Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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rapinh - June 29

Welcome Shannon! I am also from Michigan--I live in the Grand Rapids area, how about you?

Sunflower--in regards to my Lupron shots, I have been doing my own shots as far as the sub-q shots so I don't have the DH to remind me. He has been out of town for this and that so I just do them myself. He will be doing the butt shots though! I can only do so much and those big needles are a tad intimidating to me. When I realized I missed the Lupron I read my rx info and it said to contact your dr. if you miss a dose. My RE told me to give it at that point and then take the regular dose at the regular time, so I did. She said it shouldn't be a huge deal. I was a nervous wreck of course, and she just said I'm not the first person to miss a shot and it won't affect the cycle. Phew!

Good luck to you ladies starting the Lupron shots today and tommorrow--they are easy (in my opinion). Have any of you had any side effects from Lupron? My ovaries have actually hurt in the past few days--that seems strange, but I guess it makes sense. I always have a lot of pain when I ovulate, etc. so I guess I would feel it.

Thanks for being here girls--I look forward to hearing how everyone's doing and bouncing my thoughts off of yours.



Asunflower - June 30

I have not had any side effets ever from the Lupron but then again this is my third time. This is only my 2nd time using Lupron though. All the shots are easy except for the Progesterone. You will NEED to ice the spot for about 10 minutes prior and then use a heating pad after to distribute the oil. Trust me don't waste your time without it! The Egg Retrival is not too bad since they put you out but I was seriously bloated prior. It makes you really want to get those follicles out! If your RE or nurse asks you if you want some pain medication after the ER, take it! You need to keep yourself relaxed as it does hurt to move. I only needed it for that day but it was well worth it. I did one cycle with it and one without. Again, not worth even trying to do it without! As for the ET, the hardest opart is drinking all of the water before you go. There is so much pressure with all of that fluid.
Good luck to you all! I go for my first u/s, bw on Wednesday!

Keep in touch teachers!


CPape - June 30

Hello Teacher Friends!

I wonder if it is some kind of professional hazzard??? What do you all teach? I am a resource teacher for LD/ED/BD kids at the elementary level. It is an active position in my school, so I too, am happy to be doing this cycle in the summer. I had a major meltdown after our first failed ivf in june. Tuesday my period started and my pg test wasn't until Friday, Thursday we found out our friends are pregnant which officially makes us the only kidless couple in our primary group of friends, Friday we got the bfn, and saturday my RE said we couldn't start with the next cycle. It was an awful week. It turns out that we are able to start with this cycle, which I am so happy about A. because it's over the summer and B. because I got hooked up with you guys! I feel good about this cycle. All your emails sound so positive it gave me a positive kick in the butt and I am glad I joined you guys. Thank you for your kind words.

I would have to agree that the ER is the worst part of the whole ivf process. The pain is only right when you wake up from the procedure, but as soon as you can eat a cracker they give you pain meds and you're good.

OK, so you all are on Lupron?! I am on progesterone until the 9th then wait for day one and call for u/s and bw. We are all pretty much lined up with our ivf timelines. Ever since I wrote the first time, I have thought of all of you and just really sent you positive loads of baby dust!!! Thanks for including me!

I hope the bw and u/s went well and all levels were good for a green light!!!!!!!!


Asunflower - July 1

Hey Everyone,
I am a Reading Specialist in an Elememtary School in Baltimore, MD. This is my 9th year. I truly enjoy it but I am reading to go to work part time and raise a family.

Shots are going well. I am just ready to get things underway! Have a great weekend!

I know how hard is it is to get a BFN but I also have experienced the call with a BFP for it only to fall from my hands days later with lowering HCG results!

It takes a lot of strength and faith! We've got it girls! We are teacher after all! Who else is stronger than us? HEHE!


shansy - July 3

Hi again,

Holly- I am the Livonia area. How are things going for you?

