Am i pregnant ?
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sim - October 29

Hi all

I am new here and I have done my second IUI this month. Like all of you here I have been trying to decode the 2 week wait after the IUI.

This time too I couldnt resist the temptation to decode...tho after a while I stopped. This morning I chkd with the urine test and I got 2 lines..I tried with early response test on the 11 day and got a negative and now today on 15 day and got a positive. I am so scared of saying it as positive only to have my hopes dashes tommorrow when i go for the blood test.

My periods are close and i feel like Af is coming and get cramps and have sore boobs..dont know what all this it really pregnancy ?? can it be that its showing false positive just because my periods are near. ?

I took the early morning urine sample and I got 2 lines this first 2 lines in the last 5 yrs. So am just not able to believe it. Please tell me this is true and I am REALLY PREGANT ??!!


liz - October 30

Hi Sim,

From my experience I can tell you that I had af like cramps when I was first pregnant. I would have sworn she was going to show any min. I also had very sore bb's.

15dpo and a postive hpt could very well be a good indication you are pregnant. Your blood work will determine that for sure but personally I think you are headed down the right path. ;)

Best of luck to you,
Take care,

PS - I forgot to say one of my biggest symptoms was tired. Tired, tired, tired felt like I could live in my bed! That is actually what made me test early.


sim - October 31

Hey all of you


all the very best to all trying.



Fortyfourfive - October 31

Congrats sim - Keep on growing baby!!!!! Let us know your progess.


liz - October 31


CONGRATS! What wonderful news.
Take care of yourself and your little bean :)

Let us know how you make out!



Congrats to you for your great news.. I found out on the 31st I was also pregnant. Lets keep this baby dust rolling and get some more good news from more
women out there.
Let the bellies begin.. :)


liz - November 1



I wish you the best the luck for a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Take care,


Applebottom2 - November 2

Congradulations Sim, Gina and to all of you. I go for my first prenatel appointment tomorrow. Good luck to you all and plently of baby dust.



praystowork - November 16

just done with the wait and i had a count of 220 for my first blood pregnancy test. it is positive. nurse said the # is "high"--of course, i forgot to ask what that could mean?


liz - November 16


Congratualations! Yes, your number is quite high. Possible multiples??????

Best of luck to you and a healthy happy pregnancy.



Omnia - December 4

I had IVF las month and my beta was supposed to be on 12/02 but on 12/01 i had period blood inspite I did the beta on date and the results gave me 35 which is 1 week pregnency. I don't know is this true or this is because of medications I took over the two weeks period. I did another one on 12/04 and waiting for the results. realy I'm going nuts


fortune - December 5

Can anybody tell me if they got back a beta reading of 1 in 2 weeks and in more days got bak a higher score


fortune - December 5

I went to the dr today and he told me that he couldnt tell me for sure no and that my hcg count was 1 i know that is very low but he want me to wait 4 more day which i think is to much i think he should have told me no your not pg then and there but he say it can go up has anybody heard of that please help



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