Birth control pills b/f IVF cycle
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celia m - May 9

HI everyone, why are you put on birth control pills before an IVF cycle? Just wondering. I will be doing IVF in JUly or Aug. Thanks


WantsBaby2 - May 10

I have been told that it helps to level out your hormones and improve egg quality.


Fortyfour - May 10

I also heard that it helped with egg production. Good luck.


meridithhasfaith - May 12

Birth Control Pills before an IVF cycle are mainly used to prevent a dominant follicle from starting which would hinder multiple follicular stimulation. A dominant follicle is what happens during a natural ovulatatory cycle.



meridithhasfaith - May 12

Oooops, forgot to say that since it will stop dominant follicle, it reduces the chance of a follicular cyst which could delay or even cancel your cycle.

I got that from my RE.



Fortyfour - May 13

cool, thanks for the info.


WantsBaby2 - May 13

Thanks Meridith,
I did not know that1 I was on b/c last time we attempted IVF and I still had one huge dominant follicle and three little ones. I wonder why? Hmm.....hopefully this cycle will be different!


meridithhasfaith - May 13


That's odd that it happened like that anyway for you. It's funny, with my first cycle, I was on bcp and never knew why, I just took them.
Now, because of you ladies on this board, I know that I can ask questions and be more in charge of my health.

What's going on with you? 44, how about you?

I will be starting bcp with my next AF which should be in a few days from now. Yay!



WantsBaby2 - May 14

Good for you Meridith. Does that mean you start stimming soon? Let's get this rollercoaster moving!


meridithhasfaith - May 14


Yes, it does mean that! Finally! I am going to start bcp with this month's AF. (due this coming week) I will be on those for only 2-3 weeks then I will stop those, have another AF and get a supression check. If all is well, I start stims and I'm off!

So exciting. What is your plan now? I know you are on bcp. Any idea what your protocol will be and when it starts?



WantsBaby2 - May 15

I don't know yet how long my IVF lab will be out of commission. They are supposed to call me on Monday to let me know what the plan is. If it is not up and running yet, they will keep me on bc and prevent me from getting AF until the lab is finished. I hope it is soon. I am so tired of waiting. When AF comes again, I will start stimming. Hopefully this will go as planned. I am not getting any younger, and I worry more with each passing day. I am sure you all understand!

I hope everything goes as planned for you too!



meridithhasfaith - May 16


I completely relate to waiting! Ugh! It seems like forever to get the initial appt. Then forever to get AF for cd 3 testing. Then forever to get the results and to get a plan into action. Hurry up and WAIT!

I don't know about you but the problem with waiting, for me, stems from finally getting the courage to start the whole process all over again and when it doesn't go quickly, I tend to waver a bit. Nerves, etc.

I hope the lab is spiffed up soon! Let us know what they say today!



Fortyfour - May 17

Hi ladies, I am waiting also. Waiting for the testing to be done on the donor. I am calling the clinic this morning to see whats up. My period just started so I dont know which cycle the will work with.

Meredithhasfaith - good luck with this cycle.

Wantsbaby2. - I will come and help them work on the lab if you want me to so it will hurry up!!!!!


meridithhasfaith - May 17

Let us know what the donor's labs were like. I am trying to get a sense of when you and wantsbaby2 are going to be cycling. I hope it will be within the same time frame.

Wantsbaby2, any word from the lab?



celia m - May 17

Thanks ya'll for all the info, it does make sense now .


ElizabethS - May 18

Good luck ladies - MAY THE BABY DUST BE WITH YOU!!!


WantsBaby2 - May 18

Yes ladies......sigh...
I heard from the stupid lab. Now they are not taking cases until after the forth of July. They said I would hopefully start stimming the last 2 weeks in June, depending on my cycle. It makes me want to find another doctor. I was so bummed. At this rate, I will be far past my child bearing years by the time this damn lab will be up and running! ::)

Someone else told me, "They bulid entire houses in three months but they can't get one room ready??!!!" For Pete's sake! I guess it's just a few more weeks......and I have already waited this long..

So here I am still on the bc, and my husband is ready to trade me in for a less destructive model. (One that doesn't throw things, which is my anger management activity of choice!) There should be a special olympics for us angry hormonal infertile women. I bet we could throw things further and with greater aim than anyone else on earth with all this practice! :P

I am trying to hang in there...but this is brutal. Now I am PMSing which isn't helping matters any.

Baby dust to all of us! Who on God's green earth deserves it more than us I ask? If we aren't deserving I don't know who is!




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