Explore Your Alternatives Early

Many experts advise that you should give yourself the possibility of adoption early on in your infertility journey rather than waiting until you are exhausted and emotionally drained from unsuccessful infertility treatments. If you allow for alternatives right from the get-go, it can take some of the incredible pressure from the daily infertility experience.

So, if adoption is a possibility for you and your partner, throw it onto the table early on, and explore all your options rather than waiting until you have determined you are unable to conceive.

Re-Focus Your Dreams

Although determining that you will be unable to have a biological child is certainly a loss, after you've cried and raged, then received support, it is time to decide what's next. You may be thinking about adoption, surrogacy, or a child-free life, but whatever your decision, take decisive action to achieve the new dream. Make a new plan, giving yourself general timeframes and budgets for whatever you and your partner have decided to do.

Should you decide to remain childless, try to remember that although it can be challenging to spend time with friends and family who have children, fight the urge to cut yourself off from those closest to you because of it.

Create the kind of bond and intimacy with your partner that probably would not be possible with children in the home. And try to look on each day as one with its own set of opportunities to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

In short, do your best to deal with the overwhelming grief, then move on rather than living your life with regret.

Table of Contents
1. Moving Forward
2. Think of adoption early on
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