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ElizabethS - April 8

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
What a great way to start your weekend. Congratulations, that is the most wonderful news! You must be on a cloud. Have fun celebrating with your DH.


LisainAK - April 8

Congrats Cassandra!!!! I have been out of touch most of the week due to computer issues and i just read this whole thread start to finish and was excited to see your results posted at the end - third time was a charm huh?? Keep us posted...could it be twins???


meridithhasfaith - April 8

Congratulations, Cassandra! ;D I wish you a happy and healthy nine months and I can't wait to hear how the u/s goes. Please keep in touch!



Fortyfour - April 9

Allright!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is this. I am so happy for you. 3 times the charm. Keep in touch with us. Take care now. ;D ;D ;D ;D


cassandra - April 9

Thanks for the congrats everyone. I ended going in to the doctors, then work early yesterday. I had breakfast and read the paper. The cover of the living section was Miscarriage. A huge article. I read the ENTIRE story. I can't tell you how nervous I really am. I told my bosses of the results. The sister Michele bought me an elephant piggy bank last year and said she now has to get another one. I asked her to please not to, we won't know for sure for a couple weeks. One girl in the article had repeated implanations but no heartbeat in the sac. This just scares the crap out of me. I asked what my beta was last year and it was 120. Last year, I realized, I missed a dose of prometrium and then I had bleeding and cramps, the nurse asked me if I was taking the prometrium I am religiously I answered. I then asked her if prometrium is what keeps you from bleeding and she said yes. So, I think it mat keep you from bleeding but it doesn't guarantee heartbeats. I am sorry I'm so down today. My husband said great news but nothing else. I know he is nervous for me. I started a journal yesterday, I hope a child gets to read it someday. I'm trying to make it kid friendly. I hate talking about M\C but I feel that it's a possibility. I haven't told my mom or sister, well you know why. My mother inlaw on the other hand has been super supportive. I did call her last night she lives very close about a mile away in the same town. She said she drove by and saw our vehicles but was afraid to stop in. She is very glad for us but I think we are being extremely cautiuos with our emotions. My husband went out drinking with his friends last night and was home very late. He doesn't normally drink and I was pretty upset at him. I'm getting over it now. He'll probably sleep the morning away. I will leave him a to do list so he can redeem himself. :) Sorry to keep rambling on but I have a heavy heart and noone to talk to in the morning. I have 2 cats whom I love their names are Isabelle and Captain Jack Sparrow. I thought Johnny Depp was awesome in Pirates! Well, now every morning captain sits on my lap when I'm on line. I have dh cleaning the litter so don't worry about that. It does look like a beauty of a day outside. Hopefully people will have parties and grill outside not eat out! :) I go back on Monday for another blood test, hoping the numbers double by then. I will also try eating healthier now. Last night I pigged out on chinese. That is my favorite comfort food. I hope to feel nausea any time now. I felt it yesterday but I think it was nerves. The nurse said the higher my number climbs that's when it would occur. Boy, do I hope so. I know the first couple times I will be thrilled but the novelty will wear off soon after that! :)Thanks for letting me blather on. I love you guys. cassandra


meridithhasfaith - April 9

Hi Cassandra

You are so NORMAL. I think women who are infertile but who haven't yet achieved pregnancy think once you become pregnant, all the pain goes away. As someone who was infertile for 10 years before realizing my dream, I can attest that it isn't true. I was a wreck about losing it. I was so beaten and scarred from the infertility experience that it shadowed my pregnancy for a long time. Infertility is trauma that can last long after you physically overcome it.
Having said that, I did try to look at statistics and it did help me through a lot. I heard your chances for miscarriage are drastically reduced once you detect a heartbeat. So, that can be your next goal...well, doubling beta numbers can be the next, then heartbeat after that.
When I first went to my OB after getting released from the IVF clinic, she knew how upset I was and how scared I was of losing the baby. (I was crampy for 4 months!) She told me to come in for an u/s to see the heartbeat, until the point where we could hear it, anytime I wanted to because she knew what it meant to me.
I guess I am telling you all this so that you feel more normal about how you are up-you are pregnant! yeah!- then down-it's so delicate, and miscarriage is a possibility. Although your pregnancy stands as good a chance as anyone else's, you didn't just wake up one morning and poof, were pregnant. You have been through the wars and it will influence your thinking and feeling for a while.
Your numbers are so good...you are taking your medication...you are young...SO many things in your favor. I wont tell you to relax, you wont but I will say the chances are SO good that everything is going to be JUST FINE! ;D

Take good care, rest and drink lots of water! Keep in touch, ok?



Fortyfour - April 9

Hey there Cassandra. Your pregnancy was out of your control and so is the possibility of a m/c. Try to enjoy each day for what it holds. That you are now pregnant and deal only with that. It is scary. I remember when I first got pg and thought "great now the wait for the heartbeat." I wish I had enjoyed my pregnancy more and not worried about things I could not control. Day by Day girl. Easier said than done but the only way to go. Enough of my nurse/mother lecture.

My black and white cat sits on my lap whenever I am on the computer also. He comes running across the house when he hears me get on it.

