Progesterone and Miscarriages!
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Tiffany F - March 19

Hi Ladies,

My story is so long I won't even go into it right, but I have had several m/cs. What I'm wondering is have any of you ladies had a m/c or m/cs and gone on to have a successful pregnancy? I have done SO MUCH RESEARCH on low progesterone and m/cs. Which I recently found out that I do have low progesterone. I have not tryed to conceive since my last m/c which was Aug 06. I will be ttc this month, as well as using progesterone. Would love to hear from any ladies who can relate to this issues.....Baby dust to all....Tiffany~~~~


liz - March 22


I had 3 m/c in total (all before the end of the 1st trimester), 2 were not tested and no tests were done. After the 3rd they tested both the fetus and also began testing me with a ton of bw. The fetus was determined to have trisomy 13. Out of all my bw they came up with low estrodiol during the leutal phase. They also believed that I had a problem with low progesterone and this was a possibility of the other 2 m/c. When I began treatment to conceive my re had me on progesterone supp from the day after ovulation until I either af arrived, neg hcg or if I got pregnant I would need to stay on it until the end of my first trimester as this is when the plecenta begans producing hormones. On my 2nd month of injections I got pregnant and stayed on the progesterone through week 12, I am now 35 weeks pregnant and all is well.

My doctor strongly believes progesterone has a great deal to do with miscarriage and after a ton of my own research and my own experiences I am in agreement.

Hope this helps.
Best of luck to you


Tiffany F - March 24

Hi Liz,

Thank you so much for sharing that information with me, you give me hope :),Oh my goodness you only have a few moore weeks to go, I know god is going to bless you and your family with a beautiful,healthy baby.

The thing with Dr's and progesterone is it can be so controversial, my RE seems to take it lightly that I have low progesterone. I was unable to have my endometrial biopsy done because when my progesterone was drawn it was 1.4 and it needed to be above 5, therefore I had to take Clomid the next month and my levels went up to 22 and I was able to have the procedure done. This is my first month ttc since my last m/c that was in Aug 06, I'm on Cd 13 now, so I'm doing LH tracking for the next 4 days to see if I O so I can start the vaginal progesterone capsules 300mg 3 days after the surge, and have my proges drawn 8 days after my surge. So we are praying and believing for a BFP and also to be able to make it pass 5-6 weeks, that is when I usually have a m/c.

Liz what strength proges suppositories were you on? Dr Jacobs here on shared journey said he uses 300mg vaginal capsules, so that is what I had my RE prescribe for me, I no the crinone 8% are only 90mg each.

Do you mine my asking if your insurance covers any fertility meds? Mine DOES NOT, it does'nt cover clomid,progesterone in oil (injections) or suppositories, or the vaginal capsules, not to mention if I wanted to do an IUI or IVF, I believe they my cover 50%, but none of the meds.

I have found out about a wonderful program, and I am trying to share it with everyone that can benefit from it. It is for anyone that wants to save money, weither they have insurance or not. We pay almost $400.00 amonth for insurance they cover almost nothing as far as infertilty treatment, with this program it is $49.95 for an entire family and it's discount medical, I joined the program about 3 weeks ago and I have saved $20.00 on Clomid and also I payed $67.50 for the vaginal capsules, but when I had them run it through the discount plan they said the next time it will only be $39.50, that's almost a $30.00 savings. This program is nation wide and you can see any kind of Specialist including RE's,high risk ob-gyn's,obgyn's in your local area, anyone can feel free to check out my website at you can put in your city and state and it will show you all the providers in your area, you can even recieve discounts on IUI'S and IVF, with the Dr of your choice and on the meds, an entire family can also have Dental,Vision,Prescriptions and Chiropractic for only $19.95 a month it is a wonderful program, I canceled our insurance 2 days ago, so now instead of paying $400.00 a month, we now only pay $49.95 a month for our entire family. This can also be used along with your insurance, it is not insurance it's Discount medical, dental...etc...etc, maybe you no someone that needs these benefits or someone that wants to have an IUI done or IVF and they can not afford it, they will recieve the discount with this plan.

Thanks so much Liz for sharing with me and allowing me to share with you, please feel free to pass on the information and my e-mail address is [email protected] for now

PS: my RE did'nt want to try progesterone he wanted us to go straight into doing an IUI or IVF, it's all about the money :)...hope to hear back from you...Tiffany



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