IVF w/DE Sept/October cycle?
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JADE0199 - July 2

I am totally new to this site. I am looking for those who would like a cycle buddy or waiting companion while waiting for your upcoming IVF w/DE cycle? All welcome though.

Alittle about me: 36, going to be 37 in August 07, DH is 34. We suffered through 3 early m/c's and a chemical pg since TTC #1 since Sept 2005. As well as a failed IVF cycle this past May 07. I am able to get pg naturally but we did the IVF inorder to do PGD (pre implantation genetic diagnosis) as recommended by my RE. We cancelled the PGD on day 2 because we only had a few embryo's that made it to 2 cell. :( Disappointing to say the least. We transferred two embies on Day 3 (1-5 cell Grade A the best, and 1-7 cell Grade B. [b]BFN[/b] The heartache and struggles we have felt is enough to fill up a lifetime. We agreed that should the last pg fail (3rd m/c in Feb 07) and the IVF, we were ready to move on.

We are now moving onto DE. Our cycle is scheduled for Sept/October 2007.
We are very excited and hoping and praying for a + outcome.

Anyone like to join me?


bmm - July 2

Hi Cathy- I'd love to join you! I I am also doing a DE FET in Aug/Sept.
A little history- TTC 7yrs, never been pregnant, 6 ivfs, I fresh/1 frozen DE cycle. I seem to have a hormone issue that is affecting the egg quality so moved on to DE. I have a few DE embies left and I expect a positive outcome this summer!
I am sorry to hear of your difficult journey; It'll just make our BFPs that much more special.
Much babydust


wantsbabytoo - July 3

Hi Girls!
I am also doing a DE cycle hopefully this fall, and I would love to have a couple of buddies! I am waiting to be matched with an anonymous donor. I have been on the waiting list for 5 months. At 6 months I become a priority. I am really hoping it will happen by Sept/Oct.

Just a bit about me... I took a year off from treatments to decide if we wanted to try DE. We have attempted 3 IVFs and all were cancelled due to poor ovarian response. One of our tries produced NO eggs. I was devastated. Prior to that we attempted 8 IUIs with not one pregnancy.

In April, my new doctor found that I had MTHFR (a blood clotting disorder) It's just another piece to the puzzle and probably explains why I have never had a pregnancy. It can affect implantation and cause miscarriage. It can be controlled with high doses of B vitamins and Lovenox shots during pregnancy.

I have high hopes for a pregnancy for the fall and I will say lots of prayers for all of us. BABYDUST TO US ALL!

Take care girls!


JADE0199 - July 3

Welcome bmm and Laura!! Glad you could join me here!! Its certainly nice to have the company while we are in the wait together.

bmm - You must be excited that your DE FET is right around the corner!! ;D Sorry to hear that you've been through so much already, 7 years is a long time. (((hugs))) What is your hormonal issues that seems to be affecting egg quality? I couldn't agree with you more, our BFPs and pregnancies will be so much more special. I know that I won't complain a day in my life while preggo! Much babydust to you as well!!

Laura - I am really praying that you get matched up real soon! That would be great if we could cycle together. Have you ever considered going thru a Donor Agency? That's how we found our donor. I know its alot more expensive but we just couldn't wait for our clinic to try and match us up, they're list was so small to begin with. (((HUGS))) you have been through so much already as well. Its like one disappointment after another and feel we all have come to the decision of using DE for one reason or another. I couldn't possibly imagine going what you have been through already, you must be a very strong woman.

