Ovulex vs. Clomid
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jiggidysgirl - January 11

I am not sure where this question goes in this forum but hopefully this is ok.

I have seen tons of postings under and ovulex header and have read many of them.

I am curious is Ovulex a pill or an injection? What does it do different than clomid.

I completed my third cycle of clomid and found out that I have cysts. I am going in for a laproscopy either the end of this month or the beginning of the next for the cysts and to check for endometriosis. I am not taking any more medicines until after that process or trying any other methods.

The doc said that she was worried about me taking clomid again because I ovulated on both sides which could result in twins. I did not see the big issue, I am worried about the ability to have one and she is concerned I could get pregnant with two. :o I understand there is a greater risk for complication.

The injectables will just be too expensive for us so clomid or IUI is about as far as we can go with this process. I am wondering if ovulex is similar price wise and a pill form?

Any information would be appreciated. Looks like it worked for a couple of people on the site.

Baby Dust to all...


chynnadoll - January 13

jiggidysgirl, I have'nt taken either, but Ovulex is a pill and I guess it's all natrual an herb, you should read up on it, I get alot of mixed views from people, I had been thinking about ordering it for a couple months I just have'nt as of yet, I'm playing the 2ww now, I have an apt for the 24th to talk with my doctor about getting on Clomid or something else, That's why I have'nt ordered the Ovulex, I would'nt dare take them both together...Good Luck...Keep us updated....China


Hoping - January 13

Hi, These is my first time on this board. I'm having issues in not ovulating in some months. My doctor made several blood test and all showed normal. I'm 39 years old and I'm nor even pre-menopausal, no thyroid problems. The doctor prescribed 5 pills of provera and to start them on January 26, 2006 so to have a regular cycle. I have always been regular but I was on the pill more or less about 5 years. I do not know if this once a contribution on not ovulating. I'm sad because I want to have a baby and when I have early signs of pregnancy the doctor tells me that I did not ovulate. These happen twice last year. He can't explain why I'm not ovulating if all the test comes out normal. Maybe it's to much stress. Well I ordered Ovulex and the package should arrive today. Ovulex consist of herbs and I'm hoping to get pregnant. But what does provera do to my body? I do not know much about this stuff I had never had problems with my system before. I do not know what is happening to me. I've been with several doctors and they say the same thing that I didn't ovulate. But no one gives me medication in order to ovulate that's why I ordered Ovulex to see if it will help me. Is someone having the samething as I and what can I do. Sometimes I get so nervous that I wish I could be pregnant for the first time. I have never had children. This would be my first time if I would get pregnant.


jiggidysgirl - January 13

Hi Hoping,

I had the same issue. I was on depo for about ten years and then got off and had trouble ovulating. My blood tests all looked normal and my husband did the sa and that was normal and they had us wait at least a year before prescribing things to assist in ovulation. Are you seeing an OB? She is the one who prescribed the clomid. It worked the first month to help me ovulate but then it did not work the second month so they raised the dose and the third month it ended up overstimulating my ovaries and I got cysts. Clomid is emotionally trying as is this process.

It was starting to get to where I would tear up everytime I went to the doctors office or the ultrasound. I am on a break now to let the cyst go down and I have decided to have everything checked out in laproscopy before returning to clomid. I think it probably will work but it does cause you to feel emotional.

If they find nothing is wrong in the laproscopy and the next 3 rounds of clomid don't work I think I might try ovulex. Sounds like it has worked for some people here. If I was not in the middle of all of the consulting from the doctor I might try it now but I don't want to mix anything up.

For the stress- for the new year I am working on that myself. This saturday I start a Tai Chi class and next week I have my first acupuncture. I cut out caffiene and have been drinking green tea as one of the ladies suggested here.

This will be my first time getting pregnant too Hoping. I know how it feels. It is very scary and I am trying to take it one day at a time. It is helpful to read about other woman with the same feelings.

Take Care,
Baby Dust to you and everyone else. Good luck China starting Clomid. Let me know how it goes!!


Morgan01 - January 13

Hello, jiggidysgirl. I am in sort of the same situation as you. I was also on Depo when I was younger. I only took one cycle of it, but ever since then I have had irregular cycles. It has been 7 years. When DH and I started ttc I figured it would be easy. After 3 years we went to the Dr and I was prescribed Clomid. After the first cycle I was og, but it ended in m/c. I started back on clomid a few months later and took it for 4 months. Before the clomid my cycles ranged from 32-70+ days. While I was on clomid my cycles were at 38 days every cycle. I had been reading about Ovulex for some time. After the last cycle of clomid didn't work, I started taking Ovulex in Dec. I have been taking Ovulex for over a month now, and I haven't had a period. It has been 49 days now, but I am not pg. I have noticed differences with the ovulex and I have had more cm whereas clomid dried me up. Clomid has severe side effects and ovulex doesn't. The site says it takes a few months to get into your system fully. I guess I am just gonna try it for about another month or so and see if I improve. If not then I am going to look into other options. It has worked for other women, but we are all different.
Ovulex was also cheaper than clomid and it is all natural.

Baby dust to all!!


