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Red - August 17

Ange~You are very welcome and I'm happy to add you to my prayer list. I will know more this afternoon so I'll be sure and let you know. I've been on pins and needles this whole time as the numbers just aren't what I'd like to see.....

Take care!


Red - August 17

Ange~I just wanted to let you know that I received the call from my drs. office and my numbers more than doubled. That was great news and I'm relieved. Just wanted to tell you thank you for the thoughts and prayers and I will continue to pray for you. Take care and have a great weekend!!


Jade - August 17

Red~ That is great news about your #'s. What a relief......

Ange and Lyly~ I will keep ya posted on my u/s. I am getting ready to go now.


Ange - August 17

Red~ I am so happy for you keep me posted on how you are doing.

Jade~ BIG FOLLIES!!!!! LOTS OF THEM :) GOOD LINING TOO. That is my prayer for you


Jade - August 18

Well I have 1 follicle. I am a little disappointed. There are a couple small ones, but nothing measurable at this point. I have to continue with the inject. and go back Tuesday. With as much $ as I am spending on these drugs I was hoping for a little better stimulation. I guess I will know more on Tuesday.


lyly14 - August 18

Jade-Don't be so disappointed. It is still really early, some people take longer to respond to the meds than others and those small ones will continue to be stimulated. Did they increase your dosage for the injections?


Jade - August 19

Lyly~ They didnt increase my dosage yet. He said he may on Tuesday. I guess I was just expecting more. He told me 3 days of shots should be enough, but I guess he was wrong. Now I may have to order more meds and it sure is expensive.......... What is new with you? How long til you O?


lyly14 - August 19

Jade-That stinks about having to spend more money on the meds but everyones body responds differently. Your doctor will do what is right for your body. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you this cycle! As far as me nothing much is new. I am excited to go see my RE to talk about the IVF/ICSI on Sat. I finally talked to dh about it. He didn't really want to talk about everything after i told him the results of his s/a. He was so upset and has difficulty communicating to begin with. When I brought it up he walked out of the room, but finally came around. He is happy about the option, so I am looking foward to finding out more about the procedures. As far as the O, I am not 100% sure. I have been on meds for the past 5 months so I don't now if I will be regular this month. I usually do on day 16 or 17 so it should be about 10 or 11 days if my normal schedule continues.


Jade - August 19

Well that is good that dh finally came around. I know it must be hard on him. Seems like us women handle it better. I am so glad that your insurance will cover the ivf. That will make it nice. I cant wait to hear what your dr says. How exciting.....


Ange - August 19

Lyly~ Glad your dh finally wanted to talk. It is very important to talk through all this. It can be very hard on a marriage.

Jade~ Sorry to hear about the one follie but like lyly said it is still early. When do you go back for another u/s?

As for me I am patiently waiting for AF.



bmm - August 20

Good Evening Everyone
Ange – Thanks for the welcome. Wow, 15 years is a long time. I wish you loads of babydust! You start your cycle this month?
Red – I can’t imagine how stressful the past few days must have been for you. Congrats on your numbers!
Jade – I always made a lot of eggs but the quality wasn’t very good; I know it’s comforting to have more eggs; but it just takes one good quality egg. Not to mention, a lot can happen with a few extra days of meds. Lots of babydust to you!
Lyly – Glad to hear dh is talking and excited about ICSI. Much Babydust!
I was having an emotional week but feeling much better so I decide on DE FET this month. I expect af sometime this week. I would love to have twins :D :D
Have a good night!


lyly14 - August 20

Thank you all for your support. This whole thing has put a lot of stress on our relationship, but he is dealing with things much better. Finding out about his s/a put a speed bump in the road, but I know we will be okay. We were watching t.v earlier and a commercial for a show came one dealing with IF. The couple was talking to a therapist and the dh said " I am tired of having sex because I have to". We just both looked at each other and laughed. Then he said to me "What show is that? We have to watch it!". And we bothed kept laughing. It was so ironic, but it was nice he got to see we are not in this alone. I don't know how I would make it through without everyone here to talk to. I know I have a hard time talking to my own friends about it. I could only imagine how hard this is for him to deal with. He always said, I'll have my first kid by the time I am 30. Well he will be 30 next month and no baby. I know he is disappointed but I pray we have success with the IVF/ICSI.

BMM-Thanks for the baby dust- I wish you the same. I think it is great you are feeling better about things. Stay positive!


Jade - August 20

Anyone know anything about e2 levels? Mine was 399 today. Is that good, bad or indifferent? I think I have 3 follicles.


Ange - August 20

bmm~ Thanks for the babydust I wish you lots and lots of babydust :). We are starting as soo as af come but it will still be almost 7 weeks before I will have ER. We are doing the long protical.

lyly~ Glad you are dh had some laughs together it is always important. There are so many programs about IF nowadays. Dh and I were watching one 2 weeks ago. Some of it funny some of it scary it depends on the persons IF. So when do you go for icsi?

Jade~ I have no clue what that is? 3 follies are good :) Are they are around the same size? When do you go back? Are you still taking shots? I am so not looking forward to them.

luv to all



Jade - August 20

I have one larger follicle and 2 that he thinks will catch up. The shots arent bad. I have a tendency of passing out, but I just close my eggs and poke. It really isnt bad and if I can do it anyone can. I take my last shot hopefully tomorrow. I will run out Wednesday so hopefully I wont have to buy anymore this cycle. I go back Wed so I will let you know what happens. Hopefully I will be ready for trigger. Any signs of af. I hope she show soon.

How is everyone else?


Ange - August 20

Jade~ My bbs are killing me they are like inflated. It drives me nuts. I should get Af by Friday. They had to push back my ER to the first week of October because of the dr availbilty. So as long as Af comes come before september 4 all is still good for this cycle. My dh will have to give me shots I really can't do it. Just looking at it to put the dose in the needle makes me dizzy lol.



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