[quote]In April, my new doctor found that I had MTHFR (a blood clotting disorder) It's just another piece to the puzzle and probably explains why I have never had a pregnancy. [/quote]
I also have MTHFR as well as FACTOR V LIEDEN, both blood clotting disorders but apparently the most mild forms of them. Both my Protein C and Protein S levels were normal as well as my homocystiene levels. But I don't want to upset you by telling you that's probably not your reason for not getting pregnant yet. I've been pregnant 3 times since 2005 and my RE feels that my losses are all chromosome related. I haven't heard or read of it affecting implantation but I would assume that if blood flow to the uterus was not good, then implantation may be unsuccessful or would fail early on. Typically though, the blood clotting disorders will cause blood clots in the cord thus causing a m/c, usually in the 2nd or 3rd Trimesters though. Are you on baby aspirin? I take one daily and I'll need to go on Lovenox at 8 weeks thru out the entire pregnancy. I'm also on a high dose multivitamin called Folbic (which is Vitamin B6, B12 and Folic acid) on top of a prenatal, but now that I'm not using my own eggs, the prenatal probably isn't as important now but will be once preggo. If you have any questions about MTHFR, feel free to ask, I'd be more than happy to share what I know, but it isn't much.

We all need to stay + for each other here and that we are all going to be successful this year!!


wantsbabytoo - July 11

Hi Cathy,
Sorry it took me so long to reply.. I have been on vacation.

It's odd about the MTHFR. There is so much I don't know about it... and there doesn't seem to be much you can find about it on the internet. I am aspirin allergic, so apspirin is out of the quesiton for me. I am just taking excess amounts of the B vitamins.

As far as waiting for my donor, I am happy to have the extra time. Going with DE has been a difficult decision for me. I wish it weren't... but it took me awhile to get used to the idea. I am just enjoying my summer and trying not to worry! It would be great if we could cycle together.

Keep me posted on what is going on with you.


JADE0199 - July 11

Hi Laura :D

Oh that's okay! Welcome back and that's great that you were on vacation! Go or do anything special? I [u]really[/u] need a vacation!

[quote]It's odd about the MTHFR. There is so much I don't know about it... and there doesn't seem to be much you can find about it on the internet.[/quote]
Yes, I noticed that too! I would have never expected something like that to come up + in my testing. My mom has had 7 children w/o any problems and my older sister has 2 children. Anything that I find on the internet is so much scientific mumbo-jumbo, its really hard to understand any of it. I happen to have a book at home called "Is your body Baby-Friendly?" and it mentioned MTHFR in there. Bummer that you are allergic to aspirin too. Did you Dr/RE mention you having to go on blood thinners once you get pg? I forgot to mention, I am on the special Rx vitamins too, called Folbic (a combo of B6, B12 & folic acid) - they are cheap thru my insurance, only $10 and last a month.

[quote]As far as waiting for my donor, I am happy to have the extra time. Going with DE has been a difficult decision for me.[/quote]
Oh, I totally understand. (((hugs))) Its certainly NOT an easy decision to come to terms with. Having this time I think is good. For me, I'm doing things to help ME feel good about myself, like losing alittle bit of weight, back on the treadmill, tighten up alittle, eat more healthy and just plain ol having some fun. I'm able to drink now, which is nice to be able to enjoy a glass of wine from time to time. I just wish it wasn't so dang-HOT here! I hate this time of the year here. 8) I stay indoors alot or I'm in the water at the beach.

I definitely want to cycle together, so let's stay in touch!

Finally, AF showed up on Sunday, so I was able to start my mock cycle on Monday. Mock cycle is Delestrogen shots twice a week then I go in on Monday for b/w then Thurs for an u/s, then the following week I start PIO shots for 10 days before an endometrial biopsy. This will determine how much estrogen I will require before the actual transfer. It makes me feel good knowing that my clinic is doing everything they can to make this cycle a success!!

Have a great day!!
Cathy :-*


bmm - July 11

Hi -
Im sorry I havent written lately. The system will not allow me to logout and therefore, I cannot see any new posts, just my last post. I guess once I post this, I should be able to see all previous posts. I hope to resolve this soon. Cant wait to catch up.
Anyway, I hope all is well. Im taking it easy this month.
Much prosperity and joy!


JADE0199 - July 11

Hi bmm
Glad you are still with us!! That's terrible that you cannot logout and get to the news posts. dang-it! All is well on my end, thanks! Glad to hear you are taking it easy. I am trying to take it easy too these days but seem to have alot of appointments and now back on the treadmill.

