Ovulex III
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Debbie - November 30

And green tea.


Nanci And Dessie - November 30

- I've had pretty regular cycles 28 to 31 days. So far I've noticed cm.. I had horriable pms but since Ovulex Mild...

- Ovulex , green tea, Fms. and yes prenatal Vits. I got the walmart brand..


Mahogany Heart - November 30

Good night ladies. Getting ready to BD. I have ewcm.


Nanci And Dessie - November 30

MH- [glow=red,2,300]BaBy DuSt !!!![/glow]


AMANDa - November 30

You guys I am so heartbroken right now I want to cry, but I can't. Last week we purchased preseed and now all of a sudden this week he says he doesn't want any children and he even wants to switch to ky and condoms why is this? I don't know what to do. In the beginning he did want kids now all of a sudden he doesn't and he wants to wear protection something isn't right here something really isn't right and he wouldn't even make love to me last month without me begging even on the non fertile days that I let him know was nonfertile....as I write this I am coming to tears I gotta go


sarah soveran - November 30


sorry for getting back so late but anyway no prob hun i love to try answer any of the ?? that i might know or anything that someone needs help on you know we are all in this together and i love the sisterhood its just sometimes i try ask a ?? and noone answers it but its ok theres just so many posting that it might be hard some times oyu know they all try there best im sure

MH, yes i went to my doctor i went today and she said that i should try to go on clomid or provera to jump start it there and see how it goes thanks for asking :D


i am so sorry to here that please dont cry it will be ok i promise maybe hes just getting a little scared about the whole idea my bf seemed like he was going to through that fase and i just didnt really tell him anything and just kinda let it go with the flow so he wouldnt back out you know but hun dont cry it makes me sad about how you have dreamed of this forever and now he is trying to back out trust me he will come around sooner or later just give it time some guys just get freaked out for the whole baby thing just remember we are here for you and i am and everyone else if you wanna talk just talk to me and i will help you get through this.. take care hun:D

baby dust to you ok :D


Faith76 - November 30

Nanci....Sorry, I'm new here and don't know what Fms is ??? Anyway, I need to get Fms (??) and prenatal vits to take with the Ovulex and Green Tea right? Any recommendations on where to get them? Thanks for your help!!! ::)


tta - November 30

good morning sisters
Amanda sweetheart, so sorry. please take it easy ans i belive Sarah's advise is wise. he may just a bit scared and if you pressurise him he might back out entirely. it's difficult but bear with him and i pray he comes around soon. in fact show him a little extra love and who knows he might agree again.
you are in my prayers.

MH- i am still expecting the mail you said you will send on update III. hope you bd well yesternight-great news for your ewcm. i reaaly pray it clicks now. you and every lady here deserve the miracle we need so much.

how's everyone else and the new mummy?



ANONYMOUS - November 30

Your kidding about the ticker thing right??
I mean we are seemingly intelligent ladies,
I think if a few people have a simiar looking ticker we [u][/u] be able to tell them apart, probably BY THEIR NAME.

Seriously there will be no "confusion" if 2 people have the same ticker backgrounds.

I say pick what ever ticker you feel refelect YOU.



Nanci And Dessie - November 30

- Fm are Fertility Monitors.. I used Answer ( I found it at WalMart). It was a 7 day test Kit.. With Ovulex I noticed I had like 5 days Of Fertility ( according to the FM anyway..)

- I understand what you said.. I'm 31 now and Not to Say anything negitive but if this (ovulex) isn't for me after about a yr. (is what I've given myself) I will check on other avenues. But I'm determaned to stay positive about it.. A positive note for you.. (if I read right and understood) You now know what you need to do to correct it right? I pray that you find peace...Infertility suxs..

O yeah Morning ya'll Been one off those mornings..lol Coffee Pot went on the blink.. arrggghh.. >:(

[move] [color=Pink][/color][glow=pink,2,300]BaBy DuSt !!![/glow] [/move]


Nanci And Dessie - November 30

Your right..About that.. But, If you 'd been following the board ( as long as this board is ) You would have understood that post.


Lablane - November 30

Good Morning Everyone,

MH, Hope everything went well for you last night.

Amanda, please don't let this stress you, it's like a lot of men get cold feet before a wedding some can get cold feet while ttc. It's ok, they come around for the wedding, they'll come around for ttc. Just give him time and try not to push him. The more you push the more he'll push back.

I just don't tell my dh when I am fertile and then he doesn't have the pressure, you car having fun. n know and him not. Men sometimes fold under pressure so just relax and make sure your having fun. Don't give up hope.

Anonomous, I was one of the ones asked to change my ticker and to me it's no big deal and it makes sense. Everyone knows it's me or the hearts are MH. It's like our own personality.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

[/url] r>


Morgan01 - November 30

Good morning sisters and newbies! I hate that I haven't been on here in a few days. I feel like I miss so much. My ovulex arrived today!!! I'm so excited!! Clomid was just wearing me out.

I have been ttc for 3 yrs. Prior to those 3 yrs I had always had an irregular cycle, but my Dr told me that my fertility problem was the fact that I had been on Depo Provera. The depo shot totally stopped me from OV even yrs after I stopped taking it. Since I am young, my Dr. never thought I had a problem until we had tried for over 2 yrs to conceive w/o anything, so he prescribed Clomid 50mg, and I became pg in the first cycle. I mc 3 weeks after finding out. I waited 2 months and started Clomid again. I have now been taking it for 4 months and nothing, so I am giving ovulex a try.

I was also asked to change my ticker when I joined. I don't see how this could be a big deal when there are so many choices to choose from.

Have a great day all, and baby dust!!


WishingandHoping - November 30

MH - Nanci and Dessie - Thank you all for you responses concerning regular cycles. I was just wondering.

Continuing to keep everyone in my prayers. Have a wonderful Wednesday.


sarah soveran - November 30

hey there my ladies how is everyone feeling today :D i hope great cause i feel like crap lol to tired my shift just got like write switched around awww owell what can yah do


hey there well i half agree and half dont i agree cause if you picked my ticker :D i would be ok only because it was your choice write and thats what you chose then that would be ok with me :)
now then i wouldnt agree cause not all the ladies are like me and would like if they had there own signature you know what i mean some just feel they picked that ticker for a reason and its liket here own identification and you gotta kinda respect the ladies here.. i hope you understand :D


sarah soveran - November 30


i hope last night was the night :D maybe you will be next for the time to shine :D that would be great baby dust to you i gave oyu lots last night ;)



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