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lyly14 - March 14

I have a question for anyone who has been through the IVF process and gotten a bfn. For those of you who had regular cycles prior to doing IVF, did you first period after the BFN come on time? I did my first IVF/ICSI the end of January. My ER was the 1/27 and the ET was on 1/30. I got a bfn on 2/9 and stopped progesterone and estrogen and got AF 2/12. I am usually like clockwork with a 31 day cycle and spotting starting on day 28. Well I had some brown tinted mucous a few days ago (not my usual on and off spotting) and nothing since. It is now cycle day 32 and nothing. I am thinking my body is off because the IVF procedure. Did this happen to anyone else? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks



jfr21 - April 1

Lyly--yes! This same thing happened to me after both failed IVF cycles. The first time six weeks went by with no period and my doctor prescribed Provera to get it going again. The second cycle ended last month. I got my period March 6 or so. They checked my progesterone at Day 21 and it was very low - only 1 when it should have been 5. So now they are going to induce a period with progesterone. I'm scheduled for an FET the end of April but I'm worried that maybe we should hold off until my periods get back to normal. I also have 3 embies left - maybe more (some are being retested for genetic issues). Do you know why you are infertile? We are unexplained :(


lyly14 - April 1

jfr21- Dh and I have been together for almost 4 yrs now and had 3 pgs in the course of the first year and a half, none of which resulted in a full term birth. We thought the problem was me being high risk because I have antiphospholipid syndrome and have the mthfr gene mutation, and was then diagnosed as insulin resistant with pre-diabetic glucose tolerance levels. After going through the testing for multiple m/c we found we have not been able to get pg since and discovered dh has male factor issues. I didn't want to waste any time with IUI because his issues were pretty severe, so we went straight to IVF with ICSI. All 6 of our embies fertilized from our first IVF but only 5 were viable. We transfered 2 and froze 3. We never did any genetic testing on the embies. We are also going to do the FET the end of April. We are planning to put all 3 embies in if they make the thaw. I wouldn't worry too much about your period being regular with the FET they can control your hormones if they need to. My period was only 4 days late and I went on bcp as soon as I got my period, because I was afraid they were all thrown off and I really wanted to do the transfer in April. When will you know if you are doing the FET and dates? I go on thursday to set the dates for mine.


jfr21 - April 5

Thanks for sharing your story. My dh and I have been together 4 years too but I never been pg. My doctor is recommending that I be tested for antiphospholipid too. How did you find out you were insulin resistant? I'm not sure I've ever been tested for that. We have done two IVF cycles with ICSI and PGD (we are both carriers of cystic fibrosis). As far as the FET goes, I started on the progesterone suppositories (or vag-itmins as dh and I call them) and hopefully I will get my period next week and will get my FET scheduled for late April or early May. When is yours going to be? I am also going to put in all 3 if they make the thaw. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!


lyly14 - April 5

jfr21- My RE sent me for a 2hr. glucose tolerance test to test for the insulin resistance. They draw your blood fasting for glucose and insulin. Then you drink this sugary drink and they test you again after 1 hr and then again at 2hrs. Both my insulin and glucose levels were high. He told me that I was pre-diabetic with my glucose levels after the drink but not high enough to be diabetic.

I thought my FET was going to be the end of April but I just went to see the RE and it looks more like early may. The embryology lab we used closed down and moved to a new location, so we have been on hold. They are supposed to be opening late april so they are asking the doctors to wait a few weeks to see how they are up an running. I guess that is a good thing but it is so frustrating waiting. I have been ready since Feb. but we can't access our embies! How long do you have to be on the progesterone suppositories? Doesn't progesterone stop you from getting your period? Or are they hoping that once you stop them it will induce a bleed from hormone withdrawal? Why did you decide to do ICSI with the IVF? It looks like we may be close with our FET's. I am really thinking about doing assisted hatching this time to increase our chances. The RE said that it is typically for women 37 and up but since we did icsi it wouldn't be a bad idea. At this point I am willing to try it if it increases implantation rates. Keep me updated when you are going to begin. I am praying for BFP's for both of us.


jfr21 - April 7

I wonder why I never had a glucose test. I may ask my dr. We can learn so much from each other! I have been told I may be slightly PCOS but never treated for it. That is SO frustrating about your embryology lab. I had my BFN about 3 weeks after you, so I can understand how long you have been waiting and how frustrated you must be.

The progesterone is exactly as you guessed -- the withdrawal is supposed to induce a period. We did ICSI with IVF because that is the protocol when you are testing for single gene disorders (PGD). I think we did assisted hatching last time but I'm not sure. It's probably worth trying -- will it cost you more? I'm using CCRM, which is in Colorado, which is a total pain in the butt since I'm in Chicago. And really expensive. But the success rates are among the best in the US.

I will let you know my FET schedule next week hopefully. Please keep me posted on your status too. It is nice to talk to someone who is at a similar place! I am praying for both of us too! PS I am 34, my DH is 40.


lyly14 - April 7

jfr21- If they think you may be PCOS then you should definitely ask about a glucose tolerance test and insulin levels. There is a correlation between insulin resistance and PCOS. I have never been told I have PCOS but they are treating me for the insulin resistance with metformin. It is worth asking about.

I can't imagine traveling so far for the whole process. That must be very stressful. Are you able to do the bloodwork and sonos by you and just travel to colorado for the actual procedures? I am lucky to have good insurance coverage. They will pay for the assisted hatching 100% but it just eats away at my $50,000 lifetime maximum a bit quicker. The only thing we have to pay for is copays for all the bloodwork, sonos, meds, dr visits, and procedures and the actual full cost of icsi. It adds up to so much but I am fortunate to not have to pay for the whole procedure which I know many people struggle to do. I will definitely keep you posted. I wish I could have more difinitive dates, dh and I are trying to plan a weekend getaway in late May , but I don't want it to interfere with the transfer. So now I am even more frustrated!


jfr21 - April 10

I will ask about the insulin tests--thanks! The travel has been really stressful. I can do most of the tests here but I did have to travel there for 3 weeks for my cycle. I have good insurance too but some of the Colorado labs and stuff are out of network. Did you find out any more about your transfer date? I completely hate the whole "waiting for my schedule and postponing the rest of the my life" thing. I am dying to schedule mine too but I am waiting for my period and it hasn't come yet! I stopped the progesterone on Monday. Usually it comes 2-4 days after. I am still thinking (hoping, praying) it will be early May!! Good vibes for us both!


mommyof2 - August 15

Hello, I have a question, My husband was diagnosed with abnormal morphology. The doctors didn't do ICSI. Why is that? Maybe that contributed to our m/c 6 weeks after transfer. We have 14 frozen left.


lyly14 - August 15

Mommyof2- I am sorry to hear about your m/c. I am not sure why they didn't do icsi with abnormal morphology, but if the rest of the sperm analysis was normal (count and foward moving) they may have felt it was not necessary. If your eggs fertilized on their own then ICSI is not necessary. They only do icsi when they think the sperm is not capable of fertilizing the eggs without help. I do not think having ICSI wouldn't have prevented a m/c. How many m/c's have you had? Did they ever do a workup for the m/c? Sometimes you can have certain risk factors that can be addressed while you are doing IVF that lower your risk of losing the baby.


musgravs - February 16


what percentage morphology is he and what is his count?
there may have been enough sperm after washing to do straight IVF...



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