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Fortyfour - August 12

Thank you so much ladies. My doc is out of town next week so we will wait for the 2 wk u/s unless something changes and then we will go the military base. I have started with morning sickness yesterday so I guess that has begun.

Thank you all once again for your prayers and kind thoughts. I would be wacko without you gals.

Baby dust to all.


meridithhasfaith - August 12

Glad all is well with the pregnancy and the 2 weeks fly by until the next u/s.

Take care,


Fortyfour - August 12

Thanks meredith


WantsBaby2 - August 12

Y I P E E!!!!!!!!! TWINS! That is so awesome! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful. Enough of all that worry for awhile! I am so excited and happy for you! Take good care of yourself and keep us posted on those two little ones girl. :D :D



JudyY - August 13

44- I am so happy that all is well. Twins, what a blessing. Take care of yourself, put your feet up and enjoy the moment.



Fortyfour - August 14

Thank you everyone - I keep wondering how my 5'2" body can walk around with twins. I will need a balance bar. Take care all and baby dust to everyone.


Megan - August 14


When I was first p/g w/ triplets I was wondering the same thing - how at 5'3" could I ever carry three??? Well then I only had to worry about carrying two and the babies found enough room in my small frame. I was 103 when I first was p/g and when I delivered at 32 wks. I weighed 140 (some water weight). You will be fine :) Your still in my thoughts and prayers. I couldn't be more happy for you - you so deserve these twins :)

Take Care,



Fortyfour - August 16

Thanks Megan -- I will try and not be too nervous. Thanks again.


SMS1129 - August 16

44- I just read this whole thread and my heart sank until I read about your 2nd u/s. Thank GOD!! I am so happy for you and I hear that morning sickness is a very good sign! I will take that over infertility anyday!!

Take care and keep posting so we can follow your wonderful journey!!



Fortyfour - August 17

Thank you Sue, I am blissfully tired and slightly nauseas.

take care all..


justme - August 17

44- I am so glad that you saw hearbeats! What an incredible feeling that must have been. I hope your nausea doesn't get to bad!!!! Wishing you an uneventful pregnancy!



Fortyfour - August 17

Thank you just me. Day by day they say. Take care


Heidi31 - August 29

You go girl ! Keep the Faith you have two great feet your standing on and things ARE going to work out. ;D



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