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Debie - May 18

Greetings everyone, I'm back home, I really missed
this place and wanted to give you an update on my situation.

Last Monday(09/05) I saw my GP after the m/c as I cud only see GYN on Tues (10/05), my understanding and the GPs was that I'd have the GYN do a d&c and my appointment was for 10am. When I got to the GYN, I was totally surprised at the casual approach he had about my situation and he actually suggested that I go back home, take it easy and not do a d&c and let the body clean itself naturally. He said the good news was that we now knew that we cud conceive.... I went there searching for answers and professional advice on what the possible causes were, but I was blown away by his attitude. This is the same GYN who sent me home on Friday (06/05) without ordering any b/w when I told him about the spotting and the pulling I was experiencing, he simply said "It doesn't look good at all" and told me to continue with some meds to stop the bleeding........

From there DH called GP who gave us another referral a GYN/OB and we saw him on Wed afternoon. When I explained what had happened, he did an internal scan, ordered b/w and promplty booked me for surgery the next morning (d&c and laparoscopy). When I returned from theatre GYN/OB confirmed he had done d&c and further discovered that I had Stage 2 Endometriosis, which he was able to burn. I was discharged at 4pm and told to bedrest for at least five days.

We spent those five days away from home and this morning went back to my new GYN who explained what he did and even gave us pictures of before and after the surgery. I have been given a brochure on Endometriosis and websites and adviced on a diet and a slight change of lifestlye to manage this condition.

He said to expect AF in about 6 weeks after that my body will be ready to ttc agian. He said pregnancy could somewhat help alleviate the problem but it would not be a permanent solution. He's given us renewed hope and said if we don't conceive in 6 months we shud see him for fertility treatment. We have a next app in 6 weeks but he said to call in anytime there was a need.

I don't even wish to see my previous GYN's face, he treated me plain badly and I felt that he thought I was neurotic. It is only now that I am experiencing stuff that you ladies talk about and what I read about in the net.

That's my update . I'm still sad about the m/c but I am much happier that we changed drs and feel we'll have better prospects next time around.




Meg - May 18


I am very sorry about your m/c. I am glad that you are doing a little better and now have some answers. Jerky Dr.s are the worst ::) Please take care and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.



Fortyfour - May 18

Debi, sorry about your m/c and then having the extra stress of not being handeled appropiately.

I am glad you have a different doc and and getting treatment for the endo. Good luck and keep in touch with us.


shaz - May 18

Hi Deb,

We were getting worried about you.

It's just shocking the way some doctors treat people. Obviously this was a very emotional and delicate situation and he didnt have the personality or bedside manner to deal with it. Makes me wonder why some doctors chose their profession. Good on you for going to see another doctor.

take care of yourself.



WantsBaby2 - May 19

Hooray for you for finding another doc. There are some really wonderful doctors out there......and there are some really awful ones. No point in going to one who isn't going to be sensitive to you and your situation.

I've done a lot of doctor shopping in my life and it is a pain in the butt, but well worth the effort. I LOVE my ob/gyn now. Even when she calls me to give me test results, she call herself. One time she was on the phone with me for a half an hour answering all of my questions. She is a very kind person. I hope that is the kind of doctor you have found.



BabyBound - May 19

Debie, I was wondering how you were...I'm glad you are feeling a little better. Having a dr you are confident in and trust and makes you feel like they have your best interest at heart is a blessing in itself. I wish you a speedy recovery so you can get that positive you so dearly deserve.


Debie - May 19

Thanks a lot for your kind words. You have a way of making my frustrations bearable.




ElizabethS - May 19

Debie - Thanks for the update. We were very concerned for you. I am so proud of you and your efforts to find another doctor. There are many wonderful doctors out there, but there are also some that just aren't. I've seen too many times where people put too much trust in their doctors. Your story will help others to trust their feelings, and do whatever they can to find the kind of care they need.


meridithhasfaith - May 19


So glad things are looking up for you now. Take care




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