When did you buy maternity clothes?
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JulieC - January 7

I am just over 14 weeks pregnant and I am really struggling to fit into my clothes - especially clothes for the office. I don't have a very big stomach yet, but am in this awful in between stage. I know that every pregnant woman's body develops differently, but I am just wondering when those of you who are at this stage or farther bought maternity clothes. Were they too big on you initially?


Arabsrcool - January 7


I bought some around 12 weeks, and they were too big. I also used some of my regular clothes and wore longer shirts with a rubber band holding the pants together. You take a rubber band, loop it around the button and then run it through the button hole and back to button. That gives you several inches more around the waist. Congrats on your pregnancy!


wolffie - January 8

hey julie!

i did the same thing as the other post with the rubber band around the pants and it worked on many of my pants. It's starting to not wok anymore though so I have been wearing maternity pants on occasion b/c they are more comfortable. I've bought some clothes already but it's mostly b/c there was a great sale at old navy right after the holidays.

i hope you're doing well!



Tracy1 - January 8


I am a healthy size 8.
I didn't start showing until I was 15 weeks.

I am 23 weeks pregnant now and still can fit into most of my clothes. My favourite Supre pants are a size XXS and still fit because they are very low cut so sit under my bulging belly comfortable.
My jeans still fit nicely but I can no longer fit into alot of my other pairs of pants.

I am lucky I have not put on any weight apart from my middle and bust. I have only put on 2.5kg thus far.

My bust has increased 2 sizes and I had a descent set to begin with.

I wear alot of babydoll style tops and dresses anyway which is why I haven't had a problem with clothing.

However, I am finding that G-Strings are no longer comfortable and for the first time in my life I am wearing full briefs which nearly horrified my husband in the beginning! LOL!!

For the first 3 months I had to eat every few hours as I was hungry all the time and then my appetite returned to normal and I now eat 3 healthy meals a day but also eat what I feel like in between.

I just love being pregnant!!



JulieC - January 9

Thanks everybody -

It's weird but it seems like I am bigger some days and then smaller other days. I think I have seen other people post about this as well. Maybe the big days are because of constipation or something.

I went to the mall and tried on some maternity pants but they all seem so big. I found good deals online (gap maternity and old navy) so I might order that way and then I'll just have them when I need them.

Tracy - I have had the same thing with my appetite. I had to eat every hour or two at first and then my hunger tapered off and I can eat 3 meals and be ok. The only thing is when it's time for a meal I need it right away. I can't be hungry for very long or I start to feel sick and get a headache.


doglover - January 10

Hi Julie!

My belly is huge-I have actually wondered if they overlooked another baby in there!! At work, multiple clients have made comments about my size. One said she wasn't as big as me until 8 months. But for whatever reason, I still fit into my pants except a few pairs that come up too high under the bump. For that, I bought the Bella Band. My friends loved it. I haven't used it yet, but it has a great reputation. Then you do not need to button your pants...

As for shirts, forget it. My gut is sticking out. I bought some comfy shirts at old navy. I usually buy smalls but bought large (non-maternity), and it has been working well. The maternity clothing eats me up. I also have non-maternity empire waist/baby doll style tops that still work for me...



Tracy1 - January 10

Yes it is weird re having to eat when you are hungry.

I also look bigger some days.
I haven't had constipation so it's obviously not that with me. I was thinking it just may be to do with where the baby is lying.

Also just to let everyone know just in case you anyone has had the same concerns.
The other night I had real discomfort in my lower abdo which lasted about 20mins. It was such a weird feeling. It felt like something was going to come out. I have had the same before but usually only lasting a few seconds so my concerned husband took me to the hospital and what I was experiencing was normal. It's just that the baby was pushing on my bladder, my uterus stretching and also because I'm small I will apparently feel alot more than bigger built wimen which probably explains why I felt baby move so early in my pregnancy.
It was a relief to know all was ok!!!




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