New Pregnancy after IVF
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Julie - Hoping - July 12

Hi ladies!
The shock of the BFP is still setting in and I'm not sleeping well I'm so excited. I'm terrified of every cramp and twinge but really trying to relax. If anyone just found out they're pregnant after all of this please say hi - I'd love to analyze symptoms with someone and feel less crazy. Thank you so much - this board has been such a sanity check through this whole process!


Risa - July 14

Hey Julie!
You know I will be sharing my symptoms with you. Have you been feeling sick at all?


Julie - Hoping - July 15

Hi Risa!
I'm just feeling really tired! Are you? I'm not sure if it's in my head, the pregnancy or b/c DH is still in China I never sleep great when he's not home. My parents are still here and my mom is still giving me the progesterone shots - ugh are those getting old. It's getting harder to find a spot that hasn't been used and isn't sore. My breasts are really tender and swollen but I'm not feeling sick at all? How are you feeling? Do you have cramps? Any spotting? I had the spotting the day before the test and a little bit the day of and after but thankfully that went away. I have some cramps - maybe 3-4 times a day but just like a period cramp only it passes faster. How did your check-up go? Do you know if it's twins yet? This is all exciting and stressful... I just will be glad when I'm a few months along and less worried. Write soon!


Risa - July 17

Hi Julie,
I have been feeling very tired, so I don't think it is only in your head. My breasts have been very tender and sore. I am still getting cramps but not as long or severe as a few weeks ago. I was not feeling sick until about 3 days ago. Kind of like a hang over, without the headache. Just a sick to your stomach feeling, ugh!
I don't have my appointment until Wednesday and very eager for it, to make sure everything is okay. I feel the same way you do, maybe after a few months we can relax a little.
It's great that your mom is there to help with the shots. It is a lot easier when you switch to the suppositories. Did you say you get to switch after your next appointment? Will they do an Ultrasound this week for you? Did your nurse say if your appointment this week will show if you might be having twins or not?
Well take care and I'll keep in touch.



Julie - Hoping - July 19

Hi Risa!
I have to agree I don't think the tired is in my head any more. I'll sleep for 8 hours and still wake up tired... I can't wait for the weekend when I can just sleep and nap!

I had my 5+ week bloodwork and ultrasound yesterday, ugh this was SO nerve wracking. The ultrasound just showed the gestational sac and yok sac inside - we are only having one. It's great to see it in the uterus looking just like it's supposed to. My left ovary is back to normal and my right is almost there so I'm out of the woods on hyperstimulated ovaries now which is also a big relief. My blood work looked great, HcG still better than doubling every 48 hrs and yesterday was 3855.

I had the slighest bit of spotting this morning which of course makes me panic but it's likely because of the ultrasound I have since read and it was just one spot and has stopped. It's going to be a long 9 months if I stay this anxious about it! I'm really trying to be calm and relaxed it's just difficult.

I'm not sick at all - I seem go from fine to REALLY hungry fast, my breasts are still sore especially in the morning and am getting constipated (sorry!) so I'm trying to eat a lot more fruit, spinach salads and graham crackers. I don't have as many cramps any more - just a twinge here and there.

How are you feeling? Was today your 6+ week ultrasound I think they can hear the heartbeat(s) at this one! I can't wait to hear how it went and if you're having twins! I hope you're doing great - write soon!



