Surprise pregnancy
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fiso - December 29

Hi all. I haven't been on this site in a long time. My 14 months daughter is keeping me busy! But I wanted to share with you this piece of news. After doing several IVF, we finally had our daughter 14 months ago. Well, I am now 12 weeks pg again, this time, this baby is all natural, no fertility treatments!!! I was soooo shocked to see the results of the 3 pg test I took. Then we saw the baby and the heartbeat, it made it real.
I would have never thought I would get pg on my own after everything we went through for Julia, my daughter, but it's a reality.
So, if you alread have a chld, and are thinking about #2, don't lose hope. Miracles happen!
Wishing all the gals still struggling with infertility, lots of baby dust for 2008, and for all the pg ones, when that baby comes, it's sooo great!!!
All the best for 2008 to all of you.


vligertwood - December 29

Congratulations on the BFP.


bdantonio - December 29



fiso - December 30

Thank you for your good wishes. I hope it will give hope to all of you out there. I'm not that young anymore, I'll be 43 on my due date ! I thought I was too old to get pg again, so we didn't use any protection, after everything we did to get pg with DD, I never thought it would happen naturally!
Vligertwood, I see that we are close in age. Wishing you all the best on your 3rd attempt. I know the road is long. I'll be back to check on you.
Bdantonio, those 49 days to go will fly! Do you know what you are having?
Take care.


bdantonio - December 31

I am having another girl. These days arent going by at all. I have been on complete bedrest since 24 weeks so this pregnancy is crawling.


mjforney - January 2

Congrats to you and that is reassuring! I am on another forum for twins (although I lost one of mine) and one of the moms has a similar story. She had triplets through IVF after 5 years of trying and whenthe triplets were only 6 months old she found out she was prego, naturally but with TWINS!!!! Could you imagine??? What a trooper she is!!!



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