Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Asunflower - June 23

This is going to be my third attempt at IVF. In Jan. we had 2 embryos transferred on day 3, BFN. Then we tried again in April had 2 embryos transferred on day 5, BFP, but turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. I am going to begin Lupron next Wednesday and was looking for a buddy to share this cycle with.


KimberlyP - June 23

Hi Sunflower!! I will be starting a frozen cycle as soon as I begin my monthly cycle. I don't think that it takes as long as a normal IVF cycle. Do you have frozen embryos? Just wondering.... That is alot to go through since January. I have actually done IVF twice and have two precious babies. We thought it was time to try again.


Asunflower - June 24

That is great to hear. We actually have 5 forzen embryos but insurance will pay for 3 cycles so we decided to try on emore fresh one and then do frozen if we needed to pay out of pocket for it.

Did you get pregnant on your first IVF? Where do you live? SOunds like you had very positive experiences. I hope this is a positive one for us!


KimberlyP - June 25


I'm positive that everything will work out for you this time. I wish that we would have insurance that would have covered the cycles. Now that is said and done, I would have paid any amount of money for the two that I have.

We had success on our first attempt at IVF. I had two transferred in and one took. The second attempt was a frozen cycle that had two transferred in. One took. This time they are going to transfer the remaining three embryos.


KimberlyP - June 25

I forgot to tell you... I live in Bowling Green, KY but my Fertility Clinic is in Nashville, TN. I have had great success with them. They said that I should be their Poster Child!!

[quote author=Asunflower link=board=8;threadid=2575;start=0#20974 date=1151185734]
That is great to hear. We actually have 5 forzen embryos but insurance will pay for 3 cycles so we decided to try on emore fresh one and then do frozen if we needed to pay out of pocket for it.

Did you get pregnant on your first IVF? Where do you live? SOunds like you had very positive experiences. I hope this is a positive one for us!


Asunflower - June 25

Sounds like it! I hope all goes well for you this third round. I hope this is my BFP cycle. I will keep trying until it works! We have MF infertility and I am supposed to be fine according to the tests but some how I feel like since it didn;t work two times that something else is going on. I can only hope and pray and put my faith in God and hope that this is his plan for us! Keep me posted!


rapinh - June 26

I am wondering if I might join this thread. I am going through IVF in July and have already began my lupron shots, so it sounds like I'm a bit ahead of you Sunflower.

This is my 1st IVF and I am definitely nervous about the whole thing. I have a somewhat unexplained infertility problem, although I had stage 2 endometriosis that was identified and treated via laproscopic surgery in 12/05. My DH and I did four rounds of fertility drugs and conceived on the fourth try, but the result was a MC at 8 wks in 3/06. We decided enough was enough and went for the "big dogs" so to speak, and IVF was it.

No one in my immediate family has had fertility problems but one of my best friends has done through IVF so I know a bit about it, but would love to have someone (or many) to discuss the ups and downs as it happens currently. She went through IVF almost 8 years ago and things have certainly changed since then!

Look forward to hearing from all of you as we begin the journey1


Asunflower - June 26

Welcome Holly! I can certainly help you along with the IVF road since it is my 3rd time! I am starting Lupron on Thursday so I am not too far behind you! What otehr shots are yuo going to take? I will be on Follistem and Menopur. Where are you cycling? The shots are not too bad at this point in time. Did they tell you if they put you fully out for the ER? My clinic does. Let me know and I will tell you what to expect! Hope this is a lucky cycle for all of us!


rapinh - June 26

Hey Sunflower!

I know I'm taking Gonal F and Repronex after I start my June period. I have taken Follistim in the past during a "regular" cycle to help regulate my egg production and I'm not sure why I'm not using it again, but I know Gonal F is the same thing. The shots are not a big deal for me at all, I have given all my own so far, but I told DH he will be helping when it comes to the progesterone in the rear!

I believe I will be put out for the ER; I have heard that is the most painful part of the entire process. I personally am more concerned about my ovaries being the size of grapefruit! I have a decent amount of pain during the month when I am just producing one egg; I am concerned about the pain that could be associated with 15+ little eggies!

Good luck to you as you begin this 3rd cycle. I think it's great that your insurance pays for 3 cycles. We have to pay out of pocket for all the major procedural stuff; thank god our insurance covers the med's and day-to-day appointments. You mentioned that your problems have been determined to be MF infertility--you've done ICSI and all of that jazz? Are you thinking about implanting more embryos this time? I'm just curious given this is our first time--DH and I still disagree about how many embies to implant.

Thanks for writing back! Keep me posted!


Asunflower - June 26

We have done ICSI both times. We have had great cycles. First time, 19 retrieved, 17 fertilized and we transferred 2 on day 3. They were not blasts. The funny thing was our embies were slow. We ended up with 2 perfect blasts to freeze. Second time, a little different protocal, we had 28 eggs retrrieved, 21 fertilized and transferred 2 balstocyst on day 5 and had 3 to freeze. We did get a chemical pregnancy on that one. We are going to transfer 3 this time. I knw my Re does not want to but at this point in time I am ready for anything!
Just make sure you only do a day 5 transfer. My Re tried to tell me the first go around that it was better for them to be in me and that was why they transferred them. There is no data to support that and if you read , they know better which embryos are normal and will implant by day 5. I think we could have gotten a BFP with those two we have frozen had they only waited for day 5. I learn each cycle more and more questions to ask. You are 28, I would try 2 to start. I am 31 and my DH is 35 so I am ready for 3!
How many days have you been on Lupron?


