Some People Amen't Real Bright
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HeatherMac - August 23

Okay, so we ALL know how stupid people can infertiles, we've suffered MANY a stupid and/or insensitive comment. Well, now that I'm pregnant, I've discovered that the stupidity of others just never ends.

Tonight, DH and I are at a bookstore and I'm hunting a book called "Cesearan Recovery" just so I can get a leg up on the pending arrival, and prepare for the recovery phase of a cesearan delivery. I say this to make sure we're all on the same page, not because I assume anyone here is stupid. Actually, I've come to find that this is a place of solace and wisdom far beyond compare!!

Anyway, I couldn't find said book, so I went to the "help" desk. The woman, about in her mid-50's, looked up the book on her computer and said they didn't have it in stock but could order it for me. I then asked her if there were similar books in store that I could look at again she searched on her little computer...and searched...and searched...and SEARCHED...and then looked me straight in the eye and asked me this: "Will this be for AFTER the baby is born?"


No, I was actually hoping for a book about the pre-natal c-section recovery process, but I guess I'll take whatever you've got handy.

Oh, holy cow! I have not stopped laughing about it since...and that was three hours ago! Is it possible that you can honestly NOT know that recovery from a c-section would involve the period of time that occurs AFTER you've had a baby?? HAHAHAHA!! That just struck me as SO VERY FUNNY! Perhaps it's the exhaustion, but I can't stop laughing!!

I truly hope each of you is well and enjoying this new phase of our lives...I've never felt more alive being pregnant, and never more grateful for each passing second. I pray every single day that our sisters upstairs are able to join us down here soon!!

Love to you all!!



Fortyfour - August 23

Greast story Heathermac. I like how you were going to get "a leg up" on the situation. Take care


Karen123 - August 24

thanks for the laugh! I needed it! Wow, how do people even dress themselves in the morning? LOL Karen


HeatherMac - August 24

Fourtyfour - HAHAHAHA!! Leg up...I didn't even notice that when I wrote it!! I guess as long as I've got my toes painted nicely, it doesn't really matter which leg, does it?



How are you doing?? Are you still feeling know, queasy and tired?? I hope so!! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy, Fourtyfour!!!



Fortyfour - August 24

Yeah, when i read your note all I could think of was all those women in l/d with their legs in the stirrups ready to go.

I am nauseous and tired. Today was a good day though and I actually worked 8 hours. Its 800 and i am ready for bed though. Thank you for your thoughts. I am so glad your pregnancy is going great.


laura - August 24

That gave me a good laugh!
Do you think she was cofusing that word with circumcise?


HeatherMac - August 25


HAHA!! I never thought about that...but I sincerely hope she didn't confuse the two terms - we had a nice little conversation about the fact that I am having the cesarean I have no idea what she thought. Frankly, it scares me to think what she may have thought. It just still makes me giggle!! Glad you got a giggle out of it, too!!



ElizabethS - August 25

I love your humor....especially the part of about all of us having wisdom far beyond compare. I agree!!! Thank god we are all so wonderful, smart and I'll bet extremely attractive. :) :)

Glad you are feeling so fantastic! I love being pregnant.



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