I am not sure whether I should test or not!
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mariao83 - August 21

Hello everyone,

So we have been trying to concieve my period was due on the 14 of this month and then so I would not get my hopes up I thought maybe my menstral cycle has changed to 32 days which would have been on the 19th of this month. I still have no period, I feel a little nausuas, my tummy feels funny not like cramps, and only when I wipe I have very slight pink brown discharge. Should I test if I am pregnant or am I really just in the process to start my period? Thing is i have never felt like this before! I just don't want to look down on another pregnancy stcika dn see negative! I am young USAF wife this would be our first child so I really do not know much!


liz - August 21

Hi Maria -

If I were you, I would probably take a test. If af was due a couple of days ago you should probably be able to get an accurate result.

I have never personally had spotting in early preg but I know many women who do.

Best of luck to you, I am crossing my fingers for you.
Let us know how you make out


fiestebrown - August 29

I would not test the same thing happened to me last month. I was all excited I just new that I was pregnant because I am never late. I had the same thing you had with the pinkish brownish discharge. Maybe you are pregnant because that is a positive sign, maybe
i had a very early miscarriage which I heard was quite common. I don't know but about 3 days later my period finally started with horrible cramps.


Applebottom2 - October 30

I decide to test a second time after reading the success stories about how I should wait for 14 days being that I had a lot of medication still in my system. I am now pregnant I am so happy and thankful for this support group. This was my first time trying IUI and it was successful. I go to my first doctor's visit on this Friday. Continue to wish me well and for all of you who are trying keep the faith and it will come to pass. I wish you much baby dust and love.


liz - October 30


CONGRATS TO YOU! That is wonderful news.

Good luck to you with your appointment on Friday. I am sure you are going to be just fine.

Congrats again and best of luck to you in a healthy, happy pregnancy.



Applebottom2 - October 31

Thank you LIZ I am so excited and so is my family. I am so thankful for being able to have friends to share my joy and support what I am doing. Again thank you liz and all the people on this wonderful support group. Baby Dust to all I will let you know what happens next.



liz - October 31


You are very welcome. I smiled when I read your post, by reading your words I can feel just how happy you are. Congrats again!

Please keep us updated.

Take care of yourself and your little bean


Fortyfourfive - November 1

Congrats on your pregnancy Applebottom2. Keep on growing baby.


mamanr - November 4

Applebottom2 - Congratulations!!! That's great news. :D



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