Sexual Dysfuntion

Types of sexual dysfunction that may occur among couples trying to conceive can include the following:

  • failure to have sexual intercourse
  • infrequent sexual intercourse
  • erectile dysfunction
  • ejaculatory dysfunction (inability to produce semen at orgasm)
  • vaginismus or dyspareunia in women (painful intercourse)

Tips for Conception Sex

It is important to keep in mind that anxiety, stress and pressure are common feelings experienced among couples trying to conceive. However, most couples are able to move beyond these obstacles by learning how to cope with these emotions.

The following are some tips that can help couples dealing with 'sex on demand' to bring the excitement and desire back into their lives:

  • keep a sense of humor. While infertility can be a stressful time for couples, remember that you are on the journey to getting pregnant together. Bonding through humor will not only relieve stress, but will keep your relationship lively.
  • separate fertility from sexuality. Your ability to conceive should not determine your sexuality. In fact, there is a big difference between conception sex and sex for pleasure. Distinguishing conception sex from sex for pleasure can allow couples to be realistic and avoid the pitfalls of thinking that sex must be romantic and spontaneous.
  • remember that as long as you and your partner are emotionally and physically connected, sexual pleasure can take place. Work on your relationship by communicating your feelings to stay connected.
  • have sex for conception when your doctor advises you too, but don’t neglect the remainder on the month. Change your sex life as much as you need to, and avoid thinking about infertility during this time. Remain playful, take your time, and schedule fun dates to keep the passion alive.

Remember that you and your partner are in this together. While it is important to have ample time to grieve and deal with the difficult emotions that often accompany infertility, placing a priority on your happiness and your relationship with your partner can have significant effects on you fertility and minimize factors that may reduce your chances of getting pregnant.


Table of Contents
1. Sex on Demand
2. Tips for conception sex
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