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cassandra - March 29

I am wondering who else is waiting for a pregnancy test in April? I test on the 9th. Anybody? ??? cassandra


Fortyfour - April 6

Infertitily does suck. I hate this whole thing. I have had few dreams in my life but the main one was to have about 3-4 kids. I feel like I have been chasing the carrot too long. Good luck everyone and baby dust to all.


cassandra - April 6

Amen. Infertility sucks. I always wanted 3 myself. That's why I hope for twins.I'll be happy with a child of course, but I don't know if I could do this to myself again to try for another. God, I hope this time works. 2 more days...cassandra


tinkerbell - April 6

cassandra, sending good wishes and buckets of baby dust your way... goodluck! and pls keep us posted. I am anxious/excited/crazy myself, i am due to test on the 11th! the waiting is killing me, I am excited and afraid at the same time. Every little twinges in my body I tend to interpret... i hope to hear some good news from you on the 9th!!


SMS1129 - April 7


I posted on anther page.

I got my period on the 4th.... Starting IUI cycle #3 tomorrow...fun, fun, fun...



meridithhasfaith - April 7

I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and thinking positive thoughts. Have you decided if you will take the plunge and test tonight before your blood test tomorrow?
How do you feel physically? Emotionally? Are you still having the up day then down day?
Take care and keep us posted!



cassandra - April 8

Meridethhasfaith, I have a confession to make. I've been taking hpt's since Tuesday. They have been a very faint positive but tonight it is absolutely gleaming! I am quite excited. My husband is very nervous. He wants us to take it slower. Oh my god I can't believe it! I can't wait to find out the numbers tomorrow. I am definately feeling optomistic now! I find out at work tomorrow the results from the blood test. I get home at 4:30 est. My dh won't be home yet so I'll be posting right away. He's afraid the higher I go the bigger crash it will be. I understand where he's coming from. Please let this go well for me.Please let this go well for me. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


meridithhasfaith - April 8

OMG Cassandra, that's awesome! ;D

I can't wait to hear the beta results. I will be looking around 4:30 to see. Start a new post maybe with "Cassandra's Beta #" Wont miss it then!

I am SO happy for you! Rest up, drink lots of water and here's to HIGH numbers tomorrow! By the way, how many embies did you transfer? I am thinking you said 2?

Can't wait till tomorrow! ;D



Fortyfour - April 8

I just knew it. You sneaky devil. Congrats and may the hcg be sky high and twins in there. Ill be checking for you tomorrow. Good luck.


cassandra - April 8

Hi all! I couldn't sleep! ;D I'm waiting for the nurse to call because they usually do U/S between 7:30-9. I'm wondering if I can go in @10:30 because my work is very close. I live about 45 min. away and trying to conserve gas.I also wanted to find Daisy's beta. 540. WOW. I'll be happy as long as it's around 100. Fortyfour, I think you said 50-100 is good? Oh my gosh, now I'm feeling nauseas!Butterflies in my stomach.

I just checked my tulips and I have one coming up. I planted 20.I think I'll name this one Lucy. :)Baby dust to all! cassandra


tinkerbell - April 8

oh cassandra! I am soooo happy to hear your news... I knew it! you wouldn't be able to hold the desire to test prior to your blood test,... I am tempted myself (i am due to test on the 11th)...

but anyway, this is about you! YOU! you lucky, blessed you!!! we'll keep our eyes peeled for the results today.... but i am feeling all positive!++++++!!!!!!


JJ - April 8

I am so excited for you, I will keep my thoughts with you all day. Good luck :)


meridithhasfaith - April 8


I still can't wait for 4:30 but I saw what you said about beta levels and I wanted to tell you what I was told from the Reproductive Science Center back when I did my first IVF w/ ICSI. They said they like to see the first level around 50. Mine was 80 so I knew I was ok. Of course as you know, that led to my son. Good luck and I will be watching! ;D



ElizabethS - April 8

Cassandra - I can not wait to hear your results. I will be saying prayers and crossing my fingers all day. :)


BabyBound - April 8

Good news!!! I'll be checking later for those numbers. Since coming on this site I have seem more BFP and it's only been for a month. I hope you good news will spread across the internet and touch all our tummies for a even better +++ turn out for April.

Baby Dust to all.


cassandra - April 8

Thankyou everyone for your well wishes! It worked! beta is 340! I love everbody! My U/S is in two weeks. Hopefully only one more 2WW! cassandra


ElizabethS - April 8

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
What a great way to start your weekend. Congratulations, that is the most wonderful news! You must be on a cloud. Have fun celebrating with your DH.



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