Frozen Embryo return
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trueblue02 - February 26

Hi every one
I had posted here before a short time ago as I was pregnant with low hCG increase which ended in a miscarriage three days ago. I think it's called Biochemical pregnancy. In ten days the doctor is going to start preparing me to return frozen embryos we've got.
Does any one know the success rate of such returns and do you have any advice to give ??? This will be our last try I think because we can't afford it any more. I do have a son, 5 concieved naturally by chance as we were ttc and tried for three years IUI and clomid...nothing and then after a month break I was pregnant. Since 4 years we're ttc with IUI and IVF and nothing yet.
My husband doesn't really care but it's killing me and can't stop thinking about it.
love to hear from you


jamielee - March 1

I'm so sorry for your loss! Your situation is similar to mine, I have a son by not even ttc, who is 4 and we have been ttc for 2 years. I had a failed IVF in nov. and now I'm on my second cycle, I should have my ER next thursday if its like last time. I only had 1 embryo to freeze so I opted for another fresh cycle. On the message boards for my center there are a lot of women who have become pregnant on their frozen cycle!! The message boards have been down for a few days hopefully they will be back on soon its I'm not sure whats wrong with it, its driving me nuts!!
I totally know what you mean about all you can think about, I really want another baby!!! I want my son to have a sibling! and I want to move on with my life!!! I don't think the guys understand!!! Let me know how it goes



trueblue02 - March 1

Hi Jamie
Thanks! I hope it goes well for you as well, so good luck on Thursday. I totally agree with you, I want my son to have a sibling as well. He's driving me nuts, "why aren't you getting pregnant?" "how do you get pregnant?". It's true, you feel you can't go on in life untill you do. All your plans depend on the out come, will I or won't I have a baby.
I truely hope you're right! I'm so scared that the embryos don't survive the freezing .
Totally, my husband say's thank God you have your son and stop acting like a crazy person. He even couldn't understand why I was sad when I miscarried, " it's not even a baby yet!" Boy did I want to kick his ......! But I guess men are different than women and that's why we carry the babies.
Oh well, thanks again and lots of baby dust for you! Let me know how it goes for you!
Good luck and be positive


jamielee - March 6

Hi Dalilah
Did you start your frozen cycle yet? I just paid another $1600. today AHHHHGGG!!! I'm starting to get nervous!! I have been so relaxed this time around, but now that its time for my trigger I am feeling nervous and scarred!! I was supposed to have my transfer on Sunday but they want my to go 1 more day on my stims. I feel like I'm jinxed now because Sunday is me and my sons b-day and I thought what a great day to possibly concieve!!! Well at least we can still do cake. This has to work this time, I swear I will need therapy after this lol!!!


trueblue02 - March 7

Hi Jamie
I went to my Doctor yesterday and he decided to wait for a natural cycle to return the "snow babies" so he'll have to moniter me to see if it will be this cycle or the next. So no meds for a change!
On your birthday, look at it as being good luck! I pray it will work for you this time because I really understand what you're going through. Every time we tried the doc would say" looks good this time" and then the result would be negative. Last time, biochemical pregnancy!!! But thank God you're and others are there to talk as the husbands mostly don't understand nor do the friends and family.
Stay positive, it's hard I know, but the more relaxed you are the better your chances. Any ways what did your doc say was the problem? In my case, I'm diabetic type 1 and have POS.
Oh well, good luck to you and lots of baby dust
xoxoxo Dalilah ;)


jamielee - March 8

Your lucky as far as no meds! I had a ectopic pregnancy in july then had to have my tube removed because it was so bad!! The doc told me that my other tube was blocked therefore ivf was my only option!! So my ivf doc said I should remove my other tube for a better chance but I chose not to, just to avoid another surgery. Of coarse he was right, so I had the other tube removed in Dec. and here I am!! IVF # 2. I have my ER tomorrow morning!! Guess what the doc said "looks good this time" haha. How many have you had?? Thanks for the well wishes I am praying this is it!!!!!
Good luck to you as well!!!!!!


trueblue02 - March 8

Dear Jamie
Yes it feels great to be off the meds! I think they were driving me up the wall as well! If any body just looked funny, oh boy!!!
Sorry to hear about your tubes, it must be really hard!!! So I guess it's a little selfish of me to complain as I have it lots easier than you!But you're strong lady, I'm sure you'll make it work.
It's my 4th try! But I have faith! Dear Jamie, it might take time and then again it might work out fast but in any case, keep the faith and it will happen. If the doc says it looks good, then believe it with all your heart. Are you taking folic acid, very important. Also if your doc says ok, pregnancy vitamin, just to give it the best odds.
I'll pray that this it for you as well! My fingures are crossed for my Sat. appointment to see what my doc says.
Keep well and strong
xoxo DAlilah


jamielee - March 12

Hi Dalilah

My transfer went well I had 19 eggs this time (last time 14) 12 fertilized, 8 made it to my transfer day, all 8 cells, 6 grade 2 and 2 grade 3. I was so happy today, last time only a few made it and were poor grades 3 and 4. So I hope thats a good sign! My transfer was this morning, we transfered 2, so I'm on the couch ALL day and probably tomorrow!!! Just to be safe!! Any news on Sat.? Hope all is well!


destinybaby - March 12

Hi Jamie,

I hope you don't mind me coming in on your conversation.

