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LogansMom - December 5

Hey Everyone!I guess the reason for this is for words of wisdom from women who have gone through what I am.I was told at the age of 17(21 now) that I was in stage 3 of Endometreosis and I would be LUCKY to have a baby.Well in order for me to have the chance my Dr put me on the Lupron Injection.It helped some and it DID give me the chance.At age 18 I found out I was pregnant by my high school bf of 3 years at the time.We were very lucky to have our baby boy.Since then I have been fighting this "desease" everyday.I bleed three weeks out of the month...go 2 weeks and then bleed for 3 more.They have tried IUDs,Depo and Lupron to get my periods to stop but nothing has worked.My son just turned 2 on November 5th and right now Im content with out family of three.My husband is hell bent on not having more kids...its not even an option for,I just think yay if I do and ok if I dont.They recently found a polup(spelling?)in my uterus which makes them and myself more concerned that its something far worse than endo.My Dr has now offered me the option of having an ablation and tubaligation done.In a way I want it done so that Im not fighting this any longer and I think to myself..."I would rather be healthy and have one baby than be miserable and not be able to take care of either child if I have 2." My husband isnt happy Im having srgery but I think he is happy that he doesnt have to worry about me getting pregnant.Is there any one that can give me a few words of advice??? Im in need of someone to talk to about this.

Thanks so Much


jiffys76 - December 5

Hi ya,

I have not gone through all that you have. We are still trying to find out why we have not been able to get pg. We originally were told that my inhibin-b levels were low and there was not a change of conceiving. Dr. wanted to check my anti-mullerium hormone level - that came out at normal levels. What the hell??

Anyway during this hole process, my husband has been so supportive. When we were talking the the Dr he wanted to make sure I would be OK. He said - I only have you right now not a baby - I want to make sure you are going to be around for a while. He even brought up adoption. There are so many kids that need a good home. I hope this helps.

Jeep-in Jenny



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