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emain - August 16

Hello Everyone,
I'm new to this site. My name is Liz and I'm 28. My dh is 37 and we've been ttc for just over a year now. I really, really didn't want to go to the fertility doctor, but I'm glad I did now. All tests that both me and dh went though came back perfect. No PCOS, no sperm problems.
Doctor put me on clomid and metformin to regulate my cycles. A day 21 test showed strong ovulation but no babies yet. After a post coital test it was determined taht I have hostille cervical mucus.
I did my first IUI last tuesday. I took a OPK that same day and it was positive. I'm now on the tww. I feel fine-no anything.
Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone wants to chat with me about ttc. It is a hard rollercoaster that alot of people just don't understand.
My cousin was my ttc buddy but now she's pregnant. I don't feel hostile at all to pregnant people, but she totally forgets what this side of the fence is like. She says things to me that she shouldn't (insensitve remarks) she should know better.
Anyway, hope to talk to you soon!


emilyh - August 16

Hey buddy,

Congrats on your tests, I bet that was a Big sigh of relief. Dh and I have been trying for a mere two months, however, we've been unprotected our two years of marriage and paying little mind to ovulation - until two months ago.
I'm on Ovulex and Geritol (fingers crossed) and I fgure another three or four months without success and we, too, shall be reporting to the Doc.

Waiting is horrible... I would love a buddy though! Everyone around me seems to be fortunate enough to have conceived, dh's co-worker's wife, girl I worked with, neighbor, relatives.... I'm thrilled for them....and keep my fingers crossed. (I'll cross a pair for you too=)

PS~ Emily, 27 and dh is 40. Take care! Baby dust to you!


emain - August 16

I've never heard of those drugs. What are they?
I hated the thought of going to the fertility doctor but I wish I had sooner. I actually cried when they called me to make my appointment.
Good luck and talk soon!


Megz - August 17

I have just started the whole process and will have my first IUI on the 24th or 25th of this month. I am on Clomid and am taking Geritol Tonic. Man is that tonic gross tasting. I have also begun acupuncture to help increase my chances with the IUI. I hope everything is going well for you, just wanted to let you know others are out there, and this is a great place to vent!


emain - August 17

what is geritol tonic?


emilyh - August 17

Geritol tonic is a high concentrate multi-vitamin and women have sworn by for years. It is suppose to help strengthen the uteran wall, improve the cervical mucus viscosity, etc... Ovulex is... similiar to fertility blend, it's a capsule you take twice a day, it also helps your body resist the impact of stress, boosts immune system, etc.

I have found than when you take the Geritol Tonic, if you never smell it - it's not so bad. I take it quickly and then drink flavored water immediately. I don't think the icky taste is much of anything compared to some of the more evasive treatments.

Talk to you soon, take care!


emain - August 17

weird, I've never heard of it. Where do you get it? I live in canada so maybe it's not available here. I'm going to the states in a week for a business trip so maybe I'll have to get some.


emilyh - August 18

I get it for about three dollars at Walmart, in the daily vitamin section. Even though it is awful tasting, I actually look forward to taking it, lol, hoping it will work and provide a healthy womb.

ttyl :)


emain - August 21

I'm going to Rochester next week training for work so I'll pick some up. Funny-I work for walmart and am training at a superstore in rochester


Kelli - August 22

Hello Ladies,

Glad to see someone else is starting on the roller coaster of emotions as well. I did my first IUI on May 1st with a positive result. Ectopic pregnancy showed on the 17th. Needless to say I was devestated. This is my 3rd loss. I had never heard of the Geritol. Will go a pick some up today on my lunch hour. Need all the strength that I can get.

AF came Sat. so I start Clomid on Wed. Should have my IUI on the following Friday. I know that the waiting will kill me. Especially since we got very lucky on the first IUI.

A friend of mine has considered using Ovulux. Heard anything positive about it? Would love to follow the next few weeks with you ladies. Buddies mean the difference between sane and insane.

Keep me posted.



emain - August 22

Welcome Kelli!

I'm on day 28 after my first IUI but am too scared to test. I'll probably wait until Friday to test-my cycle sometimes runs a little long.
Not really feeling anything except sore boobs and a little emotional which could also mean af.

Is etoptic pregnancy common with IUI? I've seen it mentioned a few times on this site.

Tak soon


Kelli - August 22


Not sure that ectopic is really all that comman. But it is a chance. When the IUI is done you are pushing the little swimmers into the tube. They either swim out or they don't. In my case they stopped at the top of the tube. If your tubes are clear and there is no scar tissue from endo you probably do not have anything to worry about.

Hope you have wonderful news this Friday. Maybe the soreness is a sign. Wishing you lots of baby dust.



emilyh - August 23

So I have a severe sinus infection... told the Doc we were ttc and I was due to ovulate next Wed. He gave me meds that shouldn't interfere - but also said since my ovulation wasn't until next wed I should be okay- but that if I were preggers or ovulating he would have held off on one of them....WELL Ovulex has done what it says it will...according to my CM and OPTK I am ovulating today..a week early...Ovulex claims it will lengthen the O-cycle and I don't see how it is possible but this is day three of EWCM... last night I was so doped up on medicine even the thought of BD-ing was laughable... so maybe it's not too late and something will happen. Grrr.

I will say this... as gross as it may be, the Ovulex and Geritol has greatly improved the CM viscosity and appearance.

Keep your fingers crossed! Baby dust to you both, lots and lots of luck from me!!

PS- Welcome Kelli! :)


Kelli - August 23

So sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Too bad baby days don't work around your health. Glad to hear that Ovulux is working. I will share this with my friend.

Going to get Geritol tonight. I have tried 3 Wal-Marts and everyone is out. Guess the word is traveling around here. They said that they can't keep it on the shelves. So DH and I are driving to a town 45 minutes away to check. Wish us luck. The things we do.

Set to ovulate next Friday we hope. Last month was on a weekend and no chance! Everyone pray for FRIDAY!!! Would be nice to take a long weekend after the proceedure. We'll see.

Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for all the updates.

Kelli -


emain - August 25

Hey Guys,
Sorry that you aren't feeling well emily. Guess bd is the last thing you want to do eh?
I tested this morning (I'm day 30) and it came back negative. I'm also starting very very light spotting. Oh well, guess we'll have to wait and see what my fertility doctor wants to do next.
I really hate this.


Kelli - August 25

Don't get down just yet. After my IUI I had some cramping. I was on day 30 and got some light spotting and af cramping. I took two pg test and both were negative. When I went to see the dr. on day 35 his test showed POSITIVE. Could be some implantation bleeding with small amount of spotting. Just try and be patient see what happens the next few days.

Started Clomid on Wed. My moods are already up and down. DH bday is today, I will try and be nice (instead of my alternate personality). He deserves a great day.

Will go for u/s next Wed. then hopefully, cross your fingers and toes, we will have an IUI of Friday. Don't know if my system will cooperate. Usually ov. falls on a Sat or Sun. which means I would have to wait until Mon. Yuck!

Emily, how are you feeling?

Great to hear from everyone. Take care.


Megz - August 25

Ok today was my first IUI, I am really hoping that this will result in a pregnancy, my insurance doesnt cover anything now. Baby Dust to all!




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