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whattodo - March 28

:) :-\ Hello everyone. I am new to this site and I'm feeling like I need to talk to others who are going through similar feelings and decisions to make and to also listen to any advice that can be offered. My husband and I tried to conceive using a donor with 3 IUI's about 2 years ago with no success. We just recently adopted a baby boy and we're so in love with him. Now we're trying to decide if we should pursue adoption again or undergo more fertility procedures. We know we want at least one more child for sure. We're trying to decide if we should try IVF or do more IUI's. How many IUI's are a reasonable number to try and do I need to undergo more testing to see why I haven't conceived with the 3 I've already had?


Alexa - March 28

Hi, Whattodo,

I sure can understand your frustration I went through 8 failed IUI's thats not to say it can't work for you I went to an RE and there thoughts were if after about 3-4 tries without success its time to move on to other options...It was scary to consider IVF, I wasn't sure what the entire process was going to be like but really it wasn't difficult at all we conceived our son after the first round of IVF...I really wish I had just done that to begin with I was also running out of time at took
us 2.5yrs to have my second child...

Try a few more IUI's if its affordable for you if that doesn't work well then you know to move on to more agressive treatment...Good Luck..

Congrats on your baby boy!

If you should need more advice we are always here for you!



AKM - July 17

Hey I am new too. And can understand all of the heartache. TTC 4 1/2 years with 3 different physicians. The third has finally got us going in the right direction. I took clomid for 2 years (16 months without labs or U/S). My third Dr. did labs, U/S clomid and HCG. After 4 failed IUI sent me to reproduciton specialist. I also had an HSG to assure my tubes were not blocked. There are several things they should check for.... did they do U/S prior to IUI, have you taken any medications during the process? I would say if you feel like you are getting nowhere move on to another Dr. Most of us have to pay for treatment and should find the best Dr. we can.

Good luck with everything,

I think it is wonderful you have adopted


angel22005 - July 25

Hi ,
I just found this forum today. I'm due to start my 1st IVF cycle on August 5th. Pretty nervous. My husband has a vasectomy after having children in his previous marriage. So now it's self pay IVF with iCSi. Trying acupuncture before I start . Any words of wisdom?


Juanita - November 6

Hello. My name is Juanita and I am 34 yrs old. I have 4 children ages 8, 11, 17, & 19. My tubes have been tied since 5/00 right after my only son was born. I didnt want to tie them but I was going through a divorce and for some strange reason kept having sexual intercourse with my husband whom I was trying to divorce....(yeah go figure) All I knew was that I didnt want another child with him ever again and I tied them. Now I'm crazy in love with my fiance of 6 yrs and we want a child. We hoped that eventually they would untie but it's going on 9 yrs and nothings happened yet. I also knew a woman who had another child after she tied her tubes and 6 yrs later they came untied....wished that were my case. I plan on going to Mexico to Rio Bravo to have mine untied in Feb/09. My fiance's birthday is in June and I plan on being pregnant for his birthday. I have read He deals with many Americans and is doing something right because they have had many baby stories. I'm excited and I cant wait. They are the cheapest I've found yet charging only $2665 minus a $595 deposit that deducts from the final pay the day of the procedure. Thank God for tubal reversals. I'm sure I will have another child within a year.


lili246 - November 6

Well I just found out that my friend had a baby 2 weeks ago I can't believe it because she tied hers aswell and apparently alittle pass a year she becamse pregnant even tho they were tied. So how knows everything can happen and I am sure you will get pregnant again. Good Luck
by the way you were very young when you had your children, which is great, you are still young and they are tenangers.


Ianmichael3 - November 11

Just wanted to look for others starting out with ART- we will be starting our 1st try at IUI on clomid, hcg & progesterone- although not exactly sure. I have a cyst on my left ovary I'm waiting to resolve.....



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