VENT!!! RE's, opinions...I'm sick of it!!!
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BondletMom - December 6

We've done 2 failed IUI's. One follicle each time. Went on Gonal-F+Femara - first cycle 4 follicles, 3 larger ones on left side (no tube). Cycle was cancelled. This cycle increased Gonal-F to 75iu every day...3 follicles, dominant one on the left side again!!! E2 was only 146 cd10 so that's not good. I spent literally hours online last night reading the SIRM site and read that he doesn't believe more than one egg releases regardless of multiple follicles...lovely! I was about to do IUI this weekend if my E2 levels increased enough hoping the right follies would ovulate, yet according to this guy there's no point! He responded to my post saying that IUI is pretty much unnecessary...WHAT?! I'm sorry, I see siggies w/IUI success stories and I'm supposed to give up on IUI and do IVF which I could never, ever afford?! At this point I wonder what Twilight Zone I'm living in because I'm doing the same treatment so many others are yet it is not only failing it seems to be backfiring on me (fewer follicles w/more meds?!). I'm so confused, angry, fearful and just stinking sick of this stupid ride of ttc. And I don't know what to do anymore...use meds or not, do IUI or not, believe this guy or not.

OK, that's it. No, wait, that's not it. To top this day off I had good ewcm for about 5 hours; tonight it's changed to my usual nonfertile cf that precedes ovulation by a day or so. Lovely, just lovely. I'm drowning myself in water, supplements and meds and can't change the very thing that is leading us to do IUI.

??? :-\ >:( :'( yeah, that about sums it up for me.
My question and his response for those who are interested. ???


jeni_turner - December 6

Hey BondletMom,

Sorry to hear of your frustration, but I can understand! I don't know which site you read that info on...I'll check it out. I would check many sites and even ask a couple REs before forming an opinion.
I can say that statistically the injectibles have higher success rates...That's what I go by:what are the chances of having a baby on this drug? How many people that took it got preggo?

I'm currently in clomid IUI cd23...beta this Sat. This is our first IUI round...I don't know how people do it over and over! I ovulated without clomid and with it I still only had 1 dominant follicle, but it has other benefits too, supposedly!

Take care and just do what you can do. :)


jeni_turner - December 6

Ok, I read the reply from the Dr in that link....I definitely will do some research before any more IUIs if this one is unsuccessful. Thanks for the info. -Jeni


lyly14 - December 6

Bondletmom- I did 4 cycles on clomid and one on gonal-f all with timed intercourse. My RE did not feel IUI would increase our chances at that point, untill after the 5 cycle of failure, we did a sperm analysis. It wasn't previously done because we have had 3 pregnancies over 3 years and he felt the problem was with me (high risk for miscarriage). Now we have been trying for over a year and half and nothing! After the poor results of the sperm analysis, my RE said we could try IUI because it will help with male factor, but chances were still low. We decided not to bother with the IUI because it would be a waste of time and money, so we are moving on to IVF. Although IUI does work for some it really depends on the reason why you need the IUI. On clomid it can dry up your cm, so 2 times they did a post coital test and if they are good IUI is not necessary, unless there is also minor male factor involved. Good luck.


moosha22 - March 1

i feel so depressed i feel like god is punishin me 4 some reason im a start clomid soon i hope it work everybody around me is gettin n i try 2 b happy 4 them but its hard i cried so hard the other day i just feel like givin up



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