IVF w/DE Sept/October cycle?
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laura - October 2

Hi everyone,
I hope all is well!
We are getting ready to start a DE cycle. i will keep you posted.


JADE0199 - October 3

hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA. Life and work has been so hectic for me lately.

Namaste - You've probably already had your transfer by now. Did it go well and according to plan? Will you be testing anytime soon? I'm hoping to hear back from you with GREAT news!!!!

Laura - Where are you exactly in your cycle? Is your donor starting Lupron or Stims yet?

Well, our donor has been doing very well so far, she's been stimming for 11 days now, her estrogen was up to 2700 yesterday and they said she had potentional for 21 follicles! Today we will find out if she is going to trigger tonight or tomorrow, for a Friday or Saturday retrieval. We are really excited and nervous at the same time. Praying everything continues to go smoothly and for a successful outcome for everyone!



wantsbabytoo - October 13

Hello Girls,
Sorry, I have been MIA for awhile too. I have been patiently waiting and waiting for the clinic to find a donor for me. We received the call on Wednesday! They emailed her profile over and we accepted it! For the first time since we decided to go the DE route I am so excited! I guess it's going to take a month or two to sync up cycles and then we will be good to go.

Wow.... it's been a long long road. We have been trying to have a baby for almost 5 years now. Many of my friends have had two or three kids in that time span and it's been an emotional 5 years to say the least.

Cathy, be sure to let us know what is going on with your cycle. I will be thinking and praying for you. 21 follicles! That's amazing!

Laura, I will be praying for you too! Be sure to keep us posted.

Bmm, I am hoping you had a positive on your cycle... it's been awhile and I wish nothing but the best for you. Let us know how you are doing.

Take care ladies,


JADE0199 - October 15

Laura - Congrats on the great news!! Do you know when you will be cycling? Maybe we can cycle together??

Unfortunately, we got just about the most devesatating news you could imagine last week at egg retrieval (10/5). To make a long story short, they didn't retrieve any eggs because we found out after retrieval that our donor took the HCG Trigger shot on the wrong nite!! We were completely and utterly devastated. I collapsed in tears hearing this news. We waited for this for so many months only for it to be taken away from us in a split-second. Our donor was crying hysterically when she realized the huge error that she had made, she was screaming that she didn't care about the money that she wanted another chance. I wasn't at the clinic when all this happened but my DH was and everyone was so very disappointed and heartbroken over this. It took me all weekend to recoup from the devastation and return to work the following Monday.

The good news is...(and there actually is some) is that my IVF clinic is going to RE-DO the entire cycle over again for us at no extra charge and our donor is wanting to do it over again to make it up to us, also at no additional fees or charges. Its unbelievable that we have to go thru this all over again from the beginning but finding a new donor will be too costly and will take too much time and we still really like her, so we are pressing forward and STILL looking forward to the future and our next cycle. Unfortunately, we have to wait until January 2008 to begin the new cycle again because of the close during the December holidays. So another dreaded wait......atleast this one should be as long.

Its quite mentally disturbing to have experienced everything we have gone thru.... 4 miscarriages, a failed IVF and now a Donor Cycle busted because of an error. When does the suffering end?

So, needless to say...I'm taking a huge break from the boards right now, atleast until the end of this year or early 08. Sending you lots of luck for your upcoming cycle and hope that everyone else has had some success here.

Prayers and babydust


laura - October 15

Hi Ladies!
Cathy I feel your frustration, try top be positive!

Laura- were are you in your cycle? We have just finished our sycronization of cycles. I stop birth control pills on 10/18 and I started Lupron on 10/14. My donor is 27. The Center (Dr.Miller & Dr. Smith -new center for one last try) will garantee a certain amout of blasts to have for transfer. I have done this so many times now I am glad we are starting but causouly optimistic about actully getting to trasfer (Its been 4 years-4 IVF's-1DEF-1DEF- 3 chemical P) Baby dust Laura


bmm - October 16

Hi Ladies –
Thank you for the well wishes but unfortunately the FET didn’t work. I was devastated as they were the last of the donor eggs. The docs don’t understand why the DEs didn’t work; they think that it was just a bad batch. I think there may be some other subtle fundamental reason so I made an appt with a new RE who focuses more on the underlying factors. After so many iui/ivf/de cycles and not even a chemical pregnancy, I don’t want to find another donor if I have an issue that’s hindering implantation; what’s the point. My appt is the end of Nov. Until then, I am doing herbs, exercise, healthy eating etc…

Cathy – I can’t believe that! I’m so sorry. I couldn’t imagine but I am glad to know it is going to work out. I wish you loads of babydust. The suffering makes us stronger and it will pass. I know I am not the same person I was before all of this ttc…for the better :) Take Care.

Laura (wantsbabytoo) – Congrats! I am so happy you’re excited about the DE process. I wish you the best too! Keep us posted.

Laura – Welcome. That’s great your clinic guarantees blast transfer. I wish you lots of babydust! Did your doctor offer any insight as to why your last DE cycle didn’t work?

