Talking with Your Partner
About Ending Treatments

Undergoing fertility treatments often involves a rollercoaster ride through emotional ups and downs. You may begin treatments feeling excited and upbeat, but, after months of trying without success, you may begin to feel unhappy or even depressed.

These emotional highs and lows can begin to take their toll on you and your partner, and eventually, you may start to think about ending treatment.

Talking about ending treatment can be a difficult step to take, so here are some tips on what factors to consider and how to facilitate communication with your partner.

A Never-Ending Cycle

Sometimes, fertility treatment can become a never-ending cycle, and you may have difficulty knowing when it’s time to stop. When couples undergo fertility treatment there is rarely a clear endpoint that presents itself, making it difficult to decide upon an appropriate time to end treatment.

The fertility business is such that there is always a chance of pregnancy, and, no matter how small this chance, many couples find that they are compelled to continue on.

Because there are so many different options and continual developments in the field, you too may feel like you have been caught up in the treatment cycle.

A Personal Decision

Stopping fertility treatments has to be a personal decision made by you and your partner. No one can tell you when to end treatments because only you can honestly evaluate what’s best for you.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to recognize your own best interests. The desire to have a baby can be very strong, and it takes courage and resolve to recognize and accept that fertility treatments may never help you to have a child.

You and your partner both need to be ready to accept that you may never have a biological child of your own before you choose to end your fertility treatments. This process takes time and effort and should not be rushed.

Things to Talk About

There are a few topics that you and your partner will probably want to discuss together when deciding upon a time to end your fertility treatments.

As a couple, try to hold an open conversation about these issues, and aim to listen to all opinions without judgment or bias. You and your partner may have different ideas about ending treatment, and it is important to be able to voice your opinion in a caring and supportive environment.

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