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Megz - August 25

Ok today was my first IUI, I am really hoping that this will result in a pregnancy, my insurance doesnt cover anything now. Baby Dust to all!



Kelli - August 25


Now you started the dreaded tww. Do not do pregnancy test too soon. And be sure and take it easy for the next few days. It will be normal to have cramping and don't over do it. A little light bleeding may even be noticed. Sometime they nick you when putting cath. in. But congratulations you are now offically in the wait club.

I will go for my 2nd one next friday, we hope. My first was successful but ended as an ectopic. I am praying that yours will be a success! Keep us posted on any signs or symptoms. I am going to say "Congratulations, Mom" that's what my ob said after first IUI. Maybe it's lucky.

Start Geritol today. Yuck!


liz - August 25

Megz -

Best of luck to you!

I am crossing my fingers for your BFP!



Megz - August 25

Thank you both very much. I have started the geritol (eating yogurt right away helps with the taste) and I am also doing accupuncture. My doctor said that I had one perfect egg and one smaller egg, my DH's sperm looked great, and my mucus was wonderful. With all that said I say a prayer at least once an hour for a positive. And can not wait for the tww to be done. I will keep everyone posted.

I go for a progestrone blood test next Friday, not quite sure what that will show them, but I will do whatever they say.



liz - August 26

Megz -

My re tests the progesterone to verify that you ovulated. They like to see your levels over 10.

The 2ww can be a very trying time. My suggestion is keep as busy as possible. I always found the busier I was the less I had time to dwel on the dreaded wait. It was also a huge help to me to come on here to talk to everyone. Helps to keep you sane. :)

Take care of yourself and be sure to let us know how you are making out.



emilyh - August 26

Ack! It got worse! I haven't a voice, lol. I'll manage :)

Anyway, Kelli is right, implantation spotting is possible. I will keep everything crossed for you everyone.

LOL with the Geritol, it is awful!! But so good for you. They say you should continue to take it during the first trimester too. I haven't tried yogurt, though i think i will, but beef jerky also rids the taste quite effectively.

Sorry my posts aren't as frequent as I would like them to be, they will certianly be better once this head/sinus/whatever hing goes away...and I do apologize for my lack of words tonight, all this mucus in my head affects my communicative abilities, but I'm keeping fingers, toes and everything I can crossed for my buddies. My best and most positive thoughts are for you, best of luck and buckets of baby dust, talk soon, take care ~emily


emain - August 26

Thanks for the support. I'm on day 32 right now and am still having very light spotting-just a very little on the toilet paper. Very emotional right now-I can cry at just about anything.

Megz-Welcome to the iui club. Hope your stay isn't long!!!

emily-are you feeling any better yet?


Megz - August 26

Emain I am with you about crying about everything. I can just be watching tv and all of a sudden I am crying. Even while I was still at the RE's office talking with the nurse I started crying. I hope everything is going well for you.


LeeAnnB - August 29

Hey Guys,
I need someone to talk husband and I have been trying for a year and a half. I have taken all the tests and I am okay, my husband does has a lower sperm count. He has an appointment the end of October. I am so sick of waiting. I hear that IUI is inexpensive and I want to try but my husband keeps saying we should wait and see what happens. I don't want to wait any longer. Everybody seems to be able to get pregnant so easy. We have been unprotected since we were married 3 years ago, but have been trying to a year. I did have a miscarriage a year ago, so I know that it is possible. Should I call my doctor about IUI or wait for my husbands appointment? Someone give me some advice...I need it!

Lee Ann


Kiki06 - August 29

Hi Girls!

emain can empthatize with the crying all the time - just came off Clomid and it drove me nuts. I felt as though I had depression combined with bi-polar disorder. My third IUI failed and when I am done with this business trip, I'll have to discuss options with my RE.

Hang in there - it's tough but know that you are not alone with the symptoms. Baby dust to all and much love!

LeeAnnB - wait for the test if you can to see. I know it's tough but sometimes it's good to have some more info. I know - it seems everyone around you get pregnant so auickly except for you but be aware a lot of us are in your shoes but people don't know it.

All - why geritol - what does it do?




alison29 - September 12

I am new but I am starting my first clomid cycle tomorrow. Does anyone have any good news to report? This whole fertility treatment process is really depressing. good luck :)


mrsydb - September 12

Hi alison29!

I am new too. I am having my first IUI cycle next month (October) just waiting for the magic day...we missed it this month.

I am 30 and DH is 36. We are going for just the IUI to start. Then we will see what happens next.

My DH is very possitive. He says, "If it doesn't work on the first try we will cross that brdge when we come to it." Is this your first attempt all the way around, or are you trying something new?

Good Luck! mrsydb


fiso - September 29

Alison29, welcome to the site. You'll see that everyone is very supportive and we are here to help each other.
My one word of advice: don't lose faith. It could be a loooooong journey with lots of ups and downs. It's not easy to prepare yourself to it but you will have to take one day at a time.
If you want some positive feedback, I'm in my 38th week, ready to give birth any day now. When I look back, I can't believe everyhting we did to reach this point. I hope your DH will be a good support for you. It's important to feel like you are a team, even if you will be the one with the shots and all the unpleasant side effects! MY DH gave me all the shots. It was his way to contribute to this whole thing. I was glad he took care of that. He encouraged me many times when I really had enough. I'm glad he did encouraged me!!

If you need to vent, to get advice, you are in the right place here with us. Hang in there and lots of baby dust to you.


TICKINGCLOCK - September 30

Welcome Alison
This site is wonderful everyone on here truely understands what your feeling... You wont be alone with your journey. Lots of luck to you!!!

Wow how exciting you are getting so close. Your due date is right around the corner it seemed to go really fast I am sure for you it didnt seem as fast. Best of luck to you I will be thinking about ya.
We mananged to get the funds together and are trying IVf in the Month of Oct for the first time.
Any words of advice?


fiso - September 30

Hi Tickingclock. I just posted some advice for you on the
Art works section.
You know, since October is a lucky month for us, our baby girl will come some times in October, I can only wish for you that October is a lucky month too.
Hang in there, you still have to go through all the meds, and that is no fun. Take good care of yourself, what you are doing is too fragile and precious,. you don't want to jeopardize it by being stressed or letting things get to you. This treatment is your priority #1 now. Be good.

I'll be back on this site until I'm, well......busy with labor!

All the best to you. Fiso


Kelly28 - November 2

I have never been on one of these sites before and it has really helped me reading all of your thoughts. It has been one year now that I have been trying and I am on the emotional roller coaster that so many of you are also on. I have an appt on Monday with an ER, fingers are crossed that will help. I'm on my 2nd month of clomid at 100 this round. I wish you all the best :)



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