I hope you have a good night.
Namaste -


mrgn - October 23


I went through 2 IVFs with DE. Both times from the same donor (Day 3- five embies (all were 8 cells) resulted in BFN. I'm curious to know which Day 3 or 5 you used in your donor egg cycle.



laura - November 5

Hi Ladies,
My donor starts her stims on Tuesday! If all goes well, retreval will be around 11/18 or 19 and transfer will be 11/23 or 24. (Everything is subject to change with not much notice!). I will be receving immunoglobulins the day of transfer (I came back with some positives which could have led to my chemical pregnacies and or donor cycle failure). It is very refreshing to have them call me to check on me and answer my questions. I am very glad we have decided to try one last time and go to the best.


wantsbabytoo - November 8

Hi Girls!

Laura, Good luck to you. Maybe the new doc will bring success! The docs can't give you any info on why they think it didn't work for you?

My cycle is about a month past yours. If everything goes well, we are looking at a tentative transfer date of December 17.... IF everything goes according to calendar. Yikes.... I am so nervous. I am on the pill and I believe I start Lupron the 15th of this month. It seems a bit early, but I will just do what they tell me.

Cathy, I am so sorry about the error. What a bummer! Will you be trying again after the holidays?

Bmm, good luck with your doctor change as well. We all deserve a baby after what we have all went through!

Babydust to all of us!


goodapples - November 9

Hello everyone,
I'm currently doing a DE cycle and this world is all new to me! I'm disappointed to not use my own egg-- but everyone on the other side of this says it will not matter. What have you ladies heard? And how do you feel about all of this? Thanks.

I'm probably the most newbie-ish on this whole forum, as I haven't had the experiences that you all have had. But now that I've dipped my toe into the world of infertility, my heart goes out to each of you-- I simply had no idea what people go through!


wantsbabytoo - November 9

Welcome goodapples!

Yes, not using our own eggs is difficult... at least it was for me. It took me two years to get to this point, and now I am just excited. Now that 40 is right around the corner for me, it's all about just having a child.... no matter how it comes to me.

I used to think there was something really wrong with me that I couldn't just jump right into the donor egg thing after I was told my own eggs were not good. I was 37 yrs. old.... I thought I still had time! I spent a whole year being angry and crying everyday. I had a REALLY difficult time accepting that a child would never have my genetics. Maybe this is normal, maybe it's not. This is just how I felt for a long time. I guess we all grieve in our own way.

So what is your timeline for DE? Have you or your donor started any of your meds yet? Keep us posted! Glad you are joining us here on this forum.



goodapples - November 9

I'm in mid-cycle. I try not to think about it but the retrieval is next week sometime. I have a child and have always been fertile-- got pregnant at 43 and 45 for example! (but miscarried at 45). Now at 46 the doctors say I need a donor egg. So, I was kinda thrust into this brave new frontier with no time to get my head around using a donor egg. I had never even heard of it before, just went straight ahead due to my dinosauric age. My dr's say that no one ever regrets using a DE. I just hope to love the baby as much as I love my biological son. Thanks for responding, I feel very alone but know there must be lots of people like me out there -- just not talking about it.


laura - November 13

Hi Ladies,
We are getting close know! Retrieval is 11/16 with transfer on11/23. A blast transfer! I am starting to get hopfull!
mrgm-my first donor, they transfered 3 day 3 embrios. Then I did a FET than was 3 blasts. All were BFN. I beileve day 5 is much better but my old clinic did not have the lab for it.
goodapples- How did your retreval and transfer go? How many embreos and at what stage were they at transfer? I hope all went well! I never thought I would do a donor but if you start thinking about adopting a child, this is so much better!
I will keep you posted!
baby dust to all!!


Meggemd - November 21

Hi Everyone,

Your stories is inspriational! And thanks for sharing. Unfortunately the pain of the BFN is still so fresh (less than a month).

I am looking into acupuncture and I have heard of an herbal chinese guy who has some great success in NYC getting women pg naturally with teas and herbs. It is an inexpencive process so I figured to give it a try until we decided what we are going to do and possibably pick a new donor. It cant hurt.

I am adopted myself so I am not opposed to the idea - but I would love to be pg myself if possible. It is just the cost of another donor cycle on top the the loan I already took and the $$$ needed for adoption is weighing heavly on my mind. Am I going to have any money left if and when I do have a baby??

I also have another obsticle - my DH is 6 years older than me and adoption agencies do not like to give babys to people 45 and over. So time is of the essence.

This really help to discuss this with someone who understands. My friends and family try to help but they do not know the pain that we are going through.

Good Luck to you all! Meg


irish2991 - November 24

Hi all, I am also very new to this and not familiar with all the abbreviations.... I had a donor transfer on Wed 11/22, two day 3 embryos.. I'm in the 2ww, any advice on how to get through??



Meggemd - November 26

Hi Teresa -

Welcome, these message boards will help alot! YOu just need to take it easy and try not to think about it. I know it is hard but keep yourself occupied but nothing too strenuous. You might want to check out the support group for 2WW also. Then you can chat with women who are going though the same exact thing as you.

Good luck and keep me updated! Meg



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