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TTC in SoCal - April 14

Cassandra... someone on this list once said not to borrow trouble. :-) The reason we have morning sickness and breast tenderness, etc. is our bodies aren't used to the amounts of hormones that suddenly get thrust on them. As your body adjusts, you will probably experience days with less symptoms, so try not to worry too much.
At this point, there is nothing you can do, so try to relax, be good to yourself, think positive thoughts... we are all thinking of you.:-)


meridithhasfaith - April 15

Hi Cassandra

I just settled down to write as I had my RE appointment today. It went very well and they were all so nice! I love it and I will be starting a cycle probably in June ;D
What I wanted to let you know though was this...You know I had a successful IVF w/ ICSI and I have a healthy son. I had NO morning sickness. My breasts were barely sore on the sides and the only thing I had was conking out early in the evening which I know you have also. No negaive physical symptoms do not have to = bad news. I know you will worry, I did too but I hope that helped a little. ;)

Take good care ((((cyber sister)))) :D



cassandra - April 15

Thanks Merideth and Wantsbaby2, I appreciate your advice. I'm looking at my posts and feel stupid complaining of my problems with waiting and wondering. I wish success with everyone tcc.I'm going to have a blood test anyways tomorrow. Hopefully it will pick me up. :)
We're supposed to have some nice weather this weekend, that will be great.Thanks everyone...cassandra


paige - April 15

Hi cassandra I just wanted to thank you for responding and trying to help over the valium issue. I am new to this and have one more try so I am trying to get all the help I can. I am reaaly happy for you on your results.


cassandra - April 16

Hi everone! my blood test was over 5000. My nurse said that's right where it should be so I'm gonna relax, slow down and enjoy the ride.I am really exausted after a busy day, so I'm gonna conk out. Baby dust to all....cassandra


BabyBound - April 16

Good numbers Cassandra...YES, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I'm on day #2 of my 2ww. I'm hoping some of the baby dust you, heathermac and darby have experience come my way.


Fortyfour - April 16

Cassandra, You are sure trucking along. Its normal to worry and the hormones are not helping. Day by day.

Dont get too fixated on symptoms. I had terrible morning sickness until the day the baby died. I was angry about that after the m/c. I wanted to say, but people told me if I was really sick the baby would be ok!!!!!!!!!!! Day by day girl.

I would count myself lucky not to get morning sickness. HA!!!! It was really bad for me and I still worked. Next time I will take some disability time. Its not fun throwing up in bags as you drive!! ::) Take care little one. You are doing great.


cassandra - April 16

Thanks girls, well today lokks like it's gonna be an "up" day. I feel great. I think a lot has to do with me having 3 days off. Yeah!!!!! Lucy has a buddy I named her Ethel. My dh has the weekend off too. I can't remember when we had 2 days off together last. I'll make it special. ;)
Wasn't I just complaining about snow? It's gonna be around 70 degrees for a few days! Winter to summer!
I want to start a project here, painting the living room. Can I paint? I mean will it be ok?I'll put it off til I hear from you ladies.
Yesterday I was walking down an aisle at work and I felt like a queen. I mean I felt downright sexy in my drab uniform. The moment passed but I'll take more like those please! ;D Baby dust to all....cassandra


ElizabethS - April 16

Cassandra - your post today made me smile. Congratulations on the awesome numbers. Enjoy your time off with your dh. The weather is awesome here too! I have been sitting on the porch drinking lemonade watching my dh lay mulch. A perfect day.


TTC in SoCal - April 16

Excellent news, Cassandra... glad you're having a great weekend!!!! :-)


cassandra - April 17

Hi everyone, I've been getting up earlier and earlier every day! Today I was up at 6:30! No wonder I want to sleep at 8pm!Today I have a birthday for a 2year old. I can't wait to see my dh interact with little ones. I'll be watching him! My friend dawn is having the party and I think her husband is terrific with kids. Have him throw my dh a couple pointers ;).
At 4 we are having 4 friends over for a cookout. The only thing that bothers me is that they all drink.I don't care but if they get buzzed it irratates the hell out of me. I'll try to stay occupied. I better take a nap before my busy day or I get very grumpy around 7 and my patience dwindles and I start getting snappy. Last night I bought some new shorts to wear today and I had to go a size up. UGH! I think I eat out of anxiousness and nervousness. I'm not supposed to be gaining yet! I better slow down or I'll be huge. ;D Take care all...cassandra


WantsBaby2 - April 17

Be easier on yourself. This is the time to relax and take a time out from your worries! (If you can, I know it's easier said than done) I hope you have fun with your friends today. I don't know what the weather is like out east, but in Chicago it is gearing up to be a beautiful day just like yesterday. I hope you guys are getting some of the same this weekend! Take care.



meridithhasfaith - April 17

Hi Cassandra

Enjoy the cook out. I know all about this weather. ;) I can't believe it's shorts again. Don't forget to drink lots and lots of water. It's easy for pg women to dehydrate.

I hope the mood swings pass for you soon. I know it isn't easy. At least you can enjoy the up days.

When is your u/s again?



cassandra - April 18

u/s is aweek from today. oh boy. cassandra


Fortyfour - April 20

Good luck with the us. The mood swings are a good sign. Take care little one.


cassandra - April 21

Hi everyone! I'm doing pretty good. I've been feeling exausted a lot. Today I slept in later than I have in 3 weeks. I don't have to work til 1 today. I've started to feel yucky this morning I had some bad constipation :P but I had chinese last night. I am so sad my favorite food had a bad effect, I guess my body is starting to talk to me. The nausea has been mild but enough to make me wonder. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for monday. Baby dust to all...cassandra



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