2 week wait - symptoms
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Red - August 14

Jenny~Thank you so much and when you get uncomfortable from crossing yourself :P, just say a prayer for me. I am praying also for positive results and will pray for your u/s on Thursday. I am positive the peanut's little heartbeat will be good and strong. How could it not be with a mommy like you??? ;) Thanks again!


Nix - August 14

Hi all!!

Sorry I've been so quiet lately! I've been here, reading all your posts, so let me start with CONGRATULATIONS to all of you with BFP's!!!
I am past the first week of the 2ww, so I will be able to do a HPT on Sunday. This 2ww has been a bit easier because I haven't over-analysed every little cramp and pain, I think it's helped me keep my sanity! I am really NOT optimistic that the IUI worked this time, due to my DH's low numbers! Also, I have had hardly any cramping and my bbs feel fine! Oh well, I guess we'll see next week.
My doc only wants me to do 3 IUI's with Clomid (this was my second), then I will have to try some injectables. So we have decided that we will take a time-out after IUI #3 (if this one doesn't work) and start again next year. I think my body (and credit card) needs a break!
Good luck to all of u still on the 2ww! Oh, and Red, good luck with the tests - sure you'll be fine, but saying a quick prayer for you anyway!!


Red - August 14

Nix~glad to hear you're still out there toughing out the 2ww. You definitely have the right idea about not analyzing everything. That's actually what drove me crazy my 1st cycle also! Glad you are doing well. Thank you so much for the prayer! It means the world to me! Good luck with the next couple days and keeping your sanity! I know you'll do just fine and then you'll be joining the list of BFP's! Thanks again!


JENNY22074 - August 14

Nix - Congratulations on getting through your first week in one piece it seems. Best wishes for a BFP when you do test.

REd - prayers and more prayers that all is okay tomorrow. I am sending you good baby mojo and babydust. Talk to you later.


Red - August 14

Jenny~thank you so much for the prayers, baby mojo and babydust! I'm hoping they are all working!!


JENNY22074 - August 14

Red - I pray that they are as well. How are you feeling today?


Red - August 14

Very emotional to say the least :'(! The only thing that is happening today is that I have a slight discomfort under my rib cage in the front and back. I keep trying to reassure myself that it's okay, but I also keep reading on tubal pregancies and get more nervous. This waiting game is terrible! I'd like to think positive and hope that it is the vanishing twin syndrome, but just don't seem to believe it. How are you and the peanut feeling? Any m/s yet?


JENNY22074 - August 14

no m/s at all as of yet. I am praying thoroughly for you that all will be okay. I am just very tired and I feel gassy but without the actual gas. If my co-workers only knew how much I was saving their air quality right now!!!! LOL. Stay positive and keep thinking good thoughts and send those good vibes to that baby.


Red - August 14

Yeah, I tried telling my husband that my gas was due to my pregnancy too, but he says he's not buying it :o! I thought it sounded good! Yes, if your co-workers had any idea they'd be very thankful I'm sure! ::) Thank you again for the well wishes and support. It means the world to me!!! Like I said before, you're an amazing person and your peanut is very lucky!!


JENNY22074 - August 14

Thank you for your encourgagin statements. I just hope all our little peanuts rememeber (when they get at that terible teen years) what we went through to bring them into this world. If not this little peanut of mine will have some bumps and bruises!!!! LOL!!!!


Eddie - August 14



sorry about your worry with the beta, go check out this website as it calculates your doubling time. They say they should double every 48-72hrs and it depends on what time it was taken as well as it gets metabolized.

Jenny = not long until your u/s, no symptoms you are lucky, I am starting to feel yucky, really tired and sick most evenings.

I went for my u/s yesterday and everything was great. we saw one little bean with a strong heartbeat of 118bpm flickering away and the clot had almost dissolved.......thank god. So I can relax a bit now until the next thing.

take care and chat soon


JENNY22074 - August 14

ooh Eddie you have had me on pins and needles waiting to hear from you. That is TERRIFIC!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. I bet you were elated when you saw that. I actually started to feel a little sick this afternoon and then I could not eat that much at dinner. SO maybe the sickness is starting now. You and I have had pretty much the same things happening around the same time. LOL!!!!!! Christie is doing well. I heard from her today on the other forum pregnancy after infertility. She did her u/s today and her and the DH saw their miracles heartbeat. Okay so 2 out of three so far. Let us pray that the streak continues and I see the heartbeat on Thursday. I am anxious about it. I am tired all day long in between running to the bathroom every 2 hours. I am so happy to hear the clot is almost gone. I was praying for you. Much happy news today. Hopefully we will have more happy news tomorrow and Red's Beta will come back just fine. We will all pray for that I am sure. Talk to you again soon. Give that miracle of yours some love from me.


jennie07 - August 15

how did you go with your levels? hope you are feeling heaps better today, let me know how your going????

hey everyone i hope you are all well and doing really well, not worring im hoping... yes yes easy to say hard do...well let me know how you are doing hope to talk soon jennie


JENNY22074 - August 15

RED - Many prayers.!!!!!! Hoping for the best!!!!! You are in my thoughts today. Let us know when you know something. Hope to hear good news. Hang in there honey we are hear for you.

Good morning everyone else.


Red - August 15

Jenny~ Thank you so much sweetie for the thoughts, prayers, and support. It is greatly appreciated! Won't know anything until this afternoon. Unfortunately not feeling too positive as any symptoms I might have had have disappeared. I will let you know when I hear something.

Eddie~Thanks for the beta calculator, but I couldn't get it to work (probably operator error :P). I'm so happy you got to see your bean. Between your bean and Jenny's peanut, we could make some sort of salad ;D! I'm so glad everything is going along well. I pray it continues to progress positively and believe it will.

Jennie~Thank you also for the support and thoughts. As I mentioned earlier, no news yet. Waiting on pins and needles today for that dreaded afternoon call. I'm sure they won't get to me until around 2:30 or so. I'm just trying to keep busy and not think about it. How are you feeling? Glad you're still in one piece during the 2ww. I know how difficult it is! Continued best wishes!


JasJulesMom - August 15

Red-I am praying for you. I hope all goes well and you get some great news this afternoon.



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