Anyone doing acupuncture for your upcoming IVF cycle?



wantsbabytoo - July 11

Hi girls!
Hi bmm, I hope things get setted with you soon! It's great to have you on board. The more the merrier I say.

Cathy, Thanks for the book recommendation. I will try to go to Borders and purchase a copy. A year and a half ago when I found out the only way I would become pg is to use donor egg, I threw out ALL of my books and leftover medications in a fit of rage! I was so angry. I need to get a hold of a few more good books and read up.

Yes, the choice to do DE is a major decision. It has been really difficult for me and I have cried a lot. I feel I am just getting to the point where I am really excited about it. I feel like I am almost there! I have started fixing up the nursery, nothing major... just carpeting and paint. (the room needs new carpeting anyway) It makes me feel better as if I am making a place for a little son or daughter. If this doesn't work... I guess I will just turn it into another guest room.

My concern is telling children about it later in life and having problems. Is it strange to worry about that?
I worry too much I know! I know there are many books and resources to help with the process.

I have so many friends that are pregnant and my younger brother and his wife have an 8 month old daughter and are talking about trying for a second child soon. I am happy for them, but I feel as if life is just passing me by!

Thanks for the advice on MTHFR, I seem to have a very mild form of it too. Maybe I will ask my doctor to prescribe that vitamin for me. It get so expensive otherwise.

It's great to have friends on this site! I have been posting here for a few years now... seems that most of the women I used to post with have gone on and had babies! (Good for them!) It feels lonely when you are one of the few ones left standing. I just hope we can all join the ranks soon! I will say many prayers for you and bmm.



bmm - July 12

Hi ladies,
I can read all the posts now, yeah! I’m happy to be back.

Cathy and Laura, I’m sorry to hear about the MTHFR. I wish I could give you some input but I’ve never even heard of it until now. Is this a routine test or were you specifically tested?
I also had a very hard time with the idea of DE. I mentioned to a family member that I was planning on using DE and she graciously offered her eggs. So, I never went through the DE process. I am excited and optimistic for my next FET. We only a few left and I can’t help but feel a little nervous too. Until then, Dh and I are trying naturally...hey you never know. I was never given a solid diagnosis. In fact, the doctors thought that I would be pregnant in no time but here I am; and now it is apparent that I have too much male hormone, it’s mild but really affecting the quality of the eggs. I’ve done a lot of research and started eating specific foods and exercising to help balance out my hormones. I don’t know if it’ll help but it’s worth a shot and healthy to boot. But this crazy journey has made me a stronger person and I am so ready to be pregnant! And I am very happy to have strong and courageous women to share our experiences and ultimately our BFPs!

Laura, I’m really happy to here that you getting excited about the DE and enjoying the summer. I think it’s great that you’re fixing up a nursery. I’m trying to do things as if I am already pregnant too; it helps me stay optimistic. I decided not to tell family or friends I am using DE but I haven’t really given much thought about telling the children. I will wait for the kids to come and then figure it out. I wish I had better advice. Did either of you tell anyone you were using DE? Laura, I also belonged to an online support group and all the women got pregnant and had babies. I was truly happy for them but I also felt like life was passing me by too. I am glad we are here for each other. Thank you for your prayers. You and Cathy are in my prayer as well.

Cathy, I’ve been getting acupuncture for a few years now and I think it’s helpful. Have you tried it? You’re clinic sounds like they are being very thorough with the mock cycle; that’s great. I agree that it’s important to do things that make you feel good about yourself, especially the glass of wine ;) The heat has been unbearable here in NY too. Thank you for your kind words.

Have a good night. Peace and Joy, BMM


JADE0199 - July 12

Hi girls!

Laura - I've only read a fraction of that book because it is so scientific and a bit hard to read. But it does cover immune suppression and various other treatments. I don't think it covers anything about DE though but I haven't looked thru it in a while. I'm actually reading [b]Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation by Ellen Sarasohn Glazer, Evelina Weidman Sterling, and Evelina Weidman Sterling[/b] and even though it covers the entire process from beginning to end, I find the book very good and helpful. There doesn't seem to be many books out there that cover DE. I know what you mean by throwing out all your books in a fit of rage! I've felt that way many many times before, all my books are mainly about TTC naturally. >:( Grrrrrr.....

