My ovaries are HUGE
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mo - October 16

3 days of Follistim and 1day of menopur (75IU) and my ovaries are so big they are touching each gross is that?

Today was my 1st ultrasound and the nurse counted 25 follies, ranging from 7.8-11mm(is it mm??) in diameter. My estradiol was 930!!!

Needless to say, they are monitoring me closely. I had 4 more days of FSH but i've been told to only take menopur.

Guess we shall see....another appt tomorrow


mjforney - October 17

WOW.... Mo that is GREAT! What day is your retrieval? is this your first IVF? IVF is what you are doing right?

Is your tummy bloated with your ovaries??



mo - October 17

i'm just really uncomfortable today...and i think my retrieval is supposed be next week sometime but they have grown by 3mm again today!! yesterday we had 7-11mm in range, today they are 10-12mm...


ahearnm - November 20

I just recently had my egg retrieval on Saturday. I'm having the transfer on Thursday. I had 32 follicles in my right ovary and 14 in my left. Believe me, I'm happy to have follicles in the first place, but I couldn't wait to get them out. I felt nauseous and crampy all day Friday. I was nervous about the retrieval, but being uncomfortable made me look forward to some relief.
Mo- how are you doing now?


mo - November 21

Hi Ahearnm,

Cycle was canceled because my estrogen kept dropping. :'(
I cried for about 30mins the next day...alone... i was more angry at the doctors than anything. Then i bucked up, and became an advocate, they know me by now...i call them at least 2x a week!!!

We just started another cycle. this time they have me on low dose HCG so i don't have so many follies in such a short time that they can't regulate....they know i'll be on their butts if anything goes wrong!!!

So, we're doing. okay.

Thanks for caring, I appreciate it


ahearnm - November 21

Mo- I wish you all the best. Keep us posted. :)



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