3 failed IUI's and evryone around me is pregnant!
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hoping4amiracle - March 13

My husband and I found out yesterday that our 3rd IUI was unsuccessful. We've been trying for well over a year. We've both gone through testing and test out just fine. Came home last night to hear a message on our machine that our close friend "is pregnant." Every single friend I have has children, best friend #1 has triplets & a 2 1 /2 yr. old., best friend #2 has two children, another on the way next month - both women fully aware of our infertility issues, but each asks me to babysit their children (overnights) at least once a month. Best friend #3 has 1 child and feels the need to share every single second of her child's life with me, (people at work have spoken to her about how this might be a good idea to do, but she continues to do it all day every day, despite knowing full well what I'm going through. . I am the godmother to 4 kids and surrounding by OTHERS happiness. I feel awful even complaining about this when there are so many other catastrophic things that could happen, but I guess I'm just looking to see if anyone else has a similar situation and is willing to share so I don't feel so alone


Red7 - March 26

Hi ,I know what you are going through, I am in the same boat as you.A real Friend would care about your feeling on this matter, I have a very good friend, and when our other friend had a baby shower , My best friend would not invite me because she cared about me and my feeling , And thought I would be really hearting inside to see all the gifts for the baby at the Baby shower, That is what you call a true friend,You need to put your foot down. and stop baby sitting for these people who only care about them selfs, You are going to have to start thinking about your self. Because this is causing you great stress, Stress can cause infertility.There is a lot of women out there that feel the same way you do.Infertility is a hard road to travel.Give your self a break and stay away from these little kids you are baby sitting.People like that just take there fertility for granted, It makes me sick when they throw in your face,I will pray to the Lord for you to get pregnant and find wonderful joy. GOD BLESS YOU.



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