[quote]I feel I am just getting to the point where I am really excited about it. I feel like I am almost there![/quote]
That's great!! And I'm really glad to hear that!! In due time, right? I am already very excited about mine, I just can't wait to be pg already!!

We haven't done anything to the nursery. I think we are too afraid. After having so many losses, we are waiting atleast until the 2nd Trimester before doing anything like that or buying baby stuff. I avoid Babies R Us like the plague. I can't even look or drive by the store without feeling bad.

[quote]My concern is telling children about it later in life and having problems. Is it strange to worry about that?[/quote]
It seems to be a big deal to some as to whether or not to tell. Everything I've read and heard seems to lean towards telling the child. We are open minded but feel that we will make the right decision when the time comes. For now, we are leaning more towards, not telling, unless there is a medical situation.

[quote]I have been posting here for a few years now... seems that most of the women I used to post with have gone on and had babies! [/quote]
THAT'S EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!!! I've been posting on another website since July 06 and have been a part of many different threads and I feel like I'm left behind while they all move onto they're pregnancies and celebrating the birth of they're child!! :'( It makes me feel so sad inside even though I am happy for them, its just been so hard on us both. A girl even got pg the same cy/month I did in Jan 07 and our due dates were the same! (Oct 9, 07). So, in October I'll be thinking.....she's giving birth to her child and I'm still trying to get pregnant! I'm glad that we can all share this with each other, I think we can be a huge support system for one another.

bmm - The MTHFR is typically found when doing a blood clotting panel. I've never heard of it until the RE told me I had it.
That is wonderful that you have a family member as your egg donor!! She is an angel for sure!! Did your RE ever give you a reason why your fresh cycle didn't work?
Sometimes I wonder if we should have given ourselves more time to try naturally. DH didn't want to b/c he the chances of us suffering another loss would be too high. We are on a break and not trying, preventing actually. Too much emotions and money on the line right now. Wouldn't that be a miracle if you got pg on your own!! I'll be praying for you! Cuz you never know!! I've already heard of miracles happening, those are long stories that I can share with you all at another time. I've heard certain foods and diet can help with TTC and balancing out the hormones.

[quote]I am very happy to have strong and courageous women to share our experiences and ultimately our BFPs![/quote]
I ditto that!!

[quote]Did either of you tell anyone you were using DE? [/quote]
I've told a few friends that happen to be my co workers as well. I trust they wont tell anyone. I've also told my sister and she has advised me not to tell my parents, which I agree. They are old school and had a hard enough time understanding the regular IVF cycle. My future SIL knows but not my brother I don't think, and DH has told a few of his friends.

I love the acupuncture!! I only just started though and tonight is my 3rd appt. He wants me to go twice a week for the 1st month then once a week thereafter. Do you go that often? I didn't realize until now how expensive it is!! :o But I'll do anything to help my chances of success! I've told DH I will leave NO STONE UNTURNED!!

I've heard its been exceptionally hot in NY recently! I can't imagine what that's like. It's disgusting here. What part of NY are you in? I'm originally from Brooklyn! Moved to Fla in 1998. I really like it here just not fond of the summer heat.

Have a great day!! Keeping everyone in my prayers too!


