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sarah soveran - December 1

well ladies how is everyone doing i just got off work and am so tired but what can you do you know anyway that was crazy i went away for like 7 hours and it turned crazy for a sec but its all ok now hey ladies :D just a little misunderstanding thats all but anyway good to here everyone is doing good


Mahogany Heart - December 1


[glow=beige,2,300][b][color=Blue]I truly can say I understand your pain. I was dating this guy after I divorce my ex-husband (I had time to heal). Well he told me how much he cared for me and he asked me to give him a son even though I wanted a girl and I said yes. Now I was really in love with this guy. Well two years had pass unprotected BD and nothing happened. He came to me and told me that he didn't want to have any kids any more and I couldn't understand why he was saying this and acting like this.

One day I got him in a relax state and I ask him. "When we were first dating you ask me to give you a son and now all of a sudden you changed your mind. Why?" He said, "For the past two years I been ejaculating in you and you haven't got pregnant yet I just don't want to do this any more. You can't get pregnant!" I was confused and sadden. I ask him as well, "What if it happens?" He said "then it just happens." We still continue to have unprotected sex. Nothing happen and eventually we broke up not because of that but other reasons. It all made sense years later.

You know as a woman you go through all types of emotions and you are up and down on a roller coaster and you never really stop to think how he feels. You know men go through their on infertility emotional roller coaster and the way they handle it is different from the way we handle it but in the same sense. Some of them even feel that their manhood is questioned and they have to deal with that.

What I can tell you is give him some time let him sort out his feelings. He loves you and maybe this is his way in helping you deal with it because sometimes they don't see a way out. They also look at it and believe that nothing is wrong with them. I know you are hurting right now and feeling betrayed and that is normal to feel the way you are feeling after hearing what you heard. You guys need to talk with your Dr. and let him express his thoughts, concerns and feelings. You see you have us (Sisterhood) who do he have?

Amanda, not only are you hurting but he is too. I do know that TTC is very hard on both the male and female and I do know that TTC has the female very emotional and what may be one way is not at all like the way you may have took it. What I'm saying is you may all be stress out and with him rejecting having sex may not be a negative rejection.

I read one guy say "You know since the wife and I have been trying to have a baby, sex isn't fun and exciting any more it has became a job. Actually its a turn off." (I'm going to try and find that article). Maybe that is what is happening to him. I hope you understand what I'm saying.

You have to keep a level head. Let him wear his protection, in time he will come around but if you know you have a problem with infertility still continue to fix the problem but let him know everything. Do not keep him in the dark let him know that you love and respect him and you will wear the protection but you also will continue your treatments. You must correct your problem eventually. Correct it now that 12 years later. Now when he comes to you and says he wants to make love with out protection remind him that their is a chance you may get pregnant. You made it clear to him in the beginning that you continued your treatment. He has his protection and you have your treatments.

You know I wish back in 1994 I continued to fix my infertility so when I did meet the DH I have now I would not be going through this heartache and pain (Infertility).[/color][/b][/glow]


Mahogany Heart - December 1


This is for you. I founded this on the home page of shared journey.



Mahogany Heart - December 1


I'm concerned about your 4 months of Ovulex and no Pregnancy. We need to look a lot further. Give me a couple of minutes now that I'm clean out my address book and those of you who have responded it makes it easier for me to add you on my address book under sisterhood with whos who. I will send you and email and send it back to me ASAP. I need you to go to Ovulex III page 2 reply 28 and check it out. Cut and paste it in your own document and Go over it and highlight what is going on with you. You must understand your infertility to correct it. Now have you had your tubes checked to make sure they are not blocked? You have talked to your Doctor and he have told you your infertility problem right?


tta - December 1

hello everyone
good to see the dust has settled

MH- got your mail. thanks so much and i have joine dthe membership

will post soon


Mahogany Heart - December 1


You are Welcome!!! Check the other emails.

Sisters Today's Motivational Phrase!!!

Trust in the Lord with all thine Heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy way acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 3:5,6


Nanci And Dessie - December 1

Good Morning All,
How is everyone feeling? Hope to see some good news on here in the coming weeks...

Is it just me or has this year flown by?

[glow=blue,2,300]BaBy DuSt !!![/glow]


Mahogany Heart - December 1

Good Morning SISters!!!


Yes It has Flown By!!!


Shara - December 1

Good Morning Ladies

yes i have taken two and both were BFN's. I am staying positive with every waking day. It is a little hard to handle the disappointment.

