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Les23 - November 15

Hello everyone I am here. I just finally had my internet hooked back up here at the house. Well there will be no testing tomorrow morning. This is absolutely ridiculous. I freakin started my period tonight. I am so ticked really, why is this going on. The only thing I am thinking right now is that at least I did not start while peeing on that damn stick. And it did not cost me much. I mean HPT are expensive and when one goes to waste like that it makes me a little mad. Oh well that is okay this is going to be a fresh start for this cycle I suppose. Maybe next month!

Welcome to the new comers!!! Feisty and Dorothy!! We are happy you are here!

I am going to have to pledge that I need to keep my spirits up at all times. When AF shows that is when no one knows, but I will not be depressed for her arrival I will look at it as a cleansing of the spirit and a new start for the baby that is coming in the future. Whoa to Aunt Flow!!!!!


Dorothy - November 15

:)I sure hope this ovulex stuff works. I know how it feels to try so hard and then aunt flow visits anyway. Maybe this ovulex stuff will change that depressing feeling month after month. My cycle comes normal now and hope that the ovulex does not mess it up. I wonder how much longer women ovulate on ovulex. Does anyone know? :)


Les23 - November 15

It seems like you have a longer ovulation period but on my FM it showed I had 2 peak days so I am not sure. The FM had me at high fertility for like 5 days. And it says you can get prego with the high days.


Dorothy26 - November 15

I am very sorry that you started. I know exactly how you feel. So, you have to use a fertiliy monitor. Or is there any other way to tell if i'm ovulating. Are the fertility monitors pretty accuate. I wish you all the luck in the world. Just keep a positive attitude there is always next month. If so it will be a September Baby. That would be so cool.


sarah soveran - November 15


andrea i can not believe you have only been on ovulex for 3 weeks im going into 4 and a 1/2 weeks nothing yet but i just want you to know now i have 100% hope i will get my wish as the other girls do to :D :D you now make me wanna try harder oh and if you dont mind me asking how often were you and you hubby having bd ;)
i just wanna know if i should be moving my geer up just a little lol im just so happy and have tears of joy for you you finally did it and your dream has now come true now all you gotta do for me is just pass alllllllllll that baby dust over this way...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


WishingandHoping - November 15

I am new to the board as well, but have been reading everyones' stories for three weeks now. My husband and I are both almost 27 and have been TTC for 6 months. We started Ovulex and Amberoz 3 weeks ago. I have been using a FM so we know that we are really not getting pregnant. My question for all of you especially Andrea do you hold fast to the diet that they recommend while taking Ovulex. You all have been so encouraging and I know that everyones feelings are real.

Les23 I feel your pain about the HPT and peeing on them and then starting. Thats been the last 3 months for me. :(

Any advice about taking Ovulex along with diet would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Nanci And Dessie - November 15

Hi Ladies Welcome to the board.... It's so exciting CONGRATULATIONS ANDREA !!!!!!!! I been gone for a minute or two..lol and bam... Awesome News... MH- How are you doing? Had a busy weekend. Family still here.. goin' nuts...lol but lov'n it.. Great way to start the week....


sarah soveran - November 15


hey there welcome to this board :D with what you asked i think it is important to keep the diet they ask (vegetables and lots of fruit and all the other stuff but honetly it says in the papers they send you that what the pill actually does for you is makes your body work up its strength to build a better life in the womb for your baby but who knows and me i havent been able to eat towell cause of all the moving that i have been doing lol well welcome again and hope you can share the same journey everyone else is together :D


WishingandHoping - November 15


thank you for the reply. I have been trying to eat more veggies and fruits. That is something I am not very good at. But all the whole grain foods, etc. I can't change the entire way I eat to go organic. That would just not be me, but I guess if someone thought I really should to get a baby I would do anything. Thanks again. I look forward to keeping up with all you ladies on the board. :)


sarah soveran - November 15


hey hun yah dont worry i thought the exact same thing youknow its changing your whole eating habit and yah like they say if you want something so bad you will do anything. so i guess all i can say is work for what you want trust me we will have to when the time comes to have a baby!!! so im trying and so aare all of us :D cause a baby is so worth it.. glad your here you will learn to love each and everyone on here these women have amazing stories and are very wonderful women when you get talking to them oh how you will have a good time and learn alot from this site keep in touch and talk to you later :D :D


tta - November 15

Good for youa nd us too as this will mark the beginning of BFPs on this thread and it's nice you are blazing the trail.
please do not entertain any fears and take plenty of rest.

wishing you a healthy 8 months + ahead



tta - November 15

NB for MH
i was expecting a response for the deails i submitted to you. sorry if it is a disturbance.



Mahogany Heart - November 15


I got your reply just don't have your email address. When I get kicked off almost 95% of the time and it makes me mad when I do. That is why I told Nanci to email me the info. I will submit my summary and get kick off right when sending and it upsets the mess out of me. [email protected]

I Love My Sister Hood.
Thirteen Sisters on the Pledge:
Mahogany Heart
Nanci And Dessie
Andrea (Conquered Infertility)
Sarah Soveran
Native (Need Signature)


tta - November 15

ok thanks MH
my email is [email protected]



Andrea - November 15

morning girls

well not much sleep occured after 3am - i got up to eat toast...my stomach was growling so loud woke dh up...lol

tta -
your right - i need to push my fears out of my mind when they come in, it's hard though.

wishing and hoping -
i didn't follow the ovulex "suggested" foods to avoid/eat. although i am generally a very healthy eater as it is. i do not ever eat red meat or ever eat white flour products. whole wheat everything (breads, pastas, buns - all whole wheat) .
i have been indulging in candy occasionally it is my weakness at halloween time!!! i also drink no less than 6 glasses of water a day, and include a lot of dairy in my diet (only for the pure reason that i love it - especially cheese!!!) lots of veggies (i don't at a lot of fruit. just fresh or frozen berries to make smoothies!!!)

check this out gals;

i did one of those due date calculators and guess when the baby is due?

ON MY 26th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andrea - November 15

welcome welcome welcome to the newbies!!
i often wonder about the people who follow our board but never write (remember our last board how many thousands of times it was read!!)
so for anyone reading this on ovulex or thinking about it come on in an introduce, tell your story, join the sisterhood!!!!!!!!



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