bmm - July 24

Hi Ladies, I hope all is well.
Cathy – Thanks for the book recommendation. I’m going to look for it. The doctors never said why the fresh DE cycle didn’t work; the embryos looked good. After the DE FET, the doctor said maybe it was just a bad cycle but I don’t know. We have a few frozen embies and I am keeping positive. I know what you mean about not wanting to keep ttc naturally. It is heartbreaking. If you don’t try then you can’t be disappointed, right. But I can’t help it; I make sure dh and I have intercourse around ovulation; I just don’t put too much stock in it. And even so it is terribly disappointing to see my period. The time, emotions and money is a lot to deal with. It just all seems so unfair sometimes. A co-worker was just complaining about how much money his kids are costing him. It just drives me crazy because in one year, I spent more money ttc then he spent on vacations, gifts and activities for his 2 kids. I can’t stand that “when you have kids, you’ll see” attitude. They have no idea what we go through. Anyway I am eating super healthy and lost a few pounds. I used to be pretty fit and in the last 2 years, I put on 25lbs all in my midsection. I want to be pregnant but not look it when I am not. During the past year a few people had asked me if I was pregnant because of my stomach not because they knew I was trying; It felt like crap. But the weight is coming off and I am much happier and healthier. I go to acupuncture anywhere from 1-3 times a week and sometimes I’ll skip weeks. It’s great but it is pricey. I agree, Leave no stone unturned! I live in Manhattan. The weather has cooled. Did you grow up in Brooklyn? Thank you for your prayers. You and Laura are in my prayer also. Sorry for all the venting. It’s just one of those days I guess. I’m off to a much need yoga class. Have a great evening!


JADE0199 - July 25

Hi everyone!!

bmm - I am really surprised you didn't get any answers as to your last DE cycle and why it didn't work. ??? Are you using the same donor as the last? Did you do a 3 dt or a 5dt? Definitely stay +, we all have too thru this.

I didn't share what happened to me on Monday at my (#4) u/s appt. I was there to check to see if the lining was 7mm so I can begin my PIO shots (for my mock cycle). Well, oddly enough she saw something that either looked like a polyp :-\ or a gestational sac!! :o I know that would be highly unlikely. So she did a beta which came back -. Dr. said it was nothing to be concerned about but now I find myself searching the internet for some information as to what the heck she was looking at. I wouldn't say I'm worried but certainly a bit concerned that it may be a polyp even though dr. says not to worry. grrrr.

[quote]It just all seems so unfair sometimes. A co-worker was just complaining about how much money his kids are costing him. It just drives me crazy because in one year, I spent more money ttc then he spent on vacations, gifts and activities for his 2 kids. I can’t stand that “when you have kids, you’ll see” attitude. They have no idea what we go through.[/quote]
Tell me about it. I really can't stand that and really aggravates me when I hear someone complaining about stuff like that when they have no clue what someone like us goes thru. Pisses me off actually.

Jeeze. I know what you mean about gaining weight. DH and are eating healthy too and I've gained about 5-7 lbs myself which I'm not happy about. I'm pretty petite at 5', so even alittle bit is noticeable. I think right now the Delestrogen is making me puff-up and all bloated. The PIO won't be any better, but atleast I'll have a break before the real cycle and get my weight back on track too.

I love the acupuncture too but why does it have to be so darn expensive!! What's up with that???

That is so awesome that you live in the city!! I absolutely loved the city when I lived there!! Living in Bklyn was okay but really spent most of my adulthood in NY. Went to places like CBGBs, the Ritz, the CatClub...all those places are gone now. I also commuted for about 10-11 yrs working as a graphic designer. I miss the Village, St. Marks/8th St, Greenwich, SoHo, the great restaurants and fun atmosphere. Its really different here but I do feel like its home now. Where abouts in the city do you live if that's not too personal a question? downtown/midtown/uptown? Didn't spend much time uptown but I know its really nice there. Super glitzy stores and restaurants. I hope to visit sometime in the near future.

Let's stay in touch!! Hope you enjoyed your yoga class and evening!!
Have a great day!


bmm - July 28

Good Morning Ladies.
Laura - I hope all is well.
Cathy – I’ve been to 3 clinics and all the doctors thought I’d be pregnant in no time. So whatever my issue/s, including the hormone issue, they are subtle but stubborn. I used the same donor (1 cycle) for both the fresh and frozen cycles and I still have a few left. It was (perfect quality) 3dt but proven donor. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the next FET. Thank you for the words of encouragement.
How are you doing? I’m sure if the doctor thought it was a polyp, she/he would follow up. I hope you’re feeling better about it. I know it must be torture. I analyze every little thing my doctors says. You are in my thoughts. Are you taking the PIO shots now? Do you give them to yourself? When is the mock transfer?
The meds and the emotions sure don’t help staying in shape. Do you do any type of exercise? I just started yoga but I want to do something more, like jog. But I really don’t have the motivation right now.
I live uptown. I love it here. The village and downtown are a lot of fun but I don’t get down there to often. I moved to NY when I married. It’s great living in the city, I love going to the park, but sometimes I think that I want to move to the suburbs - More space and a driveway! Are you still working as a graphic designer? Sounds like a great job. What pat of Florida do you live?
Hope you’re enjoying the weekend.
Take Care, Bmm


