Low HCG results
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laura - November 14

Dear Dr. Smith,
!3 days after day 3 embryo transfer my HCG was 74. On day 16 DPT 145. This dose not look good dose it? Is there any chace? They plan to test one more time on day 18 DPT (Wensday)

Thank you!



Dr Smith - November 15

There is a chance. Hang in there. Although the value is not doubling every two days as expected, it may still be O.K. If it starts to decline or plateau, then you are in trouble. Best of luck.


laura - November 16

Dear Dr. Smith,
Today 18 days post day 3 embryo transfer my HCG is 252 and my progesterone is 32. (13 days PT HCG was 74, 16 days PT HCG was 145). Its still not close to doubling. Any thoughts?


Dr Smith - November 16

Hang in there until the numbers start to go down or plateau. Until then, nobody really knows. Sorry. I'm sure you're going crazy not knowing what's going on.


dawn1121 - November 29


I am going through the same thing right now. 11/25 beta 104, 11/27 beta 164 and 11/29 beta 254. They aren't saying much my progesterone is 25 and I have to go on 12/5. What happened with your pg???



laura-1 - November 29

Hi Dawn,
I will keep my fingers crossed about your pregncacy!
As for me, the doctors are saying that there is still a chance. If two embryos implanted but only one is viable it could make the bHCG results not double for a time. I am currenly in limbo waiting for an early ultrasound(ug)


dawn1121 - December 1


How far along are you? We are going back tomorrow because I have had some discomfort to get checked. I am not sure if they are doing just bloodwork or an ultrasound too, but I am sure we won't see much. I am just hoping if the do bloodwork the levels will rise good. Thanks for the reply.



laura - December 1

Hi Dawm,
I am 31 days post day 3 transfer. I am having my ultrasound next week at 38 days post transfer. I am not sure what they will be looking for. It is to early to see a heart(6-7weeks). How about you? good luck!


dawn1121 - December 6


I just wanted to let you know that I went in today for my levels and an ultrasould. We went up to 2249 and progesterone of 17, not only that there are two beans. Yup it is twins. Hang in there and let me know how you are doing!



sue - March 31

HI, I am new I had my first IVF transfer on March 12.
Pregnancy test BFP on 3/23/06 hcg #25, the 3/25/06 hcg 40, then 3/27/06 hcg 73, then 3/29 hcg 140. I go for my first ultrasound on April 5th. I have been looking at all the numbers and I have not seen any like mine, Can someone let me know what they think? if this will work? Thanks


Dr Smith - March 31

You hCG values started off on the low side, but they are doubling every two days as expected. At this point, it is impossible to predict if this will be a successful term pregnancy. I imagine that your doctor will continue to monitor the hCG and perform an ultrasound if the hCG continues to rise appropriately. Cautious optimism is in order. Good luck.


firsttimerinpanic - April 17

I had my first HCG Score, 229 - the doctor said it was high for one but not so high twins were a sure thing. Two days later I had my second HCG Score, 270. The doctor said it could be that a twin is dying off or that it could be a tubal pregnancy. I am supposed to go in again in 2 days. Can someone be low rising and then show an increase? How can they determine which thing is occuring to me? Is there anything you can personally do to impact you HCG increase rate?


Dr Smith - April 18

Unfortunately you will just have to wait it out. The "vanishing twin" is fairly common and that seems the most likely explanation for the attenuated rise in the hCG. If this is the case, your hCG will rise appropriately from now on. Your doctor will be able to determine a tubal pregnancy if your hCG continues to rise (not necessarily appropriately), but a gestational sac is not visible in the uterus by ultrasound at 3-4 weeks after the positive hCG test.


peachfzz78 - April 22

Hi. I had 2 successful pregnancies, then I lost one at 11 weeks last July. We have been trying ever since, and were unsuccessful. So were were about to go for fertility treatments when we found out we were indeed pregnant. However, I had light brown spotting.I had the HCG tests done at 5 weeks pregnant on 4/17 and it was 3200 and again on 4/19 and it was 5500. It didnt double so what does that mean for me? I had slight light pink discharge today. I go for an early ultrasound this coming week to see the babies development, if any.Its so devastating to lose a child, especially when you know you can have children. Has anyone had this happen, where your levels do not double as they should, but they do go up? Help!!!


Dr Smith - April 25

The doubling guideline only applies to the very early hCG values. You were farther along in your pregnancy when you got the pregnancy test, so the doubling guideline may not apply. The discharges/spotting are within the norm for early pregnancy. Another cause of a slowing in the rate of rise on the hCG is the "vanishing twin". Initially a twin pregnancy is established, but one of the twins fails to develop and release the hCG hormone. There can be dip in the hCG values and then they pick up again. The ultrasound will tell more about what is happening.

Best of luck.


peachfzz78 - April 26

Hi Doctor Smith. Im not sure if you were responding to my post, but i am the one who was asking about the HCG numbers doubling. You say it refers to early on in the pregnancy. Well how early? I am only 6 weeks and was only 5 weeks when I got the HCG tests done. Also, is there a chance my Progesterone is low and should have that tested? I have heard many women have to take Progesterone early in pregnancy when spotting to reduce risk of miscarriage. Thanks.


Dr Smith - April 27

I answered your other post.



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