Low HCG results
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Dr Smith - June 29

Nothing necessarily went "wrong", but I would suspect embryo quality (e.g. abnormal genetics). It is impossible to say for sure, but abnormal blastocyst stage embryos having very few stem cells produce "chemical" pregnancies such as yours. Chemical pregnancies are common, even amongst the "fertile" population. It is nature's way of terminating the abnormal pregnancy as early as possible, so that you can try again on the next cycle. It is natural to search for answers following a chemical pregnancy, but it may be just part of the natural process of reproduction.

That being said, I agree that you should be checked out for evelvated NK cells and/or abnormal NK cell activation (just to be on the safe side).


honeybaby - June 29

Thank you for your words Dr. Smith, and thanks to this web, I am educating myself alot.

Trust me I am going in to my dr., asking all sorts of explanations, of course I am not blaming any one and most take what God chooses best for me.


AmyR - June 30

Hi there remember me?? My numbers went from 23 to 42 to 21 then I stopped prog and estrogen and got AF. Numbers then up to 28, and 4 days later up to 58, and they now want me to come in for US next wed. What is going on and what do they suspect? any ideas... ectopic? I really don't know what to think.
On another note... what do you think about acupuncture? thanks Amy


Dr Smith - June 30

The may suspect an ectopic, hence the ultrasound.

There have been some recent journal articles regarding the potential benefit of acupunture as an adjunct therapy to ART, but I personally remain skeptical. The studies were on relatively small numbers of patients and the mechanism of action (from a western medicine point of view) remains unclear. There is no shortage of patients singing the praises of acupunture on the net, but their successful cycle following acupunture could have be attributed to a multitude of factors. I'd say the jury is still out.


AmyR - June 30

Thanks so much for your helpful advice. I look forward to your knowledge when I ask questions. Amy


gap5406 - April 10

just hanging in there...
day 8 beta: 26, day 10 beta: 44, day 13 beta 73. my dr. wants me to keep going and get re-checked in a week.

oh and i had pgd...and two good embryos transferred...so genetically they are supposed to be healthy.

anyone have any insights?


blessedbydesign - March 25

Dr Smith,

My hcg levels were increasing but my progesterone level was low. (7.58)

My HCG levels then started to decrease from 2249 to 2097. Is there a chance to maintain pregnancy if I take the prometreium. Of should I just give up?



Smile - May 31

I am new to this group but I am hoping someone can shed some light on what is going on because this cycle has been totally confusing to me. On 9dpo I started getting positives on HPT's I went in for the first beta and it came back at 5. On 11dpo I had a repeat beta and it came back at 8 which is 66.06 in doubling time still within the 72 hour time peroid. My doctor says she will do another beta next week on 18dpo and wants to see at least a 30. Today is 14dpo and I started spotting last night and it is continuing today. I am still getting + on HPT's at home. Do you think I still have any chance of this being a viable pregnancy???


jimh3768 - November 29

Dr. Smith,

My wife and I decided on egg donation and had two embryos implanted about 5 weeks ago on November 5, 2009

We have had a very difficult few days....On Wednesday (11/25) evening my wife experienced some light vaginal bleeding. It lasted only 2 hours, but as of today (11/29) has not bled since and only some minor back pain and no cramping.

After the bleeding we went to the nearest ER. They did both urine and blood pregnancy tests and confirmed I was pregnant. They did an exam with an ultrasound. The doctor said her cervix was closed and observed a sack. She could not see if there was an embryo inside. She sent us home to rest and ordered two HCG test, which were as follows:

11/27/09 = 2864
11/29/09 = 3069

From what we have learned on the internet the fact that the numbers did not double or increase significantly is not a good sign.

We did have two embryos. Is this a case of vanishing twin? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



matilda77 - February 18

Hi there! Could someone help me with answering some questions? I had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago (at 7 weeks gestation)took a pregnancy test one week after the miscarriage and it was negative. I then took another one two weeks after that which was negative. I then took another one four weeks after my miscarriage and it was positive. Went to the doctor and found out my hcg is 145. He thinks this may either be another pregnancy OR some leftover tissue from the miscarriage. What do you think?
Also, if I have hcg in my system can I expect to still get my period?
Thank you!



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