Ovulex vs. Clomid
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mochab - April 17

I just started Ovulex a few days ago. So did you test? are you pregnant? How long have u been trying? :-* 8)


Kristinedc - April 24

Can anybody tell why clomid might not work?
Can high stress cause clomid to fail?
Now that I'm not stressed anymore, I'm going to try clomid again.
Cross your fingers!!


Tammy - April 29

Hi every one iam a 30 years old woman and i have reglar peiods but ive been try to have a baby for 5 years so any ways i been taking Ovulex about 6 days now and people say it does not have any side affects but i don't no what iam felling i feel very tired, bloting, passing gas, and sick to my stomch i no i can't been pregnat that quick right any ways please tell me what you think is wrong please!!! every one says there know side affects then whats wrong iam scard


Tammy - May 3

Hi Toni so what happened?[quote author=toni link=board=12;threadid=1872;start=15#17284 date=1145126638]
I've been taking it for 30 days today. I feel nauseas and my breast are tender...I'm hoping and praying thismight be it! ;-)
[/quote] ::)


Tammy - May 3

Hi Toni so are you going to have a baby ?


tam609 - May 4

Hi every one its me again any ways my period is not due until may 17 but i could not wait i took a pg test and it said iam not pg my cousin said wait its to early but i took it anyways do you girls think she is right ? i have reglar period i don't have the money to see a doctor so i think my insides are ok iam just guessing and i had no idea how many women have this problem i went to a doctor before and he said nothings wrong i was with my ex boyfriend for 4 yr and he left me and went with a 18yr old anyways that was 2 yr ago anyways iam married now and i bumb into him and his girl friend and she pg all the time doctors say it mite be the man thats not true my husband has a kid from his first wife i feel bad because i can not have a baby and my sisters say your better of with out kids what a thing to say it was very easy for them if i have reglar period is that good ?


karen1 - May 4

hi everyone

i will be startes my clomid on the 16th of may. last year i removed 15 fibroids from my uterus and now in march i i laproscopy one more fiborids. now the dr is putting me on clomid. my husband and i are anxious to have ababy. i ordered ovulex samples to see if it works.



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