Hoping - January 13

I just received the Ovulex package and I was reading the bottle what herb is consist of. It has black cosah and I was reading in the internet was is these herb. I quite did not understand that once pregnant you have a chance to miscarry or does it prevent from miscarriages. Does anyone know about this herb?? Know I'm afraid to take it.


jiggidysgirl - January 13

Hi morgan01,

Sound similar. I did have good results getting a perfect cycle on clomid, 28 days ovulation predictor on day 14. Except that I did not ovulate the second month. Although I am excited to get pregnant it has been so difficult I am nervous about a m/c. I am very sorry to hear that happened to you. Did you every have the laproscopy? I am nervous about that and wonder about others who have gone through the procedure. My doctor is using the diagnosis of a cyst so that my insurance will pay so she said she cannot clear out the tubes at the same time but at least she can see what is possibly going on internally.

Hoping, I am with you and kind of nervous about Ovulex but I saw I think it was Peaches got pregnant after taking it. And someone else on this site. So it can have some good results I am just not sure of the bad ones.

Keep me informed.


Jacki - January 13

Hi Jiggidysgirl
I had a lap done very early in my diagnostic workup because my HSG was abnormal. There was only proof of one tube working. So my MD went in through the navel with a scope and checked out everything. The lap gives you a more comprehensive look inside and can truly see what the problem is. I had some old scarring from a previous C-section (16 years before) and she was able to clean that up.

The test should be painless because you are under general anesthesia. You are a little sore afterwards but you can't tell where the incision was made in your navel. Its very small.

I felt much better after the lap because then I knew that there wasn't anything anatomically wrong per my MD. I could rule that part of the mystery out.

Good luck and you'll do fine with it. I am new to this site but don't mind sharing my experiences with everyone. Your encouragment is so greatly appreciated. This site is a God send!

Jackie in Houston


jiggidysgirl - January 14

Well, my mail brought bad news. The person who was suppose to send in my pre authorization was out for the week so the office manager thought she would do them. She sent all the chart notes including the infertility so the insurance will only pay at 50%. I hear this is a 10K procedure so we won't be able to afford that.

Boy I wish office staff would just wait until the experts are there.

Anyone know the approximate cost of the laparoscopy?



chynnadoll - January 14

Hoping, Welcome to the family, I took Provera last month for the first time, I always have a pretty regular period, I believe I was under so much stress trying to get pregnant and I will be moving to another state soon that my cycle was like almost 60+ days late, I took the Provera for 10 days and 3 days later I got my cycle, I had no side affects, I did'nt check to see when I was ovulating I just had sex every other day for 2 weeks and for some reason I think it might have worked, I won't no for about a week and a half so we will see! I know that both the Ovulex and Clomid help with Ovulating, And I would guess as soon as you conceive of corse you would discountine it, from what I understand neither of those would prevent a miscarriages! The doctor would give you something else for that, I take a shot of Lovenox every night before bed, and this is to help me from miscarring once I conceive I will continue these shots through out the pregnancy and 6 weeks after I give birth. Hopefuuly this has helped a little, feel free to ask questions...Take Care....China


jiggidysgirl - January 14

Hey Hoping,

I was reading some past posts and someone talked about infertilitea and so I read up on it after you expressed concerns about ovulex.

I know you already bought it but my concern would be if the same hyperstimulation you can get from clomid except that you aren't being checked by a doc.

I noticed the infertilitea was also made by the same doc that talks on the web md infertility page all the time. He seems well known. Here is the site http://fertilaid.com/default.asp

There was a lot of good stuff on there. If you do decide to take the ovulex keep me informed. Not sure now if I will get the laparoscopy if I have to pay for 50%, I might just wait until the cysts go away and hope I don't get more. I will go with the last three cycles of clomid with IUI.

Good luck and let me know what you decide!
Baby Dust All Around,


Shara - January 15

Hello All,

I have been on ovulex for over a month and I can honestly say that it has helped. I have irregular menstruals and it did bring on a cycle after 85 days, but it still did not regulate. I think that is a personal choice, I have seen that it seems to work faster in people with normal cycles and others have seen it as well. However, like I said before it is a personal choice and you have to be ready to wait for things to work out with ovulex. Understand that this drug is deemed all natural and if you can have patience on your side and wait it out, it may be beneficial. It also has a 100% guarantee so you are not losing anything!!


chynnadoll - January 16

Shara, Were you ever put on Provera to get a jump start on your cycle? I was givin it last month and after 60+days of a missed cycle. I took the pills for 10 days and it came 3 days later and the following month it came on the 26 day, just wanted to share that bit of info with you....China


Mel 00 - February 15

Hi all, i am new here.
I am 22 and ttc for over a year. I ordered ovulex last night and hoping to god that it works for me.
I have read that alot of women bleed non stop for the first month of using it. Is there anyone here with that problem??
I also read that ovulex has alot of ginseng in it.
I looked up ginseng on the internet and as far as i could find out there are no studies that have proven it will harm the growing foetus but also no studies that have proven that it wont harm the foetus. Has anyone read or heard anything different?
I am a little bit hesitant to take ovulex but have read sooo many sucess stories for women that it has worked. I just want a baby....
I dont want to risk anything though.
If anyone has any advice i would love to hear it.
Thank you.


Christine - March 31

Hello! I have been taking Ovulex for about 3 weeks now. I was due for my "period" last Thursday and still haven't gotten it yet... it's been a week! I took a test and it came back negative :( I have been ttc for about 7 months now. Has anyone else taken Ovulex and had the same results??


toni - April 15

I've been taking it for 30 days today. I feel nauseas and my breast are tender...I'm hoping and praying thismight be it! ;-)


mochab - April 17

I just started Ovulex a few days ago. So did you test? are you pregnant? How long have u been trying? :-* 8)



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