Risa - July 19

As you saw, on the other thread I posted, we're having twins!!! The doc says the miscarriage rate is slightly higher so I'll be more worried now. But he also said if we make it to next week I should be about 90% in the clear. I certainly did not get as much information as you did as far as hyperstimulation or my Hcg level, but I suppose everything is okay. It's great that you're not feeling sick, I hope it continues that way for you. We are going on a short 3 day cruise to the Bahamas, we booked it in April, I guess mostly because I didn't think this would work. The doc says it's fine as long as I don't do anything strenuous or a stress on my lower abdomen, but I mostly will be relaxing on the beach or near the pool. So I'll look for the continued good news from you when I return on Tuesday next week.
Take care,


jennifern - July 20

Hey all,
I am right behind you & have been reading about your symptoms..Congrats BTW!!!
I am only 4wks 4 days but already I am fatigued..feel as if I've been on a long international flight!
I am thirsty & also running to the bathroom all the time! I have had heachaches (getting better), I am bloated (stomach is killing me right now)& my lower back aches
I really hope all of this is not in my head!
Am I crazy for feeling all of this already?
I have my second HCG BW tomorrow & I am very nervous


jennifern - July 20

OH, left out that breast pain is unbelievable--but it has been since the IUI from progesterone supps.
Getting much worse though!


Julie - Hoping - July 20

Hi Jennifer and Risa!
Risa CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN on your twins that's fantastic!!!!! And Jennifer welcome and a big congratulations to you on your BFP!!! When's your due date? How did the second blood work go?

DH and I were the teeny tiniest bit bummed when we found out it wasn't twins since they put 2 in, just b/c I'd love to have my kids have a garenteed sibling - but all in all I'd do IVF all over again if it comes to that to have #2 it really wasn't so bad. The Dr said since they never did know why it didn't work there's no reason that after baby 1 it won't actually work the regular way so who knows! I guess I don't have to worry about birth control again anyway :-)

How is everyone feeling? I'm still drinking tons of water and I swear peeing twice as much as goes in! My breasts hurt - mostly in the AM when I first wake up - I think they fill-up while I'm laying down and once I'm standing for a bit it gets better. I really don't have cramps any more which is nice and I'm still SO tired! I slept for 11 hours last night and when I woke up I was still tired. I could nap now! I'm not sick at all which I'm pleased about but that didn't really hit my sister until week 6-7 ish and then was awful until she was 4 mo. along.

Write often I cehck this all the time :-)
Congratulations again! I think I'll be so relieved after the heartbeat.


jennifern - July 20

Thanks Julie!
Congrats to you too!!! Sorry you didn't get your twins but I am sure you are over the moon nonetheless--& you'll be thanking yourself it wasn't when you are struggling through those sleepless night with your little one!!!!!!
According to the IUI online calculator my due date is 3/25--1 week after yours!!
I went for the BW this morning and am counting the minutes until the phone call...I am really nervous. I am imagining all of my symptoms have gone away & what is left is b/c of the progesterone. I started looking up beta levels online & stopped myself. Please let this be OK!!!!
I hear you on drinking lots of water..I can't stop & then am peeing every 5 minutes!

OK--please cross your fingers for me--I feel like I am waiting for the 1st beta phone!


Julie - Hoping - July 20

Hi Jennifer
Write as soon as you get them! I was terrified for my second results too and was thinking the exact same thing about the symptoms! I'm on the prog. shots (oh my poor cheeks) but of course was convinced the progesterone shots were the reason for everything.

My fingers are crossed for you! How often do you go back after this? We go back weekly and I find myself really worried everytime!


jennifern - July 20

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one!!!

After waiting ALL day for the call--by 3:40 she DIDN'T call (unusual) !!!! So I called there ....
Now I am scared because I made myself SO nervous for the past 2 hours & I am worried I did something to hurt 'it'. I am really out of my mind!!!!
*deep breaths*
HCG: 556- up from 137 on Monday...she says that's good. Hope so!!
Prog: over 40 (i am on supps 3x a day-eeew)
est: 409

I go back on tuesday & know that I won't be any calmer
Not sure whether I'll have 2 BW's done next week but I know the U/S will be on the following Monday (31st)
If I can keep my sanity that long I have a feeling a positive U/S will help me relax a bit

How are we going to get through the next 2 months??????????????????????


Julie - Hoping - July 20

YAY! so it's doubling that's great news! We think SO alike! I was so stressed for the 2nd bloodwork and trying to not be stressed b/c I might hurt it and then was stressed about hurting it.

