Losing a Twin
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Sirenexyz - December 19

Hi Michelle,
I am new to this forum. I read your story. How are you doing now. How is your Twin A is doing. How long you have been pregnant.

Would you mind sharing your story. I have also transferred two embryos on 4th Dec. The test came out to be positive.

But I am very scared to the problems related to twins. I am also petit size (5.2 and weigh 96 pound) so I think I might run into problem very easily. I don't have any child from before and I have been trying from 3 years so I am really concern. Sometimes I think I made wrong dicision of transferring two embryos.

Can anyone put any comment so that I will feel little energetic to deal with that situation.


mjforney - December 21

Hello Sirenexyz:

FIRST OF ALL...Congrats on your pregnancy! You have every right to be excited! AND WELCOME TO THE BOARD!

I am now 14 weeks 3 days.... 2nd trimester! yeah!

I transferred 2 fresh embries and they both initally took (as you can see from my post above). I have lost one, due to chromosonal problems, the baby just stopped growing. They say it is very common in multiple pregnancies to lose one, but the other thrives well. I was so scared at first when I was told twins, but than after it sunk in, a week later, I was estatic!

My hubby and I tried for 5 years (we do have a 6 yr old daughter though) but cancer caused my hubby to beome infertile so we had no choice other than IVF with donor sperm (my donor was a Dr. so I am happy with my choice, hehe!)

I have been very 'gun shy' since I have been prego, I have not bought anything and I have not even looked at a baby store! I wasnt to wait until after January 1, only becuase of how nervous I am and I am sure I have nothing else to be worried about!

I am also petit, 5'1; 110 lbs so i understand your concern but there is nothing to worry about when it comes to your size. I was 95 lbs and 5 '1 when I got prego with my daughter and I didn't show until I was almost 6 months prego! I had no problems! I was also only 29 yrs old! I am an oldie at 35 now! Hehe!

Ask all the questions you want! That is what we are here for!

Good luck!



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