The Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy Is Not A New Concept

The idea of a woman bearing a child for another is not new. The concept has been around for thousands of years. However, it has only resurfaced as a legal and viable option for infertile couples in recent years. Today, depending upon where you live, it is possible to go through an agency specifically engaged in the area of surrogacy. Such an agency helps to take the uncertainty and guesswork out of choosing a surrogate mother, as well as provide legal help and counsel for the commissioning couple.

Who Is A Surrogate Mother And What Are The Requirements?

It takes a very special woman to be a surrogate mother. A woman who chooses to become a surrogate mother will be rewarded with the ability to bring joy and completion to a couple who have longed for children but were unable to have any. Knowing she has been a part of such an experience brings great satisfaction, without a doubt. Many surrogate mothers become close friends with the commissioning couple and can remain actively involved with them for years. Of course there are many questions and concerns which must be addressed, but for those who have been surrogate mothers, there is more opportunity for good relationships than for problems.

There are many requirements for a woman who chooses to become a surrogate mother and, depending upon where she lives, the legal requirements may vary somewhat. Some things that will remain constant are such events as meeting the commissioning couple, going through the matching process, the legal process-which is very, very important to both sides in the decision, testing, in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination, depending upon whether the surrogacy is full or partial and of course the emotional implications of carrying another couple's baby. Surrogate mothers, when involved with a group or agency, go through very stringent screening, both physically and psychologically.

What A Commissioning Couple Looks For In A Surrogate

When a couple searches for a surrogate mother there are many considerations, especially if the surrogacy is partial, that is, the surrogate mother's eggs are mixed with the intended father's sperm so the baby is biologically connected to the surrogate. Overall, it seems all couples have one thing in common in their decision of a surrogate mother: she must be healthy with no significant medical/psychological difficulties, is emotionally and mentally sound and stable, is able to conceive easily and is responsible and mature enough to realize that the couple is placing a huge amount of trust in her to carry their child.

The Greatest Gift Of All

Most often, a woman does not enter into a surrogacy from selfish motives. While money is involved, especially for medical care, clothing and testing and hospital facilities, most women who opt to be a surrogate mother do so because of altruistic reasons-they want to be able to give to others. And, what is a more precious gift than the gift of a new life?


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