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Shara - May 28


we are all in this together so don't feel alone. Anytime you feel the need we are here for you! :-*


Jess - May 28

Jade- I'm so sorry for you loss....It's kind of crazy. They say when you see the heartbeat your chances of mc are only like 3%. I'm sorry you fell into that %:( Thats just not fair... You probably didn't cry because you're still numb to the fact that the baby is gone. I'm sure it will hit you sooner then you think, and when it does, we'll all be here for you. I wish I could send you a hug... You're a very strong lady. And you will continue to stay in my prayers. Have you ever tried green tea?? Maybe your body needs a fresh start... Try drinking it twice a day. It will help flush out all the toxins in you body to make it ready for concieving again. Good luck to you and try and stay positive for the next cycle. God will give you that baby that you desire so badly. But in his time.... You got to leave it up to him and no one else. It took us 3yrs and 3mos and it happened when I didn't have a ov monitor or checking my temps. I just left in his hands. Hey, one other thing..... Start taking 81mg of asprin a day. It's suppose to help with circulation in the uterus and you're suppose to continue taking it up until your 12wks of pregnancy. That's what my RE told me and I'll be 8wks on Tuesday. I've been taking asprin, prenatal vit everyday. I stopped drinking the green tea as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Hope this helps out....

Your Friend


wantafamily - May 29

Good morning,

To all of you ladies, I have to say, I am just in awe of all of you!! You are all so positive and amazing! I really feel encouraged reading this board. It makes me feel kind of silly for being so down in the dumps last week. I pray hard for everyone on this board because I think you are all such deserving women!

Renee, thank you so much for your bible verse. I always find hope in scripture. Is 41:10 is my favorite "Fear not, for I am with you. Do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with the righteousness of my right hand." Always reminds me I am not alone. I have not been to see an RE yet because it has not been quite a year yet. After I get June's AF, I will schedule an appointment.

Jade, I'm sorry for your loss, but I am really glad to hear you are OK with it. Keep your chin up, my sister!!

Jess, my sister had really horrible m/s with her first and the only thing that helped her was sucking on lemon drops and eating little tiny meals every 2 hours or so. Hope that helps you. Remember, even though you feel bad, its a blessing. I pray every month that I might throw up!

Tia, good luck to you with your procedure. Shara, hope you get a bfp!

Good luck to all the rest of us too! I am set to O in about a week - anyone else?

Baby dust to all!



destinybaby - May 29

Hi Ladies,

Its finally here, tomorrow morning ER :D so happy to take a break from the needles :'(. I want to thank each and everyone one of you for your support. I really don't know I would have coped and made it this far without you ladies. I still can't believe they (follies) are ready.

I wll send an update to you ladies. 2 ww here I come :D



shan1234 - May 29

Hello Ladies,

Jade – I’m sooooooooo sorry for your loss. :'( You’re in my prayers. I do have to say this…you’re one positive/strong lady.

Tia – Good Luck with your appt tomorrow.

Shara – Tomorrow is the day…Good Luck, hope you get a BFP!!!

Renee – How are you feeling? You’re next in line to test. Are you getting excited?

Heather – I’m glad to see you’re spirit is lifting up. Are you going to use a OPK to make sure you don’t miss your O day?

As for me, I’m not feeling anything. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. Maybe it’s still too early.

Lili, can you recall what cd you were when you started to feel like you may be pg?

To all the other ladies, Good Luck.

Baby Dust to all!!



Ange - May 29

Jade~ I am sorry to hear about your loss. How are you doing? I think of you always and wonder if you are okay. You will be a mom one day it just may not be when you want it but it will be when you need it. I went through 10 years of pain from not conceiving and then adopted my daughter. I am still IF but I am a mom and that was something I thought I would never be. SO try to enjoy life right now in another way and I know it is hard but when your son/daughter is ready to come to you, you will be ready in everyway.
Luv to you


lili246 - May 29

I am sorry to hear that bad news. You sure are a dtrong girl and I am very proud of you. I know it is a very hard situation but I am sure that you will be bless with a healthy pregnancy. Keep the faith and trust in God.
We are all here with you.

That last cycle when I became pregnant was very weired I actually ovulated very early in CD 9/ The I found out that I was pregnant in LP 9. I didn't feel pregnant but something inside me was telling me to test which I was scared to see a bfn but I did test anyway and that was when I got a very fainted second line that you could barely see it but within the days pass it became more darker.

How is everyone else doing?