JADE0199 - August 27

Hi everyone!
Sorry I've been MIA, so much has happened since my last post....hope everyone is doing well and on track with they're upcoming cycles!! Those of you doing a Sept/Oct cycle, WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!!!

bmm - hey girl!! Glad I checked in here b/c your last post reminded me that I may be doing a mock transfer tomorrow! DH and I go in to sign our IVF paperwork and RE may want to do that and I'll need a full bladder in the am! Then we meet w/our IVF team afterwards. A few weeks ago our coordinator gave us our timeline and our donor should be starting stims somewhere on btwn the 21st-24th. ER is scheduled for 10/4 and hopefully ET on 10/9!!

I finally finished the mock cycle and had the endo biopsy a couple of weeks ago and was glad to get that over with. Results will help the dr determine how much estrogen and PIO I will need b4 transfer.

Oh, I'm aweful about working out. I went thru some phases where I was on the treadmill a few nights a week but its hard to keep the motivation. That's really really cool that you live in uptown Mahn. I know I would have loved living there had I stayed in NY. I am in the west coast part of Florida, Tampa area. My job is great, I am lucky and love the people I work with as well. I get to be creative and sit at a computer all day long! How do you beat that!?? What do you do for a living?

Off topic, one of my dogs passed away on 7/28. He was the father of my youngest pup Snowy and husband to his wife Angel. He had been sick with diabetes and was on meds for his kidneys since Oct 06 and also went completely blind. He had his ups and downs but he was never really himself once he got sick and could tell he was not happy in the end. It was aweful and went thru a very difficult time but each day does seem to get alittle better. I know he is happy now and in a much better place where he doesn't needs meds anymore and we will be together again someday. Its so hard to lose a pet, as they are a part of the family too.

On another off topic subject - DH (well DF) and I have finally set a wedding date! February 23, 2008!! It's been really refreshing to finally have something other than TTC on my brain 24/7. Making arrangements has really been keeping me busy these days!!!

Hope everyone is doing well. KUP


bmm - September 2

Good Evening Ladies.
Hi Laura, hope you’re well.
Wow Cathy, you have a lot going on. I’m happy to hear your cycle is on track…I’m so excited for you. It’s coming up fast, right? It’s already September. So the mock cycle went smoothly? The full bladder is torture.
I’m so sorry to hear about your dog; that must have been difficult. I don’t have any pets but I agree that your pup is in a better place. I remember how sad I was when my childhood cat died; they really are a part of the family. On a happier note, Congratulations on the wedding date! Are you having a big wedding? Did you pick out dresses, cake, menu, etc..? I love wedding stuff.
I’m still working out; I about lost 10-15lbs and we are planning vacation so I have some motivation to keep going. Is Tampa near the beach? I’d love to live close to the shore. I really like it uptown but think about moving. I’m not sure if the city a good place to raise kids? That’s great you enjoy your job. I work in finance; I love it too.
Well, I got my period 11 days ago. We are doing a natural FET cycle w/ day 3 frozen embies. I’m going in for monitoring and once ovulation is determined, I will go in 3 days later for the transfer and then begin progesterone suppositories. I estimate ovulation will be this Tuesday or Wednesday and the transfer Friday or Saturday. I can’t believe it’sa week away :D. I’m trying not to obsess and just go with the flow; so far so good :)
Any plans for the holiday?
Hugs and babydust.


laura - October 2

Hi everyone,
I hope all is well!
We are getting ready to start a DE cycle. i will keep you posted.



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