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Ange - August 20

Jade~ My bbs are killing me they are like inflated. It drives me nuts. I should get Af by Friday. They had to push back my ER to the first week of October because of the dr availbilty. So as long as Af comes come before september 4 all is still good for this cycle. My dh will have to give me shots I really can't do it. Just looking at it to put the dose in the needle makes me dizzy lol.


lyly14 - August 20

Jade- E2 levels should be at least 200 per mature follie. If you have 3 follies it should be around 600 by the time you trigger, but they can be as low as 150 per follie or as high as 300 per follie. How big are you follies? They usually trigger when the biggest one is between 17-19. I was told anything 15 or bigger will most likely ovulate.

Ange- I go se the RE on sat to talk about the ICSI, but I am not sure how long I will have to wait to do it. I am hoping that I will be able to do it next cycle, but I know that I have to take a IVF class first and not sure of the protocol he will use.


Jade - August 21

Well I had a + opk today and had to go in today for u/s. I guess my body thought it was time to O and it wasnt quite ready. I had 3 follies (20, 19, 17) and he wanted to see them at 21 at least. But he did the trigger anyway and said it is worth a shot at IUI. SO I go tomorrow at 5:00 for IUI. Say a prayer that it works......

BUt he did talk about next time (which isnt exactly reassuring). Next time straight injectables with lupron so I wont O on my own without trigger. That way he can release when they are ready.


amyjoy - August 21

Jade- My E2 was 187 when I triggered and look what happened!


lyly14 - August 22

Jade-keep a positive attitude. I know it is hard when they start saying "next time.....", but you never know. Good luck with the IUI tomorrow.


Ange - August 22

Jade~ I am praying for you today. Take is easy after the IUI no lifting anything try if you can to go home a lay down. It is good that is at five. Get some take out so you have no cooking or dishes to do tonight. Get a good book and relax. As for me I am wait for AF she is coming I can feel her lol. I haven't bought all the medication yet I only have the first one. We are going to go this weekend to buy the rest. Keep me posted on how you are doing. Don't worry about NEXT cycle....take one day at a time

How is everyone else doing?

luv to all Ange


bmm - August 22

Hi ladies -
Jade - Im keeping my fingers crossed for you. Youre in my thoughts & prayers.
Well, af arrive this afternoon. I wasnt expecting her for a few more days. So I will go in for u/s & b/w tomorrow morning and the DEFET will probably be in 2 weeks. It all happens so quickly. Just trying to stay at peace & calm with the whole process.
Ange - If you dont mind me asking...Why are you doing a long protocol?
I hope everyone is having a great day. Lots of Babydust to all!


Ange - August 23

hello ladies!!!

Jade ~ where are you? How did the IUI go?

Bmm~ Wow I wish I got af. Sorry... I guess there is some months where you just want it to come faster. 2 weeks before you have the DEFET wow that is fast. What do you have to take before the transfer? I wish you all the best. Is this your 1st defet? I am taking a long protocol because dr are not available sooner. My dh has to have a PESA done and the dr only does one a week. It is ok with me I have waited this long I can wait a few more weeks.

How is everyone else doing? I am sooooo happy tomorrow is friday I am so tired.

luv to all Ange


Jade - August 23

Ange~ Hi. The IUI went good. A little cramping during the procedure but it was quick. I am depressed. Some lady at our school open house said " OH I didnt know you were pregnant!" OMG. I was so embarassed. Great! I must look like a total fatso. Thanks lady! I know my ovaries are swollen and I am totally bloated from hcg, but I didnt think people I dont even know would notice. AGGGG!!! Did you get af?

How is everyone else?


bmm - August 24

Ange – This will be my 2nd FET. I can either do a natural or medicated cycle. I did a natural cycle last time; no meds just progesterone suppositories after the transfer. I went to the clinic this morning for b/w & u/s but my re wasn’t there. I will call him tomorrow and ask what he thinks about trying a medicated cycle. If we go ahead with it, I will have to start lupron and estrogen. Thank you for the well wishes. Any signs of AF yet? What is PESA? The process goes by so fast those extra weeks will fly by. Best of luck to you.

Hope everyone is having good night.
Peace & Joy


Ange - August 24

Jade~ OMG that lady was not nice! I hate it when I am around people who have verbal diarahea. It is like stop and think before you speak....err! So no AF yet of course she is coming but she wants me to suffer a bit lol. Anyways I will post when I get her! I am doing a mural tomorrow at a Pet Spa. So I will be having fun with doggies tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend

Bmm~No Af yet... Pesa is a procedure where they aspirate fresh sperm. It is a just in case dh s/a have been good and bad all year. keep me posted on what your RE says.


lyly14 - August 25

Hi girls, How is everyone doing today?

Jade- How are you feeling about your 2ww? Sorry to hear about what that woman said to you. At least you know that eventually the benefits will out weigh the negatives. Hopefully you will be able to respond to negative comments with a due date very soon!!!!!! What we wont do to have a baby!

I just got back from the RE. He said we are good candidates for IVF/ICSI. Yeah!!! Anyway I completely overwhelmed by what little info he gave me today. He said the whole thing will take 2 to 2 1/2 months from the time we actually consent to do the procedure!! Wow!!!! I feel like that is such a long time. Just wanted to check in to see how everyone else was doing. I have lots of reading to do (he gave me a packet of info ) so I will check in later to see how everyone is.


Jade - August 26

Hi Ladies. Nothing new and exciting to report here. I guess I am 4 dpo. SO far not feeling too bad from the trigger shot. I am really bloated and sore around my ovaries. I guess they are not used to so many follicles.........

Lyly~ I am so excited that the RE approved you for IVF! That is great news. Hopefully dh bloodwork wont be too expensive. But if that is all you have to pay for in IVF- you are lucky!! When is your IVF class?

Ange~ I sure hope that af came this weekend for ya! I am ready for you to get started. Really Oct 8 is about a month away. Yaay.

We totally need some bfps around here.........


RNORST - August 27

Hi girls, I'm still praying for all of you! Keep thinking postive, you WILL be blessed.

Love Renee


lyly14 - August 30

Hi all, just a quick check in to see how everyone is doing.

Jade- How are you feeling? When do you go for your bloodtest? I am not sure when the class is yet. There is one that is on Sept 10. but I don't think we will make it in time for that one. I have to contact some people and get the insurance rolling first. Then we go in to sign the consents and do mock transfer. Dh and I are leaving for a 4 night cruise tomorrow so we haven't done anything yet. After we get back we a week and a half before he leaves for Argentina for two weeks to take care of some family business.

Anyway I have to go pack now! Hope all is well with everyone. I will check back in Monday or tuesday.


amyjoy - August 30

Lyly- Have fun on your cruise! WOW! I'm so jealous...



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