CPape - June 27

Hi Kim, Sunflower, and Holly,

I began my second ivf cycle on the 21st. I am starting with prometrium to bring on AF. I will be taking that until the 9th and then on to Follistem paired up with repronex. I have done 3 failed iui's with clomid, 3 failed iui's with follistem, and had 3 cancelled cycles due to residual cysts. My first failed ivf was in May. You guys who have had previous ivf's sound like you are rock star egg makers. I only produced 11 mature eggs, 7 fertilized, 3 made it to day three, day three transfer.........none took. They were all 7 cell grade 1. I still am having trouble with the fact that they were alive when they were transferred and I killed them. I am a teacher, so I wanted to go right into my next cycle. I am a bit behind all of you, I think, I don't know what Lupron is or what it does? I am cycling in Illinois. The RE I work with is great. I would love to go through the ivf cycle with you guys if you don't mind me tagging along. I could use the support and would love to give any that I have to give to you all. Baby dust and sticky thoughts to you all!!!



Asunflower - June 27

Welcome! Sounds like you have been through a roller coster ride yourself! 11 eggs is very good. and your fertilization rate was great as well! Remember that it only takes 1 to get pregnant! I know how you feel. This is try number 23 for me. I am a teacher as well adn would love to get pregnant this round. It would make perfect timimg! I cycle in MD at Shady Grove. I love everyone and they really work har to keep the lines of communication open. I am on BCP right now and I start Lupron which is to suppress me to keep me from ovulating and also to help keep the production of follicles under control. Follistem is also what I will be using along with Menopur which I think it like Repornex just a different name. Good luck to you and stay positive!


KimberlyP - June 28

You're more than welcome to join! The more the merrier.

Don't be so hard on yourself about the previous transfer. Everything that happens, happens for a reason! This may be the one that you were supposed to create and have. I had two embryos transferred the first cycle of IVf. One took.... We froze 5. Second go around we transferred two and had another baby. Left 3 frozen. We will be trasferring the balance in this time. I get a little concerned because the embryos have been frozen since 2002. There is always the possibility that they will not thaw correctly.
Keep us posted on your progress!!

Baby Dust to all!!


rapinh - June 28

Welcome Catherine! Of course you are welcome to join! The more the merrier!

I would hardly qualify myself as a rock-star egg maker! I have never been through IVF so I have no idea how many eggs I will have, fertilize, etc. My RE thinks considering my age and label of unknown infertility problems, I will produce many eggs. We'll see--I have a few weeks before I'll know.

I can't believe Sunflower and Catherine that you are both teachers--so am I!! Maybe it's a professional hazard???? Just kidding!

I have been doing Lupron shots for 6 days now, I guess I have several more to go as I was told I won't start AF until 10-14 days after starting them. I forgot to take one of my Lupron shots this week and had a total overnight panic attack when I realized I forgot it! I don't know how I could have forgot--you would think this would consume my life but I have been trying so hard to keep my mind on other things so I don't dwell on it....I guess it worked!

Keep thinking positive ladies! I can't wait for the days to fly by so we can get into the real "meat" of it!



Asunflower - June 29

Hey Everyone,
Did my first Lupron shot this morning! We are on the road! At least the time flies once the shots actually start.

Let's hope there is some hope for all of us teachers! I think a lot of teachers wait until summer tot ry this since we can relax and then we would have perfect due dates as well!

Holly- What did your RE say about missing the Lupron shot? My DH gives them to me and he wouldn't dare even try to miss one. I couldn't forget about it even if I tried. He is great! He just wants to try to do as much as he can for me!

Good luck to you all!


shansy - June 29

Hi everyone!

OK, this is strange- I am also a teacher! My DH and I are starting our first IVF cycle tomorrow- I begin my Lupron shots, then onto Gonal-F. We are also using Ovidrel for our trigger shot. I would love to be cycle buddies with all of you!

I am very nervous about all of this. I am not too concerned about the shots, just the outcome- also, I am afraid that something might go wrong and the cycle has to be cancelled. My RE was telling us all of the things that can hinder an IVF cycle from going through.

Where are all of you from? I live in Michigan.

Babydust to all! :)



rapinh - June 29

Welcome Shannon! I am also from Michigan--I live in the Grand Rapids area, how about you?

Sunflower--in regards to my Lupron shots, I have been doing my own shots as far as the sub-q shots so I don't have the DH to remind me. He has been out of town for this and that so I just do them myself. He will be doing the butt shots though! I can only do so much and those big needles are a tad intimidating to me. When I realized I missed the Lupron I read my rx info and it said to contact your dr. if you miss a dose. My RE told me to give it at that point and then take the regular dose at the regular time, so I did. She said it shouldn't be a huge deal. I was a nervous wreck of course, and she just said I'm not the first person to miss a shot and it won't affect the cycle. Phew!

Good luck to you ladies starting the Lupron shots today and tommorrow--they are easy (in my opinion). Have any of you had any side effects from Lupron? My ovaries have actually hurt in the past few days--that seems strange, but I guess it makes sense. I always have a lot of pain when I ovulate, etc. so I guess I would feel it.

Thanks for being here girls--I look forward to hearing how everyone's doing and bouncing my thoughts off of yours.




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