Coping with Infertility: Sex on Demand

You may have heard the term "sex on demand" being used in discussions about infertility. Indeed, one of the struggles couples experiencing problems trying to conceive often face is a loss of romance when it comes to sexual intimacy.

Sex becomes necessary for the purpose of conception and may start to seem mechanical. This in turn can lead to added stress among couples getting pregnant, and may even lead to sexual dysfunction, which can particularly affect male fertility.

What is 'Sex on Demand'?

When a couple is experiencing infertility for relatively long periods of time, the desire to conceive often seems to overpower the desire to be intimate. When trying to conceive or when undergoing infertility treatment, conception sex can feel like 'sex on demand' as a result of a variety of pressures.

Conception sex often involves specific and scheduled timing to correspond with a woman’s ovulation cycle. In addition, couples often limit themselves to certain sexual positions that are believed to improve the odds of getting pregnant. Timing and pressure can be particularly problematic when one partner has a business trip, is working late or just isn’t in the mood.

Couples who undergo infertility treatment often dread the post-coital test, since intercourse must be scheduled just prior to a visit to the fertility clinic. In addition, many men feel uncomfortable providing semen samples at fertility clinics when going through the various stages of infertility treatment.

All of these factors can contribute to the sense that sex is becoming chore-like, decreasing one’s desire and libido, which can in turn lead to a variety of problems affecting fertility.

Emotions and Sexual Dysfunction

The stress, psychological demands and often physically intrusive procedures of infertility treatment can lead to a variety of emotional responses that can negatively affect male fertility. These responses are perfectly normal, and it is important to keep this in mind when coping with infertility.

Men who have been diagnosed with male factor infertility often feel a sense of inadequacy or that their masculinity is on the line. Some men have feelings of depression, fear, and performance anxiety. Consequently, not only can sexual desire be affected, men may experience sexual dysfunction as a result of infertility.

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