Birth control pills b/f IVF cycle
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bethann - May 20

i'm so sorry for your wait. this whole process is all consuming and i agree, we have no control!
i'm routing for you and will be watching and waiting anxiously! take care.


Fortyfour - May 21

Thanks ladies. My doc is the only. Darn. After I settled down I realized it is for the best. I can see my daughter for a few weeks without being too hormoned out and she will be going home durng my 2ww when I will be totally wacko.

I did not feel alot of pressure with my first 2 ivf but now I am worrying like an old women, (some would say I am an old women), what if it doesnt work. do i have 3 more times to go, what if everyone is right and this wont work, how much more do I spend, can I take the hormone rollercoaster, argh!.

I hate infertility !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


meridithhasfaith - May 22

I feel for you with the worries. It is frustrating to have so many choices taken away. But with you especially, I look at it this way...there's no reason why it shouldn't work. You will be using nice young donor eggs. Your body is healthy and your body will be prepared for the embryos. You'll show 'em all when you are waddling around in your 8th month!

Wantsbaby2, hope you are having a nice weekend and are ok hormone-wise. I am crabby on day 2 of the bcp but it's also day 2 of AF and it hurts! Can't tell what exactly is making me crabby. lol

Have a nice Sunday everyone!



SMS1129 - May 22

I am also taking bcp's for IVF in June. I take my last active pill tomorrow night and then start Lupron on Tuesday night. My RE told me my start date (CD 3) for stims is 6/4. They actually plan it around their schedule, not your cycle...isn't that funny??

I had the class today and boy, is there a lot to do. On most days, I will be doing 4 shots (lupron, gonal f 2x, and low dose hcg). I hope it all goes by quick and produces good results. I wish that for all of us.

Good luck, June buddies!



WantsBaby2 - May 22

Hi Ladies,

Good luck on your upcoming protocol. It is very overwhelming. When I was doing the meds for IVF the first time. The pharmacy delivered a big paper grocery bag FULL of drugs. I almost cried looking through it......all the different sized needles and everything. I am sending lots of hugs and baby dust your way!!!! :)

Maybe there is good reason to get started earlier. Maybe God has a plan for you in store!! ;) One of the worst things surrounding infertility is that we really have a difficult time living our life when we have to stay so close to our clinic. DH and I would like to get away for a few days this summer, but when? I will hopefully start stimming in a month or so and after that....who knows what is gonna happen? I really don't know what to expect. I think good things are coming for you fortyfour!

Has AF showed up yet? I hope you can get on with your cycle soon. The waiting drives you crazy! Good luck on the b/c!

Have a great day girls!



meridithhasfaith - May 23

Yes, she showed up on Friday (20th) so I am 4 days into bcp's. Woohooo. lol I will see my RE June 1, which will be day 13 on bcp. IVF coordinator told me they like to order meds on day 17 of bcp's, so I will get my plan when I see him on June 1 and then get my meds a few days later.
I don't know why I don't feel as nervous or as invested this time as I did the last time. The first time I did IVF, I stopped ALL coffee and ALL soda. This time, I am having 1 cup of coffee and caffeine free soda. (not diet though, yuck!) Oh well,not sure why.

Sue, hope the Lupron went well and maybe we will be stimming together or close, anyway. :) Good luck to you!

Have a great day, all.


whynotme - May 23

Hello there, June buddies!

I started BCP on the 12th and started spotting fairly heavy yesterday. Is this normal? ??? I'm just confused b/c I never spotted mid-cycle before, and had been on BCP's for 12 years before TTC.

I was going to call my nurse about it, but I'll be having a consult with her on Wednesday, anyway, to go over my meds before I start my Lupron injections on Thursday ::) I don't think it means anything and just wanted to run it by you girls with past IVF experience. I've also been feeling pretty icky ever since I started the BCP's. I can't tell if it's the hormones, stress, or lack of caffeine! :P


meridithhasfaith - May 23

Hi Whynotme

Spotting never happened to me last time on bcp but I have read about so many other women having that issue and I recall them saying it's not an issue. Maybe some of the ladies will post about it here for you.

Good luck



Fortyfour - May 23

Meridithhas faith and Wantsbaby2. Thank you for your kind words and positive thoughts. I feel really positive about this ivf and donor. I really dread the hormones again though.

I do homecare and it is so hot in peoples homes at times you are sure you will pass out. The hormones made me so much hotter before so I am not looking forward to this. I want to give them a 20 dollar bill and request they put some cool air on for the half hour or so I am there. I feel bad that they have to suffer all the time 'cause they cant afford the air.

Take care all . I am on b/c for 5 weeks cause of the docs vacation and then we start our shots. Baby dust to all.


SMS1129 - May 24

Hi ladies,

Meredith - i start Lupron tomorrow night. I will then be on that until 6/4, when I start the stims and hcg also. I hope the 3 weeks goes by fast!

Take care,


meridithhasfaith - May 24

Oh ok, Sue. Good luck with the Lupron!!



shaz - May 24

Good luck to all of you who are cycling at the moment..... I will keep you all in my prayers....



meridithhasfaith - May 24

Thanks, Shaz.
I hope your pregnancy is going well and that you feel healthy and energized with the coming of your 2nd trimester!




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