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cvargas76 - March 30

Hello everyone,

I am really glad to have found this site. I just had IVF done and got a negitive result yesterday.

It was really hard. I love you hubby so much and this makes me feel less than a woman. Then I see the news and see woman that are killing or hurting there children it just drives me crazy.

We are planning on trying again in May. The only thing that is getting me thru is the Lord and of course my hubby.


sarah27 - March 30

I'm so sorry that you got a negative. Its hard to hold on when you see everyone with kids and your alone. Even your hubby can't understand sometimes.

I also feel like not a woman because my whole life I thought of being a mother. When we got married we couldn't wait for kids and started trying right away. I know that it will happen and also rely on the Lord. Prayer is sometimes the only thing that helps me through the day. I hope your ivf next will work. Just hang in there and be strong. You can always count on this site for support.

Take care



cvargas76 - March 30

thank you sarah,

i agree that sometimes i dont think that my hubby understnads fully. I have tryed talking to him but he always tells me stop being silly that he loves me and that will never change. I am praying that i will have a different outcome on the next one.

My prayers are also with you.



Princess24 - April 2

Hi Christie,

I am so glad that you found this forum you will get alot of support. It's nice to talk to other women that know how it feels not to have kids and that are or have had gone through this emotional rollercoaster.

Men sometimes deal w/ things in different ways and you might feel that they don't understand, but they just might and they might not now how to express or show you how they feel. I sometimes feel the same way w/ my dh, but I know that he wants children real bad and he does understand, but he isn't as emoitonal like me, which most men are like that.

I don't know exactly what your beliefs are, but what I can tell you is that the only reason I get through the way I do is that I put my trust in God. He is the only one that has control over my womb. God can open my womb or close it and if that is His will I have to just trust in Him. I know trust me I know that is a hard thing to say, but God never makes mistakes and He knows what He is doing and I just have to trust in Him and I know that everything will be alright. and He will take care of me :)

I really hope that your next round of ivf will go good and that, that will be it for you. It must be so hard that you spend the money and get your hopes up and then nothing. Just stay strong, hun and don't let it get you down it will happpen.

So how long have you been trying? If you don't mind me asking? How long have you and dh been married? Dh and I have been married for almost 4yrs (on April 19th) and we have been trying for 3yrs 3mths and really don't know why we can't concieve. I've had some test done and they couldn't find anything they say I am healthy. My dh hasn't been tested, I think it's a male ego thing and that is were I feel that he doesn't care or understand. I told him that I feel that it probably isn't him, but I still would like to get it checked out and rule it out, you know?

Well I am gonna go I hope to talk to you again.

Take Care,



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