My husband wanted a child in the beginning- spoke of it constantly and then I got pregnant and miscarried. After we married we discussed children again (not knowing that during that conversation I was pregnant again) when I told him he freaked out.( not the response I was expecting) however I miscarried again. At that point he wanted to chill out on the BD. I was confused-I thought he wanted to have children right then. Eventually he came around again and we have been trying for 1.5 years. He finally told me after some time that he did not understand what was happening and why I wasn't getting pregnant. He was feeling inadequate as if sometihng was wrong but later found out everything was fine. He was just as stressed and disappointed as I was and didn't want to make having children a job and he didn't want to go through the hassle of a BD schedule, etc. He just wanted to go at it the natural way. I am still addressing my issues and he knows-he came around and now he's putting effort behind it again. So just give him some time and he'll kick back into gear.


Lablane - December 1


I have taken: Clomiphene; human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), leuprolide (Lupron) all I got was bad side effects.

I have been tested for almost everything, my tubes are completely clear. I have always has irregular periods and cysts since I was 11. My OBGYN says that and taking the Birth control pills that I was on stopped me from ovulating. So I need something to help clear out the pills and regulating me and make me ovulate. On Ovulex this is the first time that my numbers have shown that I am Ovulating. My husband also has a lower sperm count but mobility and everything else is fine so he is taking Amberoz which is suppose to help out.

Stress: We have had some family (My mom and Dad) bouts with cancer and everyone around me (cousins popping up oops I am Pregnant what shall I do.)

I have been to see a Fertility Specialist and he said if we can get me ovulation we should be fine. He has been pushing for IVF but Dh really wants to see if we can correct it naturally first. Still trying to make him see that it’s not “Turkey Basting” a baby. Hopefully this helps. Both of us are in fairly good health no problems with other things. Neither smoke ever. No drugs, no drinking. All I take is pre-natal vitamins, 400 mg of Folic Acid and Ovulex.

Should I be concerned?


Lablane - December 1


Just so you know I changed my ticker to Puppy Toes so it goes better with my name. I promise to leave it alone now.



Nanci And Dessie - December 1

Sweet ticker lablane..


Lablane - December 1

Thanks, it reminds me of all my other babies (5 Black Labs) ;)


beans - December 1

Lablane - I too have been tested for just about everything. I just met with my fertiltiy doc and she put me on metformin. I do have regular periods, but it's usually light. She suggested that I go on Metformin with my 2nd IVF cycle but I didn't want to. I don't have any cysts but dr. thought I may have a very mild case of PCOS by looking at hormone levels. I'm not sure if this would be right for you. Something to ask your dr.?? I just started taking Metformin today, I also take Ovulex (1 month), prenatal vitamins, green tea. I also gave up coffee and chocolate. DH is also taking Amberoz even though his sperm analysis was fine. Sorry to hear about all the stress. I know it's difficult. Think positive and breathe deeply.

I'm on CD 28, I saw a little browninsh/pinkish spotting when I went to the bathroom this morning. My cycle is typically 32+ days. I hope this is not AF. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If not this month, I will not give up and do it again next month.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Here's a little info on Metformin & PCOS:
Metformin (Glucophage)
Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common cause of female infertility. PCOS is characterized by elevated androgen (male hormones) levels which manifest clinically as increased body hair growth, a classic pear shaped body appearance, lowering of the voice and other male characteristics. PCOS patients also have ovaries covered with numerous residual follicles.

Most PCOS patients are also insulin resistant meaning their body does not respond normally to a given dose of glucose. More insulin is produced (hyperinsulinemia) to compensate for this lowered response, which leads to further over production of androgens by the ovaries. Chronically elevated androgens lead to failed ovulation.

Metformin is used as a "first line" drug to establish ovulation in PCOS patients. Metformin is classified as an "insulin sensitizing drug" meaning it increases the cells sensitivity to insulin. Increased sensitivity of insulin corrects the hyperinsulinemia seen in PCOS patients. Metformin has also been associated with lower miscarriage rates, especially in PCOS patients.

Once hyperinsulinemia is corrected the ovaries reduce their production of androgens and normal ovulation can occur. Some specialists are prescribing metformin "long term" even for patients who are not trying to become pregnant. This is because the normalized insulin levels reduce the risk for Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other adverse events associated with hyperinsulinemia.


Lablane - December 1

Thanks for the info, I am glad I am not the only in this boat. I have my regular exam set-up in the next couple of weeks so if nothing happens before than I will diffently ask him about Metformin.

Does your docotr know that you are taking that and Ovulex? Is it ok to take together?


Mahogany Heart - December 1


Keep the faith!!! We will check more into it.


Sounds more like implantation bleeding. Keep your fingers cross.



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