SLEEP (or lack their of)
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DianaEvans2 - February 28

Hello Everyone!

anyone have suggestions/tips to promote sleep or sleep longer? I am only getting 6 hours at best without setting an alarm clock. I am about 5 weeks along with confirmed blood/first sono pregnancy. Obviously, I do not wish to take any medications. Thanks in advance. Diana


baby4us - February 28

Hmmm.. I haven't had any problems with sleeping.. other than getting a bit uncomfortable and the constant trips to the bathroom.

What I have read... buy yourself a good body pillow and use it to "prop" yourself up in a comfortable way. I always do some yoga and breathing before going to sleep.. and wonder if you might want to try that.. it relaxes your mind and body and I have a much deeper sleep.

I also read a bit before truning out the light.. all these things really help me relax. It is so important to get a good night's sleep... how were your sleeping habits before you got pregnant??


DianaEvans2 - March 1

Thanks for the feedback !! Yeah, I try all those relaxation ideas, easy reading, herbal teas, etc. I simply just wake up and feel totally rested. I am trying to get more sleep as I know it is important.

I was pretty sparse on the sleep before pregnancy. Usually 5.5 hours, maybe 6. Very rarely 7 hours. My energy clock is way off the scale. (genetic-my brother is 2X of me)...hence all the exercise to expand the energy, so I would be balanced/chilled like most people. When I wasn't pregnant, I outlasted most folks in their 20s with my energy(except my running buddies)

I do notice that my daily energy is not what I normally am (meaning I am slowing down a bit), but sleep hours are still roughly the same. I tend to walk around at work a good deal. I think my oxygen cycling is not the same since I am not running/swimming right now....I am sure this will all sort itself out at some point....



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