Asunflower- I too am a Reading Specialist in an Elementary school...this keeps getting stranger! :)

Well, I began my Lupron last Friday and it seems to be going OK. Today is my last day for BCP. I go back to RE on 7/7 to begin my stims...I am nervous- not about the stim shots, just this whole process.

My RE is letting us decide if we want to transfer 3 or 4 embies on Day 3. We are leaning towards 4 but scared if they all take. Then again, if it doesn't work we feel we will always wonder if it would've worked if we only transfer 3 embies...Decisions, Decisions!! How many embies and what day are all of you doing your transfers on? I have heard a Day 5 transfer is better, but my RE only does Day 3.

We are also doing ICSI- anyone else doing this? We also are able to decide if we want assisted hatching, but I am thinking maybe not. The RE said it is generally done for couples who have already gone through an unsuccessful IVF or who are older in age.

Are any of you following a certain diet or limiting anything specific?

Well, talk to you ladies soon. Have a Happy 4th of July!



Asunflower - July 3

A day 5 transfer is much better beacuse they can tell the progress of the embryos much more. They know which ones most likely will continue to grow. You should really try to push for a day 5. Where do you cycle? I can't believe they don't wait for day 5.

Our clinic only likes to put back 2 embryos. Since we have already had 2 failed IVF's we are pushing for them to put back 3.

Since this is your first time and you are younger, I would suggest trying 3. I know it is a hard decision. What is your infertility diagnosis? Why do you need to do ICSI?

We have to do ICSI due to male factor. I also would recommend Assisted Hatching especially if you do a day 3. It will help the embryos to implant.

Just some suggestions! Good luck to you! Keep me posted! I go on the 5th for bw and u/s.


rapinh - July 4

Hello IVF teacher group extraordinaire!!!!

I teach mulitage 1st/2nd at the elementary level. This will be year #6 for me this fall. I am also hoping it will be my year for maternity leave!!!!

AF finally came yesterday so I can begin my protocol tomorrow 7/5. I have bw and u/s, along with the introduction of more shots, I'm sure. I'm glad the process is moving forward, I am tired of waiting, even if it means bloating and bed rest and uncomfortable shots.

Shannon--we may be doing ICSI, depending on the results of my DH's sample the day of the ER. The Dr's said we can wait until later to make the final decision--his morphology is right on the edge of what they consider to be ok/not ok so we are just going to procrastinate, so to speak, until it really matters.

I will keep you posted ladies, and you do the same! Baby dust to all of you!


Asunflower - July 5

Good Morning Teachers,
Going for u/s and bw tomorrow. The fun of two or three shots a day begins! Hope you all had a great 4th!

Just remember that the shots, pain, bloating and bed rest are all worth it in the end. Also, remember to stay firm in your decisions about ICSI, AH and the number of embryos to transfer. It is your body and this all about you, not them!

Baby dust to you all!


shansy - July 5

Hi teachers!

Asunflower- I am cycling out of Oakwood Hospital, how about you? We are doing ICSI b/c my DH has a few antibodies on his sperm- it is not a major deal, they are only on the tail, but the RE said we might as well do it. The RE may do some ICSI and some he may leave on their own just to tell us if his sperm does fertilize on its own...I thought that was a good idea. We really don't have an infertility diagnosis- I have PCOS so maybe that has been hindering us getting pregnant, but other than that, everything checks out. Why do you recommend assisted hatching? I am just curious b/c that is the one thing we thought we wouldn't do since this is our first IVF...I am nervous to do it as I have read that it may compromise the embies.

I think my DH and I are leaning towards doing 4 embies if we even have that many of good quality- I kind of feel like if we are going to do this, then why not do it all the way? Otherwise, I think we will drive ourselves crazy if it doesn't work and we did 3.

My Lupron shots are going pretty well...Friday is our appt. for u/s and blood so we can get the OK to begin the stims!!

Well, it seems as if everything is going good for all of us so far, lets hope it continues that way!!!!



