Birth control pills b/f IVF cycle
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WantsBaby2 - May 18

Yes ladies......sigh...
I heard from the stupid lab. Now they are not taking cases until after the forth of July. They said I would hopefully start stimming the last 2 weeks in June, depending on my cycle. It makes me want to find another doctor. I was so bummed. At this rate, I will be far past my child bearing years by the time this damn lab will be up and running! ::)

Someone else told me, "They bulid entire houses in three months but they can't get one room ready??!!!" For Pete's sake! I guess it's just a few more weeks......and I have already waited this long..

So here I am still on the bc, and my husband is ready to trade me in for a less destructive model. (One that doesn't throw things, which is my anger management activity of choice!) There should be a special olympics for us angry hormonal infertile women. I bet we could throw things further and with greater aim than anyone else on earth with all this practice! :P

I am trying to hang in there...but this is brutal. Now I am PMSing which isn't helping matters any.

Baby dust to all of us! Who on God's green earth deserves it more than us I ask? If we aren't deserving I don't know who is!



meridithhasfaith - May 18


Is it possible to go off the bcp and then start them with a new AF before your cycle starts or would that put you even further out to start? The only reason I ask is I was told that longer than 3 weeks on bcp could oversupress. Every clinic and patient is different though so don't take that as true for you. I am just wondering. So sorry the lab is taking so long to get things in order. Grrrrrr!

As for me, I'm still waiting for AF to arrive to get started on my 2-3 week bcp regimen. It is never late but of course....I want it to come so it's taking its sweet time. I certainly feel crampy, bloated and crabby so it should appear soon!

We may be cycling together or near each other. I expect to be starting stims (unless RE changes his mind and decides to put me on Lupron) the first or second week in June.

Take care and tell dh to *DUCK*! ;)



Kaz - May 18

I just wanted to say I am so glad to have this bb to come to. We are starting our first IVF cycle soon, and it's nice to know I'm not alone. I'm waiting for AF to arrive in a few days, then BCP for 3 weeks, Lupron starting on day 18 of the BCP. I'm excited but so nervous too. This IVF will use up our insurance money (and then some!) for the year, so this is our only shot at things until next year. I'm scared of how I'll be if it doesn't work, but we have to keep trying and hoping for the best, right?
I wish all of you the all deserve the babies you're dreaming of!


Fortyfour - May 18

Wantsbaby2. My hammer is ready to help anytime. HA!

I called my clinic and the donor has not even called to make her appt yet. I am hanging off my ceiling fan right now and have a call to the donor agency to see what is what. At this rate it will be July befor we do anything for sure.

Kaz - good luck with your cycle. Baby dust to all.


shaz - May 18

Ladies - isnt waiting the hardest part of all, and that's all we seem to do with TTC.

Perhaps there is a reason that things have been delayed. Maybe it's gods way of putting things off until the exact right time....

Good luck



ElizabethS - May 18

Wants Baby - Goodness Gracious!!! This whole process involves SOOO much waiting, and I feel sorry that you have this additional long wait to endure. Honestly, that is just crazy. Waiting plus BCP do not make a very good combo....too bad they don't have a support group for dh's on this board.

It will all be worth it when you get that postive.

Kaz - Good luck to you! Come here anytime for support and learning.

Stay as positive as possible.


meridithhasfaith - May 19

Oh, must want to strangle that girl! I hope the agency can shed some light on this for you.



Fortyfour - May 19

Meredithhasfaith - I think the docs nurse will be the one to be strangled. When I called the agency they said that donor will see the doc tomorrow and will push him to start the b/c now and due the retrieval the next cycle. She started her period on Monday and guess what, I did too. Isnt that crazy? Wow, we could be doin this in 6 weeks. Yeah! I am tired of waiting and tired of being patient for Gods plan. I would like my once in awhile. Take care all. Baby dust to all.


meridithhasfaith - May 19

6 weeks? Excellent!!

About wanting your own plan, I have felt that way a lot. I was thinking about the loss of control. I feel like so much control is taken from us in a cycle. I know it has to be that way but I also know that's why I get so stressed. Then, I thought about you and how you have even less control over this process. It must be so hard for you. I am glad the ball is finally rolling and synchronized cycles?? Amazing! ;D

Good luck,


WantsBaby2 - May 19

Hi girls!
Fortyfour, glad to hear that ball is rolling for you! Sounds like some good things are happening. Thanks for the offer on the hammer! I might just take you up on that......except I could probably find another use for that hammer! ;)

Meridith, thanks for the info on the be. It has me worried now. They told me to take the placebos so I could get AF, and then go back on them again in a week. The last thing I need is oversuppression though. Does anyone else know anything about this? Maybe I should just call my RE's office.

So it looks like the three of us will be gearing up together! when would you start stimming Meridith? Would it be wonderful if we could all have positives at the same time? We could have our own little baby boom on this site! I hope I hope I hope! :)


meridithhasfaith - May 19

I certainly didn't want you to worry about the bcp's. It doesn't hurt to check though. One thing that I didn't know is that you are taking the placebos and getting AF. I think the over-supression doesn't apply to you in this case. I think that was for women who kept taking it without getting the AF in between.
As for me, I don't know when I will start stims. It all depends on when my AF starts and when I start the bcp's. I can't believe AF is late. She is NEVER late. Still lots of signs she is coming though.
If I do start bcp's within the next couple of days, I will then I will stay on those for 2-3 weeks and then get a supression check, then go to stims from there.

Can't wait for that!



WantsBaby2 - May 19

We just might be in this together Meridith. I might be trailing you a little bit. It's hard to tell right now exactly how the timing is gonna go.

As far as the bc goes,I wasn't supposed to take the placebos because I guess they anticipated to be ready for me sooner. But now that it is gonna be a few weeks yet, the plan has changed a little. I will check with the office on Monday about all of this.

I hope your AF comes soon. I started taking the placebos on Tuesday, and I have no sign of her either. I am beginning to wonder where she is! It's too bad bc takes away the chance of being pg!

Have a good evening!



meridithhasfaith - May 19

I love the idea of us doing this together, wantsbaby2. I hope 44 comes on board too. It looks like we will all be in the same time frame.
I should start a new thread once we find out specific timelines for us. Something like June cyclers or something. lol

You have a good evening too :)



Fortyfour - May 20

Hi ladies. The doc is going on his vacation the end of june so we will do the transfer july17,18 or 19th. The kicker is I have to forgoe my trip for my town reunion because he is going on vacation and cant do it with our next cycle. Argh!!! The nurse was like. do you want to do it august then? Wait some more. No way I say. We have no control of none of this. Take careall


meridithhasfaith - May 20

That stinks about your docs vacation. At the clinic I go to, there are several doctors to do different procedures in case one isn't available. Not the case where you go?

I guess July will be here before we know it. I really wonder though if doctors know how truly hard it is to hear we must wait? Grrrrr



bethann - May 20

i'm so sorry for your wait. this whole process is all consuming and i agree, we have no control!
i'm routing for you and will be watching and waiting anxiously! take care.



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