I just want to say hi, I have thought about you because I believe we are in a smimilar situation having had hydrosalpinx.

I believe you are going to get a BFP very soon. You have come a long way. does this mean you are on your 2 week wait. I am sooo excited for you :)
I am sending you positive baby dust.



jamielee - March 12

Thanks Tia, I hope your right. I actually feel really positive this time! Everything went so well this time around! Although I accidentally started my progesterone a day early!!! I was so depressed for 2 days but was reassured it was ok. Thanks so much for keeping in touch, it really helps my process!!!


trueblue02 - March 13

Hey Jamie
Great news!!! I have my fingures crossed for you!!!!!! Just stay relaxed and positive and God willing you'll have a positive result after 2ww!!!!!! Wow!
As for me, it doesn't look as it will happen this cycle. Depending on the E blood test result in 10 days, I will eather get my period or will be given meds. to get my period! Meaning, to return the "snow babies" I will have to put on meds. because the Ind. linning isn't getting thick enough on it's own. But trying to stay positive!!!
Especially you, stay away from negative thoughts, news or people and stay relaxed!!!!
Hi Tia, good luck to you too! Best wishes to both of you, lot's of baby dust and stay cool!


jamielee - March 16

Well I was fine the first 2 days now I'm officially going crazy!! I hate this 2ww!! I don't feel anything yet, I know that a lot of people don't but geez... Last time I felt worse which I'm hoping is a good thing, only time will tell. I test next friday 3/23 I hope I can make it!!
I know you know how I fell Dalilah AHHHHH... Its snowing like crazy here so I'm stuck in the house all day, which is probably not a good thing. Anyway hope your blood test comes back good so you can get going again!


trueblue02 - March 16

Hey Jamie
I know the 2ww are killers! You keep on looking at your breasts to see if they changed, if they're bigger or they're color changed! When I got pregnant with my son, I didn't have a clue, so don't worry. I was ttc over almost 3 years and it happened just at the time I gave up.
Snowing here as well but try to have fun! Play cards, make a bet, " if...then.... for example you'll give me a foot massage". Start a great book, drink hot milk or rent your favorite Movies and make your hubby watch ;) But what ever you do, no hot bath or over doing work!!!
I really pray things will work out for you! One more week but you'll make it!!!!!! You're a strong lady!!!!
All the best
xoxoxox Dalilah


jamielee - March 24

Hi Dalilah, I actually got a BFP I can't believe it! My beta was 227 at 11dpt. I have had on and off very light pink spotting, only 2 times but its freakin me out!! The nurse said try not to worry because it does happen often at this stage. OK not that easy to do, but she said my hcg was very good so I'm feeling confident I will be ok. How is your cycle?? I hope you were able to start! Good luck!!


trueblue02 - March 25

Hey hey hey Jamie
Wonderful, I'm so happy for you!!!!! Yes beta 227 is great at 11dpt so don't worry about pink spotting! I know a lot of women that went through that and had wonderful and healthy babies!
All you need to do now is to take your meds and relax! Most important enjoy this special time. I loved every minute of my pregnancy with my son, the first ulra sound, the first kick and seeing him grow inside me.
As for me, I'm fine. Suddenly I had a foli. naturally and things look good so the doc. and I decided ttc naturally. If it shouldn't work, we'll return the "snow babies" so I guess it's good news as well. Always try to look at the positive side :)
So take care of yourself and stay in touch! Wow!
xoxoo Dalilah


jamielee - March 26

Thats great that you can try naturally!! I hope you are pregnant very soon! Maybe its your body saying OK I'm ready now!! I really enjoyed my pregnancy as well! Although I'm not sure if this one will be that way due to everything, maybe after the first trimester. I'm just not at ease yet, I haven't spotted since friday night and every time I go to the bathroom I'm investigating! Hopefully its passed! Best of luck to you and I'll be thinking of you!!


trueblue02 - March 26

Thanks Jamie! I hope so! As for the spotting, my sister_in law was spotting on and off through out her pregnancy. The doctors told her to relax as much as she can, put her feet up and take naps when tired! Now she has a beautiful 5 month old daughter.
So don't worry about it, as stressing over it might case more harm than good. And you're right maybe it passed!!!
Stay in touch and I wish you all the best.
Lots of love from me
Dalilah :)



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