Asunflower - July 5

If you do a 5 day transfer you won't need AH. But it can help with a day 3 transfer because they don't know if the embryos are of implantation quality at day 3. I have read that it can compromise the embryos but I also have read that it can be very benefical. I guess it depends upon each individal case. I am feeling a BFP for you. I wish I felt that for me as well! I just am so unsure since it is my third time.
I say go for all 4. I just hope I can talk my RE into putting back 3. He only wants to do 2 but this is our third try so I am all for something a little more!

Looks like you will be really close to me this cycle. I am at Shady Grove in Annapolis.

I also think doing half ICSI and half not is a perfect idea. It would be really goos to know how things get together by themselves!


shansy - July 7

Hi everyone-

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing...I went to my appt. today and got the green light to begin the Gonal-F injections we go!!

Hope everyone's cycle is going as planned. Talk to you soon. :)


Asunflower - July 7

I got my green light yesterday. I started stims last night! We are on the way! Hope things go well for both of us!

Baby dust to both of us!


shansy - July 7

Well, I take back what I just wrote earlier- the nurse just called me and said that my Estradiol level is at 80 and they want it at 50 before I begin the stims, so I have to wait until next Friday to go back to see if has gone down. :( I am so bummed. I was excited to begin can never go as planned, huh?

Does anyone know what it means if your Estradiol is too high? I am very worried that my cycle will get cancelled if it hasn't gone down by next week. Anyone have any information or similar situations???

Asunflower- good luck!! I am glad you got the green light, I was hoping we would be at the same time, but we will probably still be close. Hope you're doing well!!



Asunflower - July 7

Sorry to hear that things are on hold for you. I have no idea what it means. I really have never asked. They told me I was fine to start and that has been the same all three times so I never thought to ask any more questions. I would call your RE or nurse back and ask them if there is anything you can do to help get the level down and what this may mean for your cycle. You are entitled to answers and they make enough money to take the time to tell you. Don't be afraid to ask. It is your body and you have a right to know. You can ask what may be causing the higher level as well.

Keep me posted! I will say a little prayer for you as well!


Asunflower - July 7

Holly By Golly,
How are things going? Are you on your stims yet?


DianaEvans2 - July 8

Hello Shansy:

So sorry to hear about your Estradiol levels and I agree totally with Asunflower. From my previous clinic, I had the same issue, but it was "Estrogen" that they measured in the bloodwork prior to starting of the stims. And they canceled me outright given a high level (in the 110 range). I switched clinics when I couldn't get straight answers. Current clinic put me on a protocol whereby your start out for three weeks with birth control pills (YES, sounds really counterintuitive, but it works in surpressing the estrogen level correctly prior to stim start).Then I continue with Lupron, Follastim, etc. This protocal resulted in my second complete IVF cycle being very smooth, straight forward and I was pregnant until week 8 miscarriage just in time for my birthday this March.(Oh, cruel fate!)

My first complete IVF cycle with the non-bc pills at the first clinic, was a lot tougher medically on me and was not positive in implantation.
Overall, I know it just boils down to one factor for me. Age. Every other test known to man (and WOman) has been done for me and I'm free of anything except my age of 43 young. So here I am going for round 3 IVF at the same current second clinic gearing up for a July 17 stim start. So third time is a charm, I firmly believe.

So Shansy, you are much younger, but ask away at your clinic about different protocols to address the elevated estrogen level. If you don't get straight answers or the time of day, start going for a second opinion if not a total switch in clinics. I know that in some areas of the country, it is not logistically possible... (I actually went and got to a second AND a third opinions after the elevated/canceled cycle nonsense). Both second and third opinions were the same answer and very different than the first clinic, so I knew I was on to something. I ended of up with the second opinion clinic, given their more scientific and linear approach yet treating me with more respect as the patient. So much babydust to you Shansy! Wishing you a super Saturday too!



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