UGH I can't wait to be 3 months along!!! I think only then I might relax a little. The tinest tinge of color when I wipe is enough to make me panick it's just ridiculous.

I'm very excited for your excellent bloodwork results - sit back and relax (atleast until the next BW or U/S) and enjoy some Fre' wine :) (non-alcoholic and tastes decent) and of course lots of water and sleep!!


jennifern - July 21

Thanks Julie!
We really do have the exact same mindset!! I look for blood all the time!!!
I feel myself getting into a pattern of living from test to test....I allowed myself a little indulgence after beta #2..browsing through names, marking the calender through September with all the weeks.....
I figure after each positive test I will allow myself some sort of reward related to the pregnancy.
I already know I'm too far gone & will be devestated if something happens & then I have to start over again BUT I am really trying hard to focus on the positive (sounds like it right??NOT!!)
DH & I plan on having a mellow weekend at our new house--swimming, walking etc (not cycling--yet!)-I hope I can get some real sleep as I have been waking up every 2 hours having to pee & then no matter what I wake up at 5am for good every day--my father who is a doc says I'm getting ready for breastfeeding!!!!!!
Do you have any exciting plans ? & how are you feeling?


Julie - Hoping - July 24

HI Ladies
Ugh I'm starting to get nervous again for the BW and U/S tomorrow. This is when they hope to see a heartbeat - I guess if they don't you go back a few days later. I pray they see it tomorrow I think I'll relax a bit then! I'm not reading the week 6 stuff in the pregnancy book until I know it's still going okay. I didn't sleep well last night - I had the every 2 hour pee going on. I hate being nervous about this when we're supposed to be relaxed - UGH! Please keep your fingers crossed I'll hopefully get to write with good news tomorrow. How is everyone feeling??


jennifern - July 24

I hear you!!!!!!!!!
I was up all night peeing every hour!!! I didn't even have a sip of water an hour before I went to bed & more & more kept coming out...crazy!!!!

On a more anxiety producing note:
I also had pain on my left side which scared me so I rushed to the RE for an early U/S this morning --(I'm 5 weeks today). RE who is a TOTAL ass (I like PA's MUCH better) did my U/S and he didn't even show it to me!!!! He said my beta's were too low to see something yet---and he didn't even see a sac. He did, however, see a big cyst--which he says is normal & will not effect pregnancy. I never have cysts!! He is really a total ass & I had to look it up online--I think it is a corpus luteum cyst which seems to be normal.

I am so tired from being up all night & I am scared that we didn't see the sac but saw a cyst & I am ANGRY with my idiot RE!!!! Can't wait to get rid of him & move on to the OBGYN.
I'm sure everything is ok but he really could have handled this better--I get my new HCG levels this afternoon so if they are up I'll be happy. Then he wants to do another U/S & BW on Thursday.

I feel your anxiety girl!!! But I'm sure everything will be great... How are we going to get through another 2 months of this????
I bought 'What TO Expect When You're Expecting' this weekend & will pick it up again after Thursday's U/S. My 'reward'!
I am keeping my fingers crossed for both of us that this week brings only fantastic news!!!


Julie - Hoping - July 24

Hi Jennifer
I can't beleive the doc didn't let you see anything? I would think the black spot of the gestational sac would be seen. I hope they let you see more next time! I had cysts on a few IUI cycles, they're uncomfortable until they go away. I'm glad it won't affect your pregancy at all - it's good you went in to check!

I can't tell if I'm tired b/c of the pregnancy of b/c I'm up every other hour peeing. Guess it's a combination of both. I'll just feel so much better if tomorrow goes okay. For Risa they saw heartbeats at 6 weeks 4 days this will only be 6 weeks and 2 days.

A friend of mine told me today she is due in January - I was dying to tell her I'm ue in March but I'm going to wait until the 3 month mark.

Hope you sleep better!



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