RNORST - May 29

Jade, I'm so sorry for your lost. When I was pg the first time, I would pray every day, Lord, this is your baby, do what's every right, then when I did have my m/c, it was hard, but I knew deep inside that God was doing what was best, it seemed like kind of like a test from God to see how much I trusted in Him, I passed the test and was pg the 1st month after we got to try again. It will happen for you very soon. So do you know if you will have that surgrey or IUI? I'm praying for you girl.

Jess, It helped me to eat little meals all the time. I have heard that sweet-tarts help, I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

Shara, So are you testing tommorow? I'm also very bloated too. I got my fingers crossed for you. Wow, that would be nice to be 3 months preg before you found out, those are the hardest months.

Tia, That's so exciting, keep me posted. So if they do the ER tommorow when will the IVF be? I'm praying for you, make sure you keep relaxed. I cant wait for you to join the 2ww club!

Heather, Thank you also for that nice Bible verse. We all need to be reminded of those things. Are you taking your temps or using opk?

Shan 1234, I'm feeling really good. I have had some cramps that feels like af cramps, some pains and very bloated. Hope these are good signs. I have got bloated before, but I dont think that early? I'm 6 dpIUI today.

Well girls, like I was telling shan, I feel good. I cant wait for June 6th to get here. I have been having cramps and very bloated. My boobs are not sore at all, they are sometime sore by now?? I'm still on progestrone, my temps have been a little high, but that meds can cause that. Friday 98.6, Sat 98.8, Mon 98.8, Tues 98.6.

I'm praying for you all.
Love Renee


Jade - May 29

Hi ladies. Thanks for all your kind words. I know that I will get pregnant when the time is right. I went to the dr today for pre-op paperwork and to my surprise he had scheduled me for a d and c and a laproscopy which i totally was not prepared for the lap..... And he ran the recurrent miscarriage panel on me to check to make sure everything is okay and that this will not happen again. So I felt glad with that. So keep me in your prayers tomorrow.....


RNORST - May 29

Jade, sounds like you have a wonderful Doc. Will they do the d & c and Lap at the same time? I'm praying for you!

Love Renee


lili246 - May 29

Sounds like good. I really hope that you don't have to go through this again because I know how painful it might get in our hearts. But you sure are very strong and I am so happy for you girl. God will bless you once again when he thinks it is the best time and I know that will be soon :) Have faith and stay positive you are very strong. I will pray for you tomorrow and you'll see that everything will turn out fine :)

Love ya girl,



shan1234 - May 29

Jade – That’s good. Your dr. is really concern about you and your health. We all will be praying for you tomorrow.

Lili – I know you mention this, but when is your dr appt?

Renee -- It looks like we're going to be testing together. My af is due June 6, so if she doesn't show her ugly face that night, I'm going to take the pg test.

Baby Dust!!



lili246 - May 29

well last tuesday I went to see my primary doctor to get a referel for a OB/GYN and they told me that it was going to take about 1 week which today makes it 1 week and I called mu insurance and they told me that they have not receieved any referel from the doctor so I called the doctor and they said that my insurance didn't have me yet added in the computer and that was the reason that it is taking longer. They said that they will try again tomorrow and request to approved the referel that same day since I have waited for more than a week now. I should be hearing from them tomorrow or else they will hear from me.
I can't wait to go to the doctor I am 10 weeks pregnant and haven't seen a doctor till this point. I am cuious to find out how my baby is doing and hear the heartbeat if god willing. I sure hope that I can get a ealry u/s done.
I have been feeling good having those pregnancy symptoms so that is good news for now.
I sure hope that by the end of this week or the beging of next week for sure I get to see my OB.
I will keep you all posted.

Good Luck! Best Wishes!!

Love Lili


RNORST - May 30

Shan, We only have a week to go, we are 1/2 way though the 2ww!!!! Hope we can get that BFP!! Are you having any preg signs?

Lili, they should do a early u/s on you since you had a m/c last preg. Thats what they did with me, since I had a m/c they did a u/s on my son at 8 weeks. If they dont mention it, just ask. I know every thing is ok with that bundle!!

Love Renee


lili246 - May 30

Thanks I hope tha I can go into my first doctors appintment this is taking forever. I will have the baby before i can get my first doctors appointment I
I am staying positive and I know that the baby is doing great. I can't wait to hear my bundle :)

Good Luck lets us know how everything went and we are all here for you. Praying for you !!

How is everyone else doing?

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


jesswantsafamily - May 30

ok ladies question my opt was positive on may 24 and it is now may 30 yesterday i had a ll crampin on my left side and today i have very watery cm im so confused does anyone have any ideas?




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