUS - I just pray that you realize what a wonderful group this is and that they are only here to help. I don't think I could go through this fight if it weren't for women like my sisters. Baby Dust to you.

Baby Dust to all of us.



WishingandHoping - November 30

Pst23 - Yes I have been on Ovulex for 31 days now. I ov days 10 and 11 so twice every cycle w/ and w/o Ovulex. The only thing that varies for me is the high days before oving; i have had 1-3 days high. Who knows what is going on. I have a cycle of 24-26 days and am on CD 17 so am keeping my fingers crossed. Hope your day is going well.

MH- hang in there. We all know that your intentions were right and good. It is nice to associate something personal with every person. :)

Have a happy day everyone! :D



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