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Mahogany Heart - November 21


When we were talking about testing we were talking about a Pregnancy Test not a Ovulation Test. You are late on your cycle from what your ticker is saying. So we thought that it would be time for you to take a Pregnancy test.

Hugs and Love


Tosha - November 21

Hello again ladies,

Yes, I too thought you were taking a pregnancy test Sarah? Well, hopefully at least this is the right week for you! You sure have an extended cycle!

Your question made me giggle MH! You're right, not a typical question! Actually my CM has been quite abundant and very white. Nothing like I remember seeing before. I wish I could say this month did the trick! I guess I'll know in a week!


Mahogany Heart - November 21

[move]:-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ [/move]
Right now I am suffering from a major Headache and it is kicking my butt. I will not be online any tonight. I just took two tylenol and getting ready to drink my mug of decaf green tea. If my headache go away I'm going to BD if not I will allow him to BD with me while I'm sleeping off this headache. I'm sure I won't feel anything the way I feel.


Nanci And Dessie - November 22

MH- I hope you feel better. I hate when The really big ones attack... I get real bad migrains . I have found that if I put Absorbine Jr. on the back of my neck it helps ease the ache..


sarah soveran - November 22

yes i knew what you were talking about the taking a p/t and i did that yesturday and it came to be a bfn like the last five i had took so i tried today to see if i was ov agian and i was but i am just hoping this month will be different for me and hope to have the lucky days set so that it happens once and for all you know well goodnight ladies


Nanci And Dessie - November 22

Guess what.. I tested for OV this morning.. I am...yeahay!!!!... Happy thoughts.... Happy Thoughts....
MH- How do you feel this morning?
Andrea- How's the Mommy to be?
And the rest of the sister-hood where is everyone and how are yall doing?


tta - November 22

hello ladies
just popping in to say hello
also i will like to ask a question: when do you start taking green tea and when do you stop



Mahogany Heart - November 22


I feel a whole lot better. You are right where is every body!!!


I would say drink it from the time AF leave until after OV? That is what I did last year.


tta - November 22



Andrea - November 22

good morning ladies

thanks for asking how i am nanci!
i'm well - just trying to shake this cough and cold i've got. had me up most of the night the other day, although today i am feeling much better!

happy to say that i have sore breasts ;D, i'm exausted :P and irritable :-\ - these are my symptoms right now - and i welcome them!!! although i get the occasional wave of nausea that seems to pass once i eat (which i have been doing a lot of lately!!!)


Les23 - November 22

Good morning everyone!!!! Well I have had a busy weekend. It was opening weekend of deer season and there are lots of people in town to chat with. I was hardly home. DH is a drywaller and I actually helped him work on Saturday. Now that was interesting. I had no idea what I was doing but he did not yell at me he was very patient.
Did anyone watch Medium last night? I was so freakin ticked that I swear not one place in town sold 3-D glasses. So we did not get the 3-D image. I was not happy.
Yesterday I took my car to get fixed. Then I did a little shopping in our Capitol!!! Where I live there is not a dealership for Mits. so I had to drive about 1 1/2 to the nearest dealership since it was warrantee work.
This weekend is going to be a busy one.
Thursday I have Thanksgiving at my moms during the day and then DH mother's that night. Then Friday we have a suprise b-day party to go to for some friends and then Saturday we have another Thanksgiving for DH dad's side of the family. We have to have it then because DH cousin is in the military and is down in Texas and he will be home over the weekend. I love when he comes to visit. He is so much fun. Then on Sunday we have my nephew Roberts baptisim. So it seems that it will be a very busy weekend.
I have a question and I want everyone's opinion. Am I being selfish and childish about this......
I will put the question in another post I do not have time to write it all out now.


Mahogany Heart - November 22


Don't forget to tell us the topic name you know we don't know who posted what any more.

I did not watch Medium really don't like stuff like that but I love Las Vegas. Did any one see it? I told my DH that Monica could not go on and in the next three episode something must happen and it did last night after I said that some she flew off the roof. I'm telling you that is my writing gift but I did not think it would be so unrealistic.


Les23 - November 22

Hey I started another thread since we seem to get so many post it is hard to read all of them when we get so many posting.

I hope this was okay. It is Ovulex III



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