Take care little one and keep in touch with us. Dont read anymore articles on m/c or listen to any horror stories. Enjoy yourself you lucky, lucky girl.


cassandra - April 10

Thank you meridethhasfaith and fortyfour. Your words mean a lot to me.I had a long shift today and I'm tired but I realized I didn't think about it all day. My work can be a good diversion.My dh got up before I went to work and we actually talked. He said day by day.I want to enjoy this fortyfour, I really do, it just seems so out of my hands now.I even have a crazy thought that because I'm not a religious person, oh never mind.
I won't read any more about m/c. I will try to enjoy myself and our good fortune. I am lucky to have come this far.Baby dust to all of you....cassandra


meridithhasfaith - April 10

Hi Cassandra

Don't stress about stressing. I didn't tell you to relax and enjoy because I know it isn't like that. It is the same as telling someone to not get upset about being infertile and telling them 'if it happens, it happens.' Your feelings are real and it's NORMAL.
I know you are grateful for your blessing and being worried doesn't make you any less grateful. I was reading another message board today and this woman was saying the same thing as I am now...I wish I could find it to copy and paste but I can't. She was saying, Don't worry about worrying, it's NORMAL. We have been through too much to expect it to all go away.
If you are anything like me, the fear will dissipate some after the first trimester and there will be plenty of time to enjoy this pregnancy.
I can only say this because I have been there. My relief was in information...yours might be the same or it might be keeping busy or sleeping...whatever it is, do it. People will try to help by saying relax and enjoy but please don't feel bad if you can't do that. I couldn't and lots of other women couldn't in the beginning either. You are not alone and you are normal. Time will cure this...when your baby or babies start moving around. ;D

Take care and feel free to email me anytime you want to, ok? (I will add my address to my profile.)

Take care,


cassandra - April 10

Meridethhasfaith, Thankyou so much for responding to my posts. I spent some time last night looking up beta numbers. It helped. Mine doesn't guarantee twins but as long as it doubles on Mon. my chances are better with the higher number to have success with pregnancy. I would love to email but I don't know how. I'll ask dh for help. I just started going on the computer to find support :)It has been a wonderful tool in my search for help and support.
I've been drinking more water than I ever have!Thanks for the advice!
I know when I see a heartbeat I'll feel much better.Of course.Well it looks like it's gonna be a beautiful day off.Dh and I are gonna work in the yard today. I have a mole problem in the front yard, I have some tulip leaves coming uo about30 ft from where I planted them! They look ridiculous! :)Take care, I'll post the beta tomorrow! cassandra


meridithhasfaith - April 10

Ok, I will look for the beta numbers tomorrow! I know, it's gorgeous here today, isn't it? It's funny to talk with someone online who has the same weather as I do!

Enjoy the yard work. I cracked up when I read about your mole/tulip problem. Too funny! The moles think they know landscape design, do they? ::)

Take care and I am glad you are drinking water...you haven't mentioned cramping but I had it and the nurse told me water helps and it does! I think it just keeps things running smoothly for any situation, pregnant or not.

Talk soon!


Fortyfour - April 10

Good luck with your numbers on Monday. The weather is finally good here in Cali so we are outside too.

I think I found my donor. Then I spent an hour last night panicking over if she would be the right one. would it work and what if we have to do this the 3 more times. I had to take a xanax to calm down.

I hope you are feeling better. It is possible to worry and enjoy things at the same time. We would be crazy not to worry. Enjoy your day with hubby.


WantsBaby2 - April 10

Wow! I don't come online for a few days and this is what happens! Congratulations! I had a funny feeling about you! I am not a bit surprised. I am sooo happy for you. This is incredible news! ;D

I think it is normal to worry about m/c. I have never achieved a pregnancy and I worry about it happening if I ever do. It is so normal.

I have two cats too. I just love kitties. My one is sooo old and we expect her to go one of these days. But we have a young tazmanian devil of a cat named Bunker. He has quite a personality and is always entertaining us with his antics. We have nick named him Mr. Inspector General since he has to have his little curious nose in everything.

Enjoy the nice weather, your kitties and your tulips. You have so much to look forward to! I am glad your mother-in-law is so supportive. Someone needs to give you some encouragement and attention. Maybe in the future if your need to ask for a few favors she is a person you can turn to. Sounds like good people to me. Let us know soon as you find out anything. You give us hope Cassandra, thank you for sharing your wonderful news with us! Yipeeeee!



Fortyfour - April 10

Hey Cassandra, When I was out in the garden today I was thinking about how nervous I was when I was pregnant. I usually go into all sorts of areas and homes in homecare and dont think twice. Then when I was pregnant I was nervous about everything. Traffic, elevators, pts homes, everthing. I think it is those darn hormones. My heart would beat fast at the slightest provocation. Take care girl. Let us know how you are doing and good luck with the ultrasound. I wish the best for you. Fortyfour


meridithhasfaith - April 10

Hi 44,
I saw your post about picking a donor, that's great! Did you get to decide everything? As in...age, body type, ethnicity...eye color, etc? Do they provide things like IQ and careers? Sorry if it's a silly question, it just fascinates me and I am not so sure I wont need this myself someday....not planning on it but you never know.

Glad your weather is good too...it's time for some smooth sailing.



SMS1129 - April 11


I just got back from being out of town for the weekend and I read your great news!! I had it on my list that you were next to test on the 9th!! Absolutely awesome!!

I wish you the best of everything during your